Department :该项目的目的是提供一种架构,触发各种用途,并适应多种活动,作为适合社区和地点的多功能凉亭。能像纸一样折叠,构成不同的空间结构,用来举办各种各样的活动,还能观赏到大海景色。人们可以坐在不同层次的台阶上悠闲地享受景色,不会遮挡到后面的人。这个折叠结构会成为一个小型的露天剧场,可以用来举办迷你音乐会、进行表演和开会等。部分地面看起来像被切割和抬升而形成座位和桌子,能用于小组讨论、野餐或是孩子们做作业的地方。这个建筑附近有个五人制足球场,亭阁地面的高层结构可以作为足球观赏台,低层结构上有长凳可坐。

Department :The aim of the project is to provide a framework to trigger various uses and adapt to various activities as a multifunctional pavilion suitable for communities and locations. It can be folded like paper to form different spatial structures, used to hold various activities, and can also enjoy the sea scenery. People can sit on different levels of steps and enjoy the scenery leisurely without blocking the people behind. This folding structure will become a small outdoor theater, which can be used to hold mini concerts, perform performances and hold meetings. Part of the ground looks like a seat and table cut and lifted, which can be used for group discussions, picnics or where children do homework. There is a five-member soccer stadium near the building. the high-rise structure on the pavilion floor can be used as a soccer viewing platform. the low-rise structure has benches to sit on.




In order to protect the building from tropical solar radiation, the project adopted the concept of shade from the beginning. This roof is made up of stacks of blade structures. Shadows cast by the upper layer cover the lower layer, significantly reducing heat transfer. The roof slab is made up of smaller materials, not ordinary continuous large roof slabs, which allows the rising hot air to slip through the gaps between the materials while allowing a small amount of sunlight to enter.



Photos by W Workspace and Tra Chang, SCG.

建筑设计: Department

Project name: ‘The Flow’ – A Multipurpose Pavilion
Location: Chonburi, Thailand
Completed: 2014
Architects: Department

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