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Change Studio:Rapid urbanization often sees drum banging calling for protection of ecosystem and culture, and calls for restoration of nature after damage is done. With 50 thousand square meters initially allocated for the Waterfront Park of Chongqing Cultural Tourism Town, we contemplate public space of the city, the relations between city and nature, and between art and life.


▼峡谷森林 Valley Forest


▼项目区位,设计范围与滨水公园的关系 Project Location, Designing Scope, and positioning in the Park



The project site is an epitome of the tide of urbanisation where hills and streams, historic sites, human migration, and construction sites all leave a unique yet familiar mark. As if a battle between human and nature, the front-end works pushed greenery of nature to the edge of the cliff. West to the valley, a trench dug for pipeline laying divided the city and nature.



重塑 Remodeling


The ideal relation between human and nature should be interdependence and coexistence. Looking down from above we accept the trench has become an unfortunate but unavoidable part of the site. In the face of the scar on nature, we decided to have nature’s sound heard.


▼现状8米深沟壑的利用 Utilisation of the 8-metre deep trench



As with the saying that borrowing makes clever and delicacy makes appropriate, we do not embark on further destruction of the base, but follow the direction and depth of the trench, remodeling a valley flowing by. Human activities are covered by this piece of forest.


▼设计推演 Designing Development


▼入谷,人的行为被这片峡谷森林覆盖 Entrance to the Valley, human activities are covered by the forest


▼出峡 Exiting the valley


▼抽离都市,隐匿于峡谷之中 Detaching from the city and hiding in the valley


追寻 Pursuing


End of the valley is parallel to the waterfall, where one can’t see the waterfall but hear all of it. Our expedition of finding nature leads us to respond to nature here, where we call Reappearing of Nature. Martin Heidegger had his theory on the relations between subject and object. Our artistic installation abstract water from nature, presenting its aestheticism that’s usually hard to see when submerged in nature. It conveys the pursuing and keen care of natural landscape of idealists.


▼飞雪 Snow Blowing


回归 Returning


Journey returning to nature starts from an artificial cavern. As the connection between different parts of the park, it serves as an assembly point of surrounding residents, art centre, as well as a place to meditate and recollect. We present the oldest form of living space in modern ways. It will be a humble and least intruding way of introducing the site, which will be covered by greenery after completion. Exit of the cavern is situated at the best viewing point of the waterfall. After experiencing the sound of the waterfall, the art of water, the narrow walkway of the cavern, one is presented with the waterfall, as if a journey in dreamland. A light passage blends with the cliff, forming part of the landscape.


▼洞穴出口 Exit of cavern


▼悬浮在河谷之畔 Floating by the river valley



Remodeling of nature, pursuing and returning, are our attitude towards nature and strategy to solving the designing puzzle. The artistic execution is like to have a dialogue with nature, expressing our culture, emotions, and thoughts.


▼空间模型 Space Model


▼总平面图 Site Plan





Location: Shapingba District, Chongqing
Area: 5 ha
Design Period: Nov 2018 – Mar 2019
Landscape Design: Change Studio


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