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Youjian Architectural: In 2019, the musician Huang Yali and I shared a conversation in which Yali mentioned one of her “artistic acts” — the Borrowing Light Program. I was greatly enlightened by the idea of borrowing a slice of light from a memory to everyone who shares a story.


▽音乐制作人-黄雅莉(左)与主创设计师-汪拓(右)Music producer — Yali Huang (left) and Chief designer — Wang Tuo (right)

▽沿街立面 Street side elevation



As a designer, especially for us who have engaged in the field over a long period of time, while having suffered from various kinds of “torture” as a veteran, we are subjected to numerous limitations. What should be the content of the works? The demands of various first parties are always varied: material, shape, space, color, temperature or emotion? As a matter of fact, all factors involved in design are subject to borrowing. With regard to the law of conservation of nature, all the objects simply transform their position from A to B. Maybe the shape has varied, but the original quantity remains the identical, even including history and light. The statement is probably too radical, while it remains valid. For this reason, I have named the design behavior of Zhoutang Blank-leaving B&B as the Borrowing Light Program.


▽借历史之光 Borrowing the Light of History

▽借自然之光 Borrowing the Light of Nature

▽借艺术之光 Borrowing the Light of Art

▽借器物之光 Borrowing the Light of Artifacts

▽借文化之光 Borrow the light of Culture

▽借一切可借之光 Borrowing the light of everything that can be borrowed


梳理 Carding


There are dozens of huge or tiny buildings, high or low, rising or setting, as a result of the non-north-south orientation of the building, the other buildings around, the relationship with the square, as well as the possibility of sustainable fermentation, the remodeling and grooming of the original buildings. I have treated myself as a shadow, accessing the space in a virtual state, to perceive the high and low, rise and set, the visual and interactive, the relationship between stillness and movement, the light and the wind blowing through, perhaps these are all the primary elements in the design, attempting to interpret with the released emotions.


▽建筑立面手稿 Manuscript of building elevation

▽错落有致的建筑 A patchwork of buildings

▽庭院景观 Garden landscape

▽建筑细节 Architectural Details


保留 Reserve


With the red stone and green brick with wooden structure, this building is a traditional building in Yingtan of Jiangxi Province. This building is the former residence of Peng Nianzu, a former Kuomintang military officer, which was built in the 35th year of the Republic of China. Preservation and respect will bring the facade of the building to be renewed, while discretion remains our design approach.


▽记录岁月痕迹的红石青砖 The red stone and blue brick that recorded the traces of time


變化 Change


Freedom and warmth refer to the innermost terms of the public area. Walking in and out of the area in liberty, listening to the flow of water, smelling the scent of flowers, sightseeing the shadow of lights, taking a mirror to make a painting of nature, while setting a painting of time variations by reflecting the natural variations.


▽公区院落 The public courtyard

▽室内空间 Interior Space

▽内部空间 Interior space


陳設 Display


We have borrowed the light of art to furnish the interior. We have employed the juxtaposition of Confucius and American soldiers to articulate the contrast between gentleness and violence, while employing plaster paintings to articulate not viewing, not speaking, and not listening. We have decorated the space with collected and purchased ceramic containers used by local residents, while placing a significant amount of tea stalks to modify the odor and define the scent of the space and its attribute of relaxing mood. In the meantime, we have adopted the old architecture and landscape photography of Zhoutang Village to demonstrate our respect for the local culture. Regarding the contemporary ink painting, we seek to express the passage of time by employing the shadow of light hitting the white background painting through the grille. We have employed seemingly abstract colored ink paintings to allow for more imaginative space, as well as the successive washes of water on the sculptures to convey the pressure of people. Perhaps, the centerpiece of blank-leaving design lies in the spirit of blank-leaving.


▽内部空间 Interior space


留白 White space


The light of the Borrowing Light Program is not merely “light”, but more of supports, allowing calligraphy, painting, literature, drama, Zen studies and so forth to borrow for me. As a result, there comes the room named Dui Bai, Liu Bai, Fei Bai, Kong Bai, Qing Bai and so forth, where the space carries the emotion. As the old saying goes: Any mountain can be famous with the presence of an immortal, any river can be holy with the presence of a dragon. The word “humble” does not refer to the word “humble”, but rather to a clear and reduced condition and state of mind. Perhaps there is a deviation in my understanding, but at least I do believe so. I expect that the clearness and reduction of design is also capable of bringing the space to fullness — fullness of emotion.



▽1F 总平面 1F Plan

▽2F 总平面 2F Plan

▽清白独栋套房平面 Plan

▽公区剖面1 Common section 1

▽公区剖面2 Common section 2





Project Name: Zhoutang Blank-leaving B&B
Designer: Suzhou Youjian Landscape Planning and Design Co., Ltd.
Project design: March 2022
Year completed: October 2022
Design Team: Wang Tuo/Zhu Shujun/Jin Qianqian/Ji Xinjuan/Yin Fan/Chen Qi/Li Xinyu/Wang Xingming
Project address: Zhoutang Village, Yingtan City, Jiangxi Province
Floor area: 1100 square meters
Copyright: Zhang Kun (FANCY IMAGES)




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