Metcalfe Architecture & Design:在Abington Friends School(AFS)花园基地(面向幼儿的)完成后,我们再次与学校合作,设计和构建AFS的外部:一个抽象的游戏结构、水景和相关的景观形式。在这里,大一点的学生可以在课间休息时爬、荡、跑和爬。这一领域已成为AFS课程的中心部分;这种结构要求年轻的学生以自己的方式承担身体上的风险,并将相邻的自然形态融入他们的日常游戏中。

Metcalfe Architecture & Design:After the completion of Abington Friends School’s (AFS) Garden Station (for early childhood students), we worked with the school once again to design and build AFS Outside: an abstract play structure, water feature, and associated landscape forms. Here, older students can crawl, swing, run, and climb during their breaks from classroom learning. This area has become a central part of AFS’ curriculum; the structure challenges young students to take physical risks on their own terms and integrate the adjacent natural forms into their everyday play.




Location: Jenkintown, PA,USA


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