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L&A Design: Pushed by the fast-paced era, some time and space are always fading away. Cities and worldliness inevitably produce hustle and bustle, but nature teaches us simplicity, purity, and independence.How to find a simple and suitable design? Raise it high and settle it down gently.In the space realm of simplicity, the distance between life and nature is narrowed, and the subtle touch is felt.Stories of various eras happen under the trees. The woods become a collective memory because of its eternal existence.


树是场地中一个重要的精神元素 Trees are a vital spiritual element on site

项目视频 Project video


去繁觅迹 Following the Track



The banyan tree is an indelible scenery in the memory of Lingnan people. The designers retain the original natural framework of the site. They mark, select, remain, and relocate the native banyan trees on site. Also, the designers trim out a dense banyan tree plaza and gurgling river veins and use riverbank wooden stakes and sandstone to shape the edge, forming a natural transition of great harmony.

The greenery boulevard bridges the connection between urban public space and natural space. The shadows of the trees are mottled; the flowers and grasses are swaying; the rustling sound of the leaves is rubbing. One’s heart is touching by the breeze. The travelers of the city were suddenly wrapped in freshness and tenderness, without any troubles.



凝视与酝酿 Gaze and Brewing


Large original silvergrass was also preserved to abandon intentional artificial landscaping and to keep the original wild impression of the space. When visitors walk in the greenery, silvergrass gives them 5 minutes of free imagination. Both self-gaze and emotional brewing can take place here. Reality and introspection are compatible with the nature that embraces all things.




The entrance signature tower of the site was formerly a local sluice structure. To retain the site’s memory and connection with the old times, the designer used glass panels and green plantation walls to transform it. The sense of volume of the building was hidden to be in harmony with its surroundings. The darkened glass and grille patterns are an abstract symbolic representation of “start from zero and start again from zero.”




The roulette of the ceremonial door is engraved with the Roman numerals of twelve hours. The spray and light give the roulette a psychedelic space-time vortex. Memories, present life, and future expectations have jumped into this psychedelic space.At the moment, we are here. We are tracing distant memories and gaining fresh power.




The sound of water ticks, the wind blows leaves, the ring of time turns …A wonderful ceremony opens up a vision.




The epitome of natural life is presented from a special perspective, laying a melodious ambush.The corridor is twisting. We should put away our expectations of the destination temporarily.




At a glance, the courtyard, which suddenly appears, gives our hearts a beat. The continuous grassy slopes, the slab roads with blurred boundaries, randomly scattered stones, freely growing trees, and the wavy water surface give birth to a silent heart.There is enough space in the entire scene for natural light and shadow to work. The light spots falling on stone steps upon water change the light and shadow of the sunshade slope. The water surface reflects the red sun, with the light dots shinning.



岩石青苔 Rock Moss

岩石青苔,寂之所生。Rocky moss, the birth of silence.


The humid regional climate of Lingnan creates the unique beauty of the groundcovers, and the designer presents the authentic green feeling on the site, blurring the boundaries between nature, art, and life.Paving bricks without edges imitate natural slate steps. The stone stool uses water patterns on both sides, with a smooth sitting surface and rough sides.



朴树十二棵 Twelve hackberry trees


Slanted, free-form, vintage… Visiting many nurseries, and the designer selected twelve hackberry trees in the central square to build a direct dialogue between the building and nature, and a longing for future natural life.The complex tree ring shape inspires the abstract terrain. During the design process, multiple versions of the plan were overturned, and the manual model was repeatedly polished. In the open courtyard, the trees and the moss cover are intertwined with light and shadow, and the regional culture and human memory are wrapped with each other.



结语 Conclusion


Foshan Poly Tianyue Project is the designer’s exploration of the style of the new nature experience demonstration zone. It aims to create a space atmosphere experience that traces memories, respects nature, and returns to nature, perfectly presenting a sense of isolation of time and space.The design is mainly based on the sense of nature and modern simplicity, incorporating the theme elements of the concept. The use of details such as luminescent stone, water pattern elements, misty forest system, irregular edge, natural surface texture stone, etc., makes the emotion conveyed fuller.




景观设计:奥雅设计 深圳公司 项目三组
采写:奥雅设计 深圳公司 项目三组
摄影:韦立伟 山间影像
视频策划与制作:Gaga 正叔 西妖潇

Project Name: opus one
Project Location: Foshan , Guangdong
Project Type: Residential Demonstration Area
Landscape area: 25000㎡
Building area: 1040㎡
Customer Name: Poly Group
Landscape Design:  L&A Design
Architectural Design: Zhubo Design Co., Ltd.
Art installation design:  ToThree
Design time: 2019.01
Completion time: 2019.10
Writing:Shenzhen L&A Design, Team 3
Editing :muki
Photography:Wei Liwei Shanjian Video
Vision Packaging :Hou Chao
Video Planning and Production:Gaga Zheng Shu Xiyao xiao


项目中的材料运用 Application of plants and materials in this project

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