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Guangzhou S.P.I Design Co., Ltd: Huizhou is surrounding by mountains and water with a wonderful scenery. The white clouds and the turquoise mountain peaks like barriers can only be seen, but hard to be painted on paper. The buildings everywhere in the city reveal rural sceneries, and the sound of reading books accompanied by the stars and lights lingers in the tranquility.


▽项目鸟瞰 Aerial view


寻梦徽州 A Dream Fulfilled in Huizhou


Go towards the west after a rainy day, you will arrive at Huizhou. A clear blue sky looks as if it had just been washed; mountains are veiled by the heavy fog. The nearby villages are quiet, with row upon row of houses, whitewashed walls and tiles, featuring ancient charm and unfolding slowly like a natural landscape painting. The infinite ethereal and poetic flavor emerge from the heart.



与自然静静生长 Grow quietly with nature


Pass through the ancient village and continue to go towards the mountain. Red maple spreads the mountain, soaked in intoxicating autumn.
Deep and romantic, quiet and distant.


▽漫山红枫 red maples


层林掩映下,白色帐篷式的建筑,依山而建,接山连地 融于群山漫野中,给浓郁的山色增添了一抹清新之气。

Under the cover of forest, a white tent building was built on the mountain, melting into the wild mountains, and adding a touch of freshness to the rich mountain scenery.


▽层林中的白色帐篷式建筑 White tented buildings in a forest of trees



The uniquely shaped building seems to grow in the mountains and forests, Wrapped and covered by lush vegetation, Partly hidden and partly visible, Unknown where nature ends, And where the building started.


▽掩映于自然之中 Hidden in nature



Living in the wild, Distant mountains and nearby forests become the best setting, The preserved native vegetation, And acquired artificial planting, Forming natural and pure wild interest.





The artistic conception of Hui style extends from the countryside to the interior. Reconstructing elegance and simplicity with modern techniques, The combination of black and white is more interesting, reflecting the verdant vegetation in the forest.

Decorated with pines and stones, Make the finishing touch, Let the mountain life be more vigorous and relaxed.



回赠我们的静寂 Give us silence in return


The sun is setting, the peaks are silent, and everything is quiet, Tent guests usher in the quietest moment of the day, The lonely night illuminated by lights, Enough to wash away all impetuousness and noise, everything becomes silent.


▽夜景鸟瞰 Aerial view of night view



Maybe only this time, Can get peace of mind, Reading, writing, meditating, looking at each other, Let yourself be free from busy work for a long time, Realize the true meaning of life in simplicity.


▽静谧的夜景氛围 Night atmosphere



观山望月,赏花听雨,清闲无事,坐卧随心,从自然中来到自然中去,忘却前尘旧事拂去心上尘埃,见天地 见众生见自己。


Watch the mountains and the moon, Enjoy the flowers and listen to the rain, Feel free to sit and lie down as you like, From nature and back to nature, Forget the past, and brush away the dust in your heart, See the world, see all beings, see yourself.

Maybe what we love is not travel, But life.


▽感受自然的美好 Feel the beauty of nature


设计师语-走向山野 Designer language



The Western biophilic hypothesis believes that long-term evolution in the natural environment makes human beings have a strong psychological need to maintain an emotional connection with nature. Being in a natural environment, people tend to have an emotional connection with nature, and their internal psychological needs can be satisfied, thereby improving their mental health.

However, in traditional Chinese culture, natural mountains and rivers are objects with aesthetic characteristics. Mountains and rivers are better than others and have the functions of refreshing and entertaining people. They push the scholars of the gentry to go to the mountains, forests and grasslands to seek the true meaning of life and nature. As a result, the natural landscape far away from the city has become a travel destination for people to escape from the city and live poetically. The landscape of natural travel destinations requires the “symbiosis” of the artificial environment and the natural environment, minimizing artificial traces and man-made damage. The existence of artificial landscapes is to better view the natural landscapes.






CAMPSORT Hotel is located in Guanlu Village, which is known as the famous historical and cultural village in China. The village features quiet environment, surrounded by steams, and is famous for the Huizhou ancient residential buildings of Eight Great Masters.

The hotel is positioned as a high-end wild luxury resort hotel with humanistic feature. During the design process, with respect for the original site, designers make full use of natural resources, such as mountains, rivers, trees and clouds, to recreate the original landscape by means of restoration and protection. The low intervention design allows people and buildings to grow naturally in the mountains, and creates a free world for travelers to go where they want.




“One day, I discovered that the environment surrounded by the breeze and greenery made me feel easeful.”





Project Name: CAMPSORT Hotel
Client: Huangshan Jinghui Guanlu Tourism Development and Operation Co., Ltd.
Landscape Design: Guangzhou S.P.I Design Co., Ltd.
Architectural Design: Gad Architectural Design, BP Studio
Landscape Construction: Suzhou Yuanke Ecological Construction Group
Photographer: Ne-Sunshine Photography
Location: Guanlu Village, Yi County, Huangshan City, Anhui
Landscape Area: 55851㎡ (Core Area: 30405㎡,Renovation Area: 25446㎡)
Design Date: May 2018
Completion Date: Aug. 2022




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