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playball studio:圣玛丽学校是拉杰果德(Rajkot)重要的教育机构之一,拥有60多年的丰富历史。学校中有一个19000平方米的开放场地,专门用于学生的娱乐活动。

playball studio:St. Mary’s School is one of the important educational institutions of Rajkot with a rich history spanning 60+ years. The School enjoys the luxury of an open ground of 19000 SQM dedicated purely to the students’ recreational activities.


© Dhrupad Shukla
© Dhrupad Shukla



The location for their new basketball court was selected close to the already existing one so that simultaneous training sessions can be carried out. This location is at the south-east corner of the School’s open ground, with a line of lush trees dotting the eastern edge. The site opens to the vast ground on the western edge while the existing basketball court is on the northern edge.


▽项目视频 The Video

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The program was straightforward, an open-air basketball court with peripheral seating.

After studying the context, it was observed that this facility should not act as an isolated island in the open ground. It was proposed that this new facility embraces the multipurpose ground’s character and activities, by having its peripheral seating only on three sides and opening itself to the open ground.


▽项目位置 Location

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▽场地平面图 Plan

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© Dhrupad Shukla


在这一思路的基础上,周边的座位被设计成从地面逐渐上升的方式。台阶式座位以一种有趣的方式放置,从3000 x 600 x 300毫米的单一台阶开始,随着高度的增加,演变成七个台阶交错的形式。在第一个模块完成之后,设计将其镜像并与第一个模块垂直放置,两个模块的交界处被切割镂空,形成了一个动态的入口。由此形成的一组L形模块组合再次被镜像到球场的另一侧,从而形成台阶座位从三面包围球场的布局。

Taking this chain of thought further; the peripheral seating is devised in a way that it gradually rises from the ground. The seating steps are placed in a playful way starting from a single step of 3000 x 600 x 300 MM, leading to a staggered formation of seven steps increasing in height. This module is then mirrored and placed perpendicular to the first module, and the junction of these modules is carved out to create a dynamic entry point. The now combined L-shaped module is then mirrored to the other side of the court, thereby enveloping the court on three sides.


▽设计过程图 Process Diagrams

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▽场地轴侧视图 Isometric View

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▽局部剖面图 Part Section

© playball studio
© Dhrupad Shukla
© Dhrupad Shukla
© Dhrupad Shukla



Each module is assigned a primary colour, based on the colours of the School’s four Houses. These colours also follow the same logic as the form; the first step is assigned the lightest shade, and as the height increases, it gets darker, with the highest step being the pure prime colour.


© Dhrupad Shukla
© Dhrupad Shukla
© Dhrupad Shukla
© Dhrupad Shukla



The main court is a combination of two shades of brown, to differentiate the playing zones, but also to match and merge with the dusty brown hue of the open ground. The peripheral space around the main court is left as exposed concrete, allowing it to act as a neutral differentiating belt between the browns and primary colours.


© Dhrupad Shukla
© Dhrupad Shukla
© Dhrupad Shukla



This playful yet simple assembly ensures that this new platform is frequented by all; during the mid-morning recess break, students use it to sit, play and climb; while in the evenings, parents use it to sit while waiting for their children to finish training. It is also used as an informal amphitheatre for inter-House competitions and as a pavilion for cricket and football matches. It has truly amalgamated itself to the open character of the multipurpose ground, apart from serving just as a basketball court.


© Dhrupad Shukla
© Dhrupad Shukla
© Dhrupad Shukla




项目地点:印度 拉杰果德
总建筑面积:890 m2

公司名称:playball studio
主要建筑师:Ronak Gandev,Celia Fernandez Duque
初级建筑师:Yash Vaghasia,Anmol Perke
照片和视频来源:Dhrupad Shukla

Project Name: Multipurpose Court at St. Mary’s School
Project Location: Rajkot, India
Completion Year: 2022
Gross Built Area: 890 m2

Firm name: playball studio
Website: http://www.playballstudio.com
Instagram: @playballstudio
Email: playballstudio@gmail.com
Principal Architects: Ronak Gangdev, Celia Fernandez Duque
Junior Architects: Yash Vaghasia, Anmol Perke
Photo and Video Credits: Dhrupad Shukla
Video Link: https://vimeo.com/766371279




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