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JDE design driven consultancy 设计的 Brillamont 游乐空间是一个具有突破性的项目,它将游戏融入教育领域,在刺激感官的环境中协调了安全与学习。这种设计是对既定规范的挑战,促进了儿童的全面发展。该项目鼓励学生们探索,具有吸引力的形状和色彩令人振奋,也象征着 Brillamont 致力于卓越教育和学生全面发展的宗旨。

JDE design driven consultancy:Brillamont Playspace, designed by JDE design driven consultancy, is a breakthrough project integrating play within the educational realm, harmonizing safety with learning in a sensorially stimulating environment. This collaboration stands as a challenge to established norms, fostering the comprehensive development of children. Its design encourages exploration with inviting shapes and colors that uplift the spirit, symbolizing Brillamont’s dedication to educational excellence and the complete well-being of its students.




通常情况下,教育环境中的游戏空间会把安全放在首位,而非发展批判性思维,忽视了推理、 好奇和冒险的必要性。这种做法导致游戏空间虽然安全,却缺乏对儿童重要发展至关重要的刺激,如成就感、合作和基本运动技能。

The essence of play is inherently dynamic and fluid, spanning from the open guidance of an educator to involvement in activities without predetermined goals. As behavior experts assert, play is an activity chosen freely, self-directed, and internally motivated.

Often, play spaces in educational settings prioritize safety over critical thinking development, neglecting the necessity for reasoning, curiosity, and adventure. This approach has led to spaces that, while safe, lack stimuli essential for children’s vital development, such as a sense of achievement, cooperation, and fundamental motor skills.



JDE 公司为 Brillamont 学龄前儿童教育区开发了一个游戏空间,鼓励儿童的批判性思维和好奇心。该游戏空间的独特之处在于其自发的曲线和形状吸引着孩子们去探险,在保证基本安全的同时还能激发孩子们的运动技能。其设计融合了有机和几何元素,与大自然固有的自由感产生共鸣,鲜艳的色调增强了活力和积极性。


JDE design driven consultancy has developed a playspace for the preschool area of Brillamont that encourages critical thinking and curiosity in children. Distinguished by its spontaneous curves and shapes that beckon adventure, Playspace stimulates motor skills while upholding safety. Its design integrates organic and geometric elements that resonate with the freedom inherent in nature, and its vibrant color palette enhances dynamism and positivity.

The construction of bold shapes, such as vast arches, and long, almost surreal bridges extend an invitation into the space. Its architectural layout starts from an elliptical track with random strokes, positioned with an inclination that leads children over an elevated bridge, offering them a view of the campus surroundings and its vegetation.




A structure of tall and bold yellow arches is intersected by the elevated track, and a ramp at the ground level. This pathway is complemented by elements that create moments, like an elevated pergola, mounds, and slides that return them to the ground.




At the center of the ellipse and beneath the bridge lie various abstract shapes like towers, tunnels, and arches with a playful personality that create dynamism and unexpected play for the young students. The design of the Playspace is strongly guided by its use of color, that enhances the mood and promotes positivity.



通过应用其方法和设计流程,JDE 公司正在将空间转化为形成性和难忘的体验,迈向教育的未来。

By applying its methodology and design processes, JDE design-driven consultancy is transforming spaces into formative and memorable experiences, stepping towards the future of education.


▽施工过程 Process


▽设计手稿 Design manuscript


▽设计图纸 Design drawing





项目名称:Brillamont Playspace
项目地点:墨西哥 新莱昂州 San Pedro Garza García
景观/建筑公司:JDE design driven consultancy
联系电子邮件:info@jde.design, cristina@jde.design
设计团队:JDE design driven consultancy 和 Jorge Diego Etienne

图片来源:Recording Architecture, Francisco Alvarez

Project Name: Brillamont Playspace

Completion Year: 2023
Project Location: San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, México
Landscape/Architecture Firm: JDE design driven consultancy
Contact e-mail: info@jde.design, cristina@jde.design
Design Team: JDE design driven consultancy and Jorge Diego Etienne
Clients: Brillamont
Photo Credits: Recording Architecture, Francisco Alvarez
Photographer’s Website: https://recordingarchitecture.mx



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