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Mindspace: 公司办公楼位于一个6.5英亩的场地上,东侧临湖,北靠公路。设计与基地和附近的湖泊有着非常特殊的联系。设计思路是利用湖滨每一个可能成为景观点的元素,让所有人都成为这种宁静环境里的观众。

Mindspace: Corporate office building is located on a 6.5acre site which has a lake on the eastern side and road towards north. The design has a very special connect with the site and the adjoining lake. The idea is of exploiting every view possible to the lakeside makes any user a spectator of this serene setting.


▼视频  Video



A bio lake is conceived towards eastern side of the site which responds to the existing lake and would seem like an extension of it. Office building with all its ancillaries is proposed around this bio lake. Building is oriented with longer sides facing North – South to bring in glare free natural light. Porosity in planning and form allows continuous movement of breeze with wind tunnels creating venturi effect.


▼场地鸟瞰  Aerial 

©Purnesh Dev Nikhanj



Common areas are open and non-air conditioned. The three floor structure has terrace garden at every level. Free flowing Cascading green terraces which is reminiscent of rice fields, is connected through external staircases gives a feeling of elevated ground at each of these floors. These terraces also provide insulation to office spaces below thus reducing heat / AC load resonating to the idea of a sustainable building.


©Purnesh Dev Nikhanj
©Purnesh Dev Nikhanj


▼生物湖被看作是现有湖泊的延伸  A bio lake responds to the existing lake and would seem like an extension of it

©Purnesh Dev Nikhanj
©Purnesh Dev Nikhanj
©Purnesh Dev Nikhanj
©Purnesh Dev Nikhanj



The landscape design is conceived as a vertical park where each level is a green terrace starting from waterfront park at the ground level to the sky park at the roof level. Integrated with the dynamic architecture the landscape spaces seamlessly merge from outside to inside. On the whole Titan corporate office campus where the idea of a corporate office is reinterpreted seated amidst nature is designed to inspire and elevate experience of the end users.


▼层叠的绿色露台让人联想起稻田  Cascading green terraces which is reminiscent of rice fields

©Purnesh Dev Nikhanj
©Purnesh Dev Nikhanj
©Purnesh Dev Nikhanj



Green terraces not only allows one to work outdoors, stimulate interaction amidst the flora and fauna but also offers trails for those who wish to enjoy leisurely walks. A walk along the proposed green walk path covers around 650 meters.


©Purnesh Dev Nikhanj
©Purnesh Dev Nikhanj



Over the years greenery on the receding terraces on either side of the lake would embrace the built making it a non-building. A green wall on the western side of the building shields the usable spaces from harsh western sun. Green buffer zone in between green wall and usable spaces further cuts off the radiation.


▼绿墙成为室内活动空间的“遮阳伞”  Green walls on the western side are the shields for the usable spaces



空间规划——将各部门的差异相统一  Space Planning– Unifying Diversity of departments


The ground floor of the building is lifted up by 2.7m. A wide inviting staircase along cascading water body leads one to the central spine which connects to the water body and greenery beyond, unfolding serenity. This element of surprise that changes as the atmosphere around changes has the effect of renewing our appreciation for it, so that it remains a recurrently delightful surprise to the senses. Water whether at rest or in motion, strokes human spirit. The reflection of the water takes over the central spine during early morning hours. Every movement of the water’s rhythm can be seen ceilings. A beautiful game of movement, rhythm gives the space an extra dimension as it unfolds like a movie. By lifting up the ground level there is a seamless connect between internal bio lake and external Veerasandra Lake making the edge of the boundary disappear.


▼闪闪的波光投射在建筑的天花板上  The glistening light of waves are reflected on the ceiling of the building

©Purnesh Dev Nikhanj
©Purnesh Dev Nikhanj



The central spine along the clear water body edge is a linear double height space integrated with a series of wide steps, courtyards, product display walls, seating and informal meeting spaces. The spine culminates into an atrium leading to the dining block. Positioned along one edge of the serene water body, framing the greenery and water, one can dine either indoors or outdoors listening to the sounds of birds or sound of water. The dining block is designed in three levels to double up as a multipurpose hall.


©Purnesh Dev Nikhanj


▼架空层模糊了场地的边界感  By lifting up the ground level making the edge of the boundary disappear

©Purnesh Dev Nikhanj
©Purnesh Dev Nikhanj


▼大开窗将外景和变化的建筑立面收进空间之中  The open window includes the landscape and the dynamic architecture facade into the space

©Purnesh Dev Nikhanj


中庭——注重协作而不是孤立存在  Atrium– Never feel disconnected , collaboration between departments


The five atriums in the campus vertically connect all the floors from basement bringing in natural light and also creating sense of one community, togetherness and encouraging interaction between different departments.


©Purnesh Dev Nikhanj
©Purnesh Dev Nikhanj



Considering Bangalore weather conditions and since bio-Lake and green terraces creates an adequate micro-climate, designers questioned requirement of Air-conditioning for offices. Another major challenge was “How to encourage employees to use terraces gardens as outdoor work spaces and for interaction?” which questioned requirement of AC which would result in completely sealed interior spaces. A two / three stage air conditioning system is planned to minimize energy consumption by 30% compared to conventional AC. This system which requires continual air movement is coupled with highly energy efficient HVLS fans (High Volume Low Speed) which consume about 20 Watt energy while producing 200% more air volume compared to a 60 W domestic ceiling fan. Third stage will be used only during high humid months. Solar panels are planned above the terrace along the western side and above the service yard on the ground floor to generate on site energy to adhere to 25% of the energy requirement.


©Purnesh Dev Nikhanj
©Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

▼概念推导  Concept


▼绿墙和日照分析  Green wall and orientation


▼一层平面  Ground Floor Plan


▼二层平面  First Floor Plan


▼三层平面  Second Floor Plan


▼顶层平面  Roof Plan


▼剖面  Section


▼中庭设计  Atriums


▼立面推演  Facade design development



▼中庭设计手稿  Atrium enclosure sketches



▼层叠的绿色台地和与湖泊的连接  Cascading green terraces and connectivity to the lake



项目名称: Titan Integrity Campus
建筑事务所: Mindspace
项目地点: 印度卡纳塔克 班加罗尔电子城
完成年份: 2017年
总建筑面积: 390000平方英尺
首席设计师: Sanjay Mohe, Swetha A, Joseph K T, Er. Mahesh.S, V.Suryanarayanan

客户: Titan有限公司
结构顾问: Sterling工程 班加罗尔
景观设计: One Landscape 香港
室内设计: MMoser 班加罗尔
暖通空调顾问: Airtron咨询工程有限公司
PHE /消防顾问: Maple Engg设计服务有限公司
电气顾问: Sripeksha工程顾问服务有限公司
照明设计: Light Vista 班加罗尔
照片版权: Purnesh Dev Nikhanj, Mindspace
视频版权: Mindspace, Dav Solutions 班加罗尔

Project name: Titan Integrity Campus
Architect’s Firm: Mindspace
Project location: Electronic City, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Completion Year: 2017
Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): 3,90,000 sft
Lead Architects: Sanjay Mohe, Swetha A, Joseph K T, Er. Mahesh.S, V.Suryanarayanan

Other participants-
Clients – Titan Company,Limited
Structural Consultants – Sterling Engineering,Bangalore
Landscape Designer – One Landscape, HongKong
Interior Designer – MMoser, Bangalore
HVAC Consultant – Airtron Consulting Engineers Pvt Ltd
PHE/Fire Consultant- Maple Engg-Design Services( Inda) Pvt,Ltd
Electrical Consultant – Sripeksha Engineering Consultancy Services Pvt.Ltd
Lighting Designer- Light Vista ,Bangalore
Photo Credits – Purnesh Dev Nikhanj ,Mindspace
Video Credits – Mindspace ,Dav Solutions, Bangalore


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