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BLUES: Chongqing Haipai Modern Era


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– 探索现代摩登时尚生活 -“Exploring Modern, Stylish Lifestyle”

海派经典酒店,和平饭店 & 安达仕酒店

Shanghai Classic Hotel, Peace Hotel & Anda Sheraton Hotel


▽和平饭店 Peace Hotel

▽安达仕酒店 Anda Sheraton Hotel


摩登海派 X 奢华艺术 Modern Shanghainese & uxury Art


Chongqing’s ‘Haipai’ Modern Stylish New Life



{对外屏蔽化·对内沉浸式} External Isolation Internal Immersion

景观挑战 landscape challenge

1. 挡墙高,如何打造一体化展示面 ?

2. 前场内庭院进深短,空间小,如何打造丰富体验动线?
· 景观考虑须降低通过式的路径感,增加可参与的停留空间,打造奢享海派风情优雅庭院.
· 入园大堂后,围合了大半圈「玻璃盒子」,内外空间,跳出景观设计的逻辑思考项目,设计师将建筑、景观、室内视为一体,构筑一场“空间交响乐”。

1.How to create an integrated display surface with a high retaining wall?
Design an integrated display surface with the main entrance gate, downplaying the distinction between the entrance structure and the retaining wall to create a seamless super interface.
2.The front courtyard has a shallow depth and limited space. How to create a rich experiential circulation?
· In the landscape design, it’s important to reduce the feeling of a straightforward path, increase areas for visitors to engage and linger, and create an elegant courtyard with a luxurious blend of Shanghai-style charm.
·· After entering the park’s main lobby, a semi-circular “glass box” is enclosed, blurring the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces. This project transcends the conventional logic of landscape design, with the architects treating architecture, landscape, and interior as a unified whole, crafting a “symphony of spaces.”



01 {都会之门} Urban Gateway


Black and Gold Entrance, 75-Meter Super Interface Lobby, Luxurious High Vaulted Eaves with Custom Water Feature Sculpture(Design Concept Inspired by Exquisite Vacheron Constantin Watch Dials), Creating a Sense of Luxury Homecoming Ceremony.


▽入口空间 Entrance space



The themed water feature draws inspiration from Van Cleef & Arpels’ concept of planets orbiting in “Midnight Planétarium,” symbolizing the eternal universe, with one in the sky and one on the ground, creating a romantic and dazzling ambiance that feels like coming home.


▽主题艺术水景 Theme art water feature



Extracting the fashionable elements of the city’s flower, the Camellia, and incorporating them with enamel inlay craftsmanship, they are delicately adorned within the spatial setting to accentuate its elegance and noble demeanor.


▽精致的细节设计 Exquisite detail design


02 {艺术长廊} Art Gallery


“Vintage Colonnade Interpreting the Chongqing ‘Haipai’ Features, A Series of Sculptures Creating an Artistic Homely Atmosphere, Tranquil and Luxurious Waterway Promenade”.




The transition to the internal space is the homecoming corridor, which not only fulfills the functional requirements of the main entrance area’s rain and wind connecting corridor but also serves as an art exhibition corridor, creating an artistic atmosphere of returning home.



复古长廊演绎渝都“海派”特色、屏风半掩繁华、 打造沉浸式内部空间。

The retro corridor interprets the ‘Haipai’ characteristics of Chongqing, with screens partially concealing the bustle, creating an immersive internal space.


▽复古长廊 Vintage gallery


03 {鎏光茶院} Lü Guang Teahouse


Luxuriate in the Elegant Courtyard with ‘Haipai’ Flair A Hotel-Style Garden for a New Experience of Idealism.



「 鎏光茶院 」Gleaming Tea House

巧妙的运用 “以小见大,一步一景” 的设计手法,在方正的小空间内,迂回转折的花园式流线,让体验空间更加丰富。

Cleverly employing the design techniques of “revealing the grand in the small” and “unveiling scenes step by step,” within the square and compact space, a winding and turning garden-like flow is created to enrich the experiential space.




“Van Cleef & Arpels Luxury Watch Dial Design”.



「 爵士漫吧 」Jazz Bar


Utilizing a vintage warm color palette and integrating architectural landscaping to create a jazz lounge, we aim to cultivate a social lifestyle that embodies the spirit of the urban nouveau riche in the Haipai style.



「 奢享海派风情优雅庭院 」Luxurious Shanghai-Style Courtyard with Elegant Ambiance


In the tranquil garden and while wandering beneath the trees, discover those irreplaceable moments of serenity, and choose a set of lifestyle that belongs uniquely to you.




Extensive glass window design allowing for a mutual permeation of interior and exterior landscapes.



「亲水摩卡吧台」Waterside Mocha Bar Counter


A bar counter set by the waterside, offering a serene and comfortable living experience with a scenic waterfront view.



高定产品匠心 Haute Couture Craftsmanship

{永恒的设计价值} Eternal Design Value

专属符号 exclusive symbol


Landscape Design Language Reflecting the Exquisite Details and, Elegance of Chongqing Culture, Drawing inspiration from the camellia, Chongqing’s city flower, to create a bespoke iconic scene symbolizing the celebration of life in this picturesque landscape.



匠心工艺 tailored soft decor


The harmonious fusion of contemporary and traditional elements, along with the meticulous restoration of the most exquisite craftsmanship, seamlessly blends Chongqing’s cultural essence with modern luxury materials. This reshapes the contemporary luxurious lifestyle in a new form.



定制软装 tailored soft decor


Infusing Chongqing’s cultural essence and artistry into the space, combined with modern soft furnishings, creates a living environment that embodies the classic Haipai lifestyle.



物料体系 material system


Diverse materials, exquisite material selection, and innovative luxury materials.




“River Song Residence should not be viewed simply as a residence. The lifestyle and mindset it offers have transcended the mere notion of ‘living.’ It aspires for everyone to truly savor the present, embrace life, and embrace every moment of change in this city.”




项目名称:龙湖 · 江山颂

Project name: Longfor · River Song
Landscape Design: Blue Note International
Landscape Area: 5845 square meters
Presentation Date: July 2023
Project Address: Chongqing, Jiangbeizui
Longfor · River Song Development Company:Chongqing New Yujiang Sheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Landscape Construction Contractor: Chongqing Jisheng Ecological Landscaping Co., Ltd
Construction Agent: Chengdu Xumi Yuntu Architectural Design Co., Ltd
Architectural Design Firm: Shanghai Chengzhi Architectural Design Co., Ltd.
Photography Company: Hejin




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