Caprini & Pellerin Architectes:在安提比斯(cape de antibes)的海图上,一座新的别墅— -普罗旺斯的一座陈旧的海滨别墅— -现在由建筑师公司caprini & pellerin重新设计,展现了一种现代风格,加上现代的建筑规范和地中海景观。这是一个很好的现代化项目。

Caprini & Pellerin Architectes:At the Cape of Antibes, the sea in sight, a neo-provencale to the old-fashioned railings villa, completely redesigned by the architects Caprini Pellerin & Agency, shows now a contemporary style warmed to architectural and landscaped codes of the Mediterranean. A beautiful lesson in modernity.





The Fiji villa, renovated from its base, deploys today facing the Bay a base adorned with sunny to old terraces stones, topped with a concrete box gross tinted in the mass form, beveled, hemmed of an outdoor passageway, which gives overall beauty.




Exit the roof tiles, the roof terrace is now vegetated and offers in the light of the South a playing field on which expressed the grayed out nuances of the concrete. A praise to the material.











概念/项目管理: Jerry Pellerin / Kevin Caprini
项目: 现代别墅的创新和构想
地点: 法国阿尔卑斯山的昂蒂布角
面积: 405平方米;土地: 2002平方米
施工长度/完工时间 : 24个月- 2018年6月
家具设计:C&P Gallery,2 rue lafayette, Cannes France
照片来源: Cafeine Thomas De Bruyne,France Belgique,Photos libres de droits

Design / project management: Jerry Pellerin / Kevin Caprini
Program: Renovation and design of a contemporary villa
Location: Cape of Antibes – Alpes Maritimes – France
Area:area: 405 m2; area: 2002 m2
Construction Length / Completion:24 months – June 2018
Furniture: C & P Gallery, 2 Street lafayette, Cannes France
Photo Credits: Caffeine Thomas of Anna, France Belgium, free Photos of rights


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