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Founded in 2007, Guangzhou S.P.I Design Co., Ltd. (“S.P.I”) is a comprehensive landscape design platform driven by “innovation” with its headquarters in Guangzhou. Now it has 11 branches in China and establishes 2 modules of “real estate” and “culture & tourism” with completion of more than 3,000 high-quality projects in over 100 cities in China. S.P.I has close cooperation with top 30 real estate groups in China and provides Chinese governments with superior schemes and solutions for urban environment. With the aim to become a world-renowned landscape design institution, S.P.I has devoted to China’s rural and urban development and ecological civilization construction with the business mission of “innovation leads the poetic dwelling”, and helps its staff to achieve their fulfillment and dreams.

Being professional in systematic landscape design service, S.P.I has the qualification of “National Landscape Architecture Engineering Design Grade A” and created the “New Shanshui Design Concept”. It has focused on studying landscapes since its establishment and customized systematic, integrative and professional schemes and solutions in the fields of community environment, commercial complex, culture & tourism, theme towns, urban design and regional planning. It was awarded honorary titles such as “National Top 10 Landscape Design Enterprises” and “The Best Creative Brand Institution of Chinese Architecture & Planning”. S.P.I has also won IFLA awards, Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture awards, exploration and design awards, CREDAWARD, Kinpan Award, Asia Design Prize, Italy’s A’Design Award and America’s IDA at home and abroad, and had ranked first in the competitiveness of Chinese real estate landscape design in the Times House for 3 consecutive years, as well as nationally first in new media influence in ARCHINA industry for many times.