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纬图设计机构:自2007年启动规划与建设,麓湖生态城已经生长了14年。如今的麓湖已经是公园城市建设的一张新名片。这座建立在水上的公园城市, 是内陆成都的水上理想。8300余亩的占地面积,水域面积就达到2100亩。麓湖通过对水系的连通与梳理,创造出了理想的水网系统,让水与城市形成了相互咬合、亲密无间的状态。

WTD: Since the planning and construction from 2007, Luxelakes Eco-City has been developing for 14 years. Today, Luxelakes has become a new landmark of the park city, which is built upon the water and symbolizes the dream of the inland Chengdu. The park covers a total area of more than 8,300 acres, with the water area reaching 2,100 acres. In the park, an ideal network of water is built by connecting and reorganizing the rivers and lakes, making water and the city close to each other.


▼取自然之材,还原场地生态基底 To use natural materials to restore the ecology of the site



Between the road network and the waterfront green space, buildings undertaking different urban functions stand in a natural gesture. The waterfront landscape plays a vital role in establishing the connection between water and buildings.





The site was originally designed as a branch channel for motorboats in the lake area, which featured a concrete U-shaped groove structure. And the revetment design, considering more of safety factors,  contributed to a rigid boundary. Plants on both sides were mostly temporary without considering pedestrians passage. And the 6-meter high wall enclosing the residential area forms a spatial compression to the channel alongside.

The owner team decided to add a kayaking channel to this section according to the existing conditions. Also, a trail is added and included into the Luxelakes Scenic Trail System. Therefore, the site renovation needs to simultaneously meet multiple requirements such as motorboat channel width and traffic flow diversion, kayaking channel design, trail flow line, and e-bike traffic flows.


▼航线梳理 Route arrangement



With all of the above into consideration, the design realized the ecological transformation including the relief of visual pressure, softening of the watercourse, reconstruction of traffic flow, and creation of a spatial art atmosphere to create a winding and soft natural riverbank landscape and to form a wild Amazon-like experience.


▼总平面图 Site plan


视线屏蔽与步行体验 Natural screening and walking experience


The best way to reduce the sight interference and the sense of oppression caused by high retaining walls is to use natural materials to restore the ecology of the site. The design uses a variety of plants as natural barriers to screen the surrounding buildings and obstacles. Arbors have perfect branches and great water resistance, which are complemented by shrubs of different layers, to present different spatial forms.




Jacaranda is chosen to match the trees near the water bank. The curved canopy, branches, and leaves overlap upon the river, forming an openly spatial form on the watershed. With various tree species, spaces on both sides of the riverbank will take on different colors in four seasons, creating colorful spatial experience.


▼蓝花楹弯曲的树冠及枝叶交叉覆盖于河道之上 The leaves of Jacaranda trees overlap upon the river


河道软化梳理 Watercourse softening and redesign



Both sections of the river are irregularly curved. The width of the river is changing. The original revetments featured U-shaped vertical-wall structure and rigid boundaries, lacking a natural link with the riverbank and the surrounding context.

The design involves different revetment treatments according to different river widths. On a wider water surface, it uses piles of rocks to enclose the river surface into a mini ecological island. Dense trees and shrubs are planted on the island, which offers privacy to the low villas on the other side. At the same time, after the division of water surface, it is more ecological when the kayak passes by and the space is shaded. Also, the design avoids the dull image of the river surface.


▼河道驳岸软化设计与自然建立连接 To build a natural link with the riverbank by softening design




Another treatment for the revetment is to extend the grass terrace into water to soften the rigidity of the concrete. Plants form a gracefully curved riverbank at the boundary, creating a natural revetment. The plant community will not only conserve the water but also purify the air, forming a microclimate in the plant-covered area and improving the ecological environment around the water.

The ecological revetment provides a more natural connection between the river and surrounding buildings and pedestrian walkways, seamlessly integrating into the Luxelakes water system. Whether looking out from the building or walking here, visitors can get a better visual and walking experience.



空间艺术氛围 Spatial Art


In addition to ecology, “art” is also one of Luxelakes’ labels. The artistic feeling is in every detail of Luxelakes. Therefore, the spatial transformation of the entire river channel by the landscape is not only about ecology, but also creates an appropriate artistic effect. On the footbridge connecting the two groups of residents, the design of the railings is distinctive.


▼有渐变效果的人行桥栏杆 The railings with a gradual changing effect



The railing is made up of several 4 centimeters wide steel sheets which are arranged vertically. The parametric design is used to twist each steel sheet at a different height by 90° to achieve a gradual changing effect. There are pink cherry blossoms planted on both sides. The building is shaded by the petals, and the bridge is shining brightly between the shadow of the tree and the light.


▼栏杆钢片扭转设计 The parametric design of the railing

▼栏杆钢片渐变细节 Details about gradual changing effect


▼桥体在两侧樱花树影与光线的相映中光彩熠熠 The bridge is shining brightly between the shadow of the tree and the light

▼建筑在花瓣的遮蔽中若影若现 The building is shaded by the petals

▼漂浮在水面上的氛围水灯 Atmospheric water lamps floating on water surface



Also, the design theme is water. Artistic sculptures are placed at the branches of the big trees beside the river. The sculpture uses mirrored stainless steel with the shape of irregular water droplets. Being in the jungle has a strong visual impact and continuously stimulates people’s strong sense of participation and desire for exploration. A variety of cute and novel atmospheric water lamps also add fun to the “adventure journey over the water”.


▼大树分枝上的水滴形态艺术雕塑 Artistic sculptures with the shape of irregular water droplets are placed at the branches of the big trees

▼可爱而新奇的氛围水灯 A variety of cute and novel atmospheric water lamps

▼树干上的艺术夜灯 Artistic night lamps on the trunk



This spring, more than half a year has passed since the completion of the riverside reconstruction. This waterfront space has been completely integrated into the Luxelakes waterfront system. Nature is growing here and the dense tree shade gradually encloses the river, forming a comfortable and free space that the design aspires to realize at the very beginning.




设计团队:李卉 李彦萨 田乐 陈奥男 侯茂江 李丹丹 周芯宇 隆波 赖小玲 董瑜 胡小梅
业主方团队代表:徐朝明 王姝丽 刘兴洪 谢锋
景观施工:四川蜀韵景观工程有限公司 硕泉园林股份有限公司

Project Name: Chengdu Luxelakes Kayak Channel Landscape
Owner: Chengdu Wide Horizon Development Co., Ltd
Landscape Area: 13850㎡
Project Location: Tianfu New District, Chengdu City
Landscape Design: Chongqing WISTO Landscape Design
Design Team: Li Hui, Li Yansa, Tian Le, Chen Aonan, Hou Maojiang, Li Dandan, Zhou Xinyu, Long Bo, Lai Xiaoling, Dong Yu, Hu Xiaomei
Representative of the owner’s team: Xu Chaoming, Wang Shuli, Liu Xinghong, Xie Feng
Landscape Construction:
Sichuan Shuyun Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd.
Shuoquan Garden Co., Ltd
Completion Time: 2020
Photography: xf-photography


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