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ToThree:Located in the center of Foshan city, Opus One successfully guides people from bustling to nature with a 200-meter banyan avenue while maintaining the original landscape layout.


Courtesy of L&A Design
Courtesy of L&A Design



As the Tropic of Cancer falls on Foshan city, we were inspired to design an installation emphasizing the concept of “time” in the tranquil space. Therefore the “Time Loop” was created. With an obliquity of 23.6 to the ground, the huge loop and the turning water surface form a huge time measurement system, marking the flohw of time.




We human’s common cognition of time is based on the relative movement of the Earth and the Sun. We feel the passing of a day along the rotating of the earth itself, and see the passing of a year because of the earth’s revolution around the sun. The movement of the sun’s subsolar point creates the concept of the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. Therefore the loop installation with an obliquity of ecliptic in the city which happens to be on the Tropic of Cancer is a perfect expression of “Here and Now”.




The loop rotates every one hour; and with the hour hand on the ground, the water surface turns around every 24 hours, indicating the real local time and the flow of Time. On the surface of the loop, we added calibration of minute, as well as 12 constellations on the zodiac. On the ground, the thin water surface, there are 3 time measurements calibrations: the UTC time on the outer circle; old Chinese time measurement on the intermediate circle; and GMT time on the inner ring.


* 当前速度被加快用于展示,未来搬迁至城市公园使用时,速度将被校正。
The rotating speed will be adjusted after being moved to the City Park. The present speed was set for the purpose of demonstration.



The time measurement system rotates slowly in the mist, making the reflections on the stainless steel loop change subtly. When the light of the inner ring on in the evening, the loop looks just like suspending in the yard, creating a mysterious and serene space. In this atmosphere, you feel spiritual awareness rather than the physical appearance of the loop. That is exactly our intention: to invoke people’s reverence for time and the space above, as well as a connection to the nature, the stars and the cosmic.




The Time Loop intents to explore the relations between human and time with a tangible design: how we perceive time; how human perceive the correlation of time and space etc.




In this peaceful space, the Time Loop presents itself in an open way. You would quest spontaneously and receive your own response and enlightens.


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The Time Loop is the spiritual center of the whole space, so naturally we extended the language to signage and landscape furniture design.

The main part of the signboard is formed by layers of copper plates. The cover plates were painted with an aged effect while the inner layers keeping the original color, looking like the section of an ore. The layout of the information is arranged according to the Boolean calculation of the circles and number of layers.




The digression of circles also refers to the concept of time and space, as the circle is a symbol of the universe which includes everything.




The layout of the whole space is directly presented on the index signboard, with buildings, courtyard and waterscape elegantly carved on the layered board.




The element of copper colored circles can also be found on the elegant black trash bin, umbrella holder and other landscape furniture. It elevates the sense of high quality at closer distance.




The signs on the walls are presented in the same layered way.




The notice sign on the grass talk the same language through its material and design details.




The layered indoor signage echoes the main language of the system, and enriches the details of the interior design.




The sign at the reception is milled from one whole piece of copper ingot, in a shape of its logo in 3 dimensional.




The Environmental Graphic design presents itself in a project in a scattered way, but also at a near distance to the audience, which makes it easier to be perceived. The environmental graphic design of Opus One succeeds to inspire the thinking of the cosmos through the visual storytelling of time. Our design fully expresses a sense of detachment and eternity, creating a tranquil and transcendent atmosphere.





Project : Poly Opus One
Location: Foshan
Client: Poly Huanan
Design Management: Xie Heng, Chen Zhiye, Hu Rong, Zhao Yixin
Design: ToThree
Website: www.tothree.cn
Contact: info@tothree.cn
Designers: He Yang, Le Yi, Zhang Peinan, Gao Jinxiao, Li Yuhan, Wang Qixing, Jiang Xuhui
Installation Production: Tujing Studio
Signage Production: XiZheng
Others: Landscape: L&A; Interior: CCD; Architecture: Zhubo
Year: 2019
Photo: He Yang, Zhang Peinan


Special thanks to L&A for the marked photos. Read more detail about the landscape design please click Opus one.


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