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noa* :在洛基山脉中心地带,在一片科罗拉多州最原始的森林环境中,一座供三代人居住的别墅正在形成。该项目中,noa*重新诠释了标志性的A字形建筑类型,并将其转化为一系列复杂的私人和公共空间,可以满足整个家庭的需求。

noa* :In the heart of the Rocky Mountains, amidst one of Colorado’s most unspoilt landscapes, a villa for three generations takes shape. For this project, noa* reinterprets the iconic Aframe typology and turns it into a sophisticated sequence of private and communal spaces, where the whole family’s needs can be accommodated.


©Dima Visualization


坐落在科罗拉多州壮丽大自然中的度假屋是noa*工作室设计的最新项目之一。这里被落基山脉白雪皑皑的山峰和广阔的松树林环绕,人们通常会遇到典型的美国度假屋,即所谓的“A字形房屋”。 这种类型的建筑已成为城市周末度假的一种象征,其特点是陡坡屋顶完全取代了墙壁,并在下雪地区提供了理想的环境保护。 noa* 对A字形框架独特而简洁的几何形状进行了个人诠释,创造了一个舒适的居所,人们在其中可以像家人一样聚在一起,并与大自然重新联系起来。

A holiday home nestled in the majestic nature of Colorado: this is one of the latest projects designed by the studio noa* network of architecture. Here, surrounded by the snowcapped peaks of the Rocky Mountains and extensive pine forests, it is common to come across the archetypal American holiday home, the so-called ‘A-Frame’. This typology, which hasbecome a symbol of weekend getaways from the city, features steeply pitched roofs that replace the walls entirely and provide ideal weather protection in snowy regions. noa* takes a personal interpretation of the distinctive clean geometry of the A-frame and creates a cosy refuge where one can come together as a family and reconnect with nature.


▽西北立面 North-west facade

©Dima Visualization




From the outset, the challenge of the functional programme turned out to be the coexistence of three different generations in what visually had to be a single volume. The interior layout of the spaces had to combine common areas with independent privacy zones for each of the families. In a perfect convergence between the client’s needs and architecture, the team of designers decided to adopt the typology of the triangular house in a more complex interplay of volumes, creating a multifaceted spatiality with an increasing level of privacy on the higher floors.


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“我们实现了A字形框架典型而清晰的几何形状和向外的开放性,但与此同时,我们在较大的体量中设置了较小的、出人意料的但仍然非常舒适的空间。这是一个类似于matryoshka系统的空间概念。”noa*合伙人兼项目负责人Andreas Profanter解释道。

“We have implemented the clear geometry and outward openness typical of the A-frame, but at the same time, we have accommodated smaller, unexpected, but still very comfortable spaces within the larger volume. It’s a space concept similar to a matryoshka system,” explains Andreas Profanter, noa* partner and project leader.


▽立面图 Elevation


The result is a 30 m long triangular prism intersected at several points by volumes of the same geometry. The architecture, which in its articulated structure is perceived as a single body, houses however a completely independent private villa for the client couple and a family villa for their children and grandchildren.


▽平面图 Plan

courtesy of noa*


▽东南立面 South-east facade

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The entrance door on the east side of the house leads to a first stairwell. From here, one can access three areas: the basement with parking spaces and cellar rooms, the client couple’s private villa, and the family villa with a large communal living area. The ground floor of the private villa accommodates a living room, a freestanding stairway, a kitchen with a cooking island and two offices overlooking the inner courtyard, where the barbecue area is set. The heart of the family villa is the large fireplace on the ground floor, which serves as a focal point between the spacious kitchen to the east and the generous living room to the west. The representative dining room with double room height adjoins the kitchen to the north. The relationship with the surrounding landscape is constantly being pursued: large glass façades on all house fronts provide ever-changing perspectives. The boundaries between outside and inside are blurred throughout the building, as in the living area, where part of the rock is integrated into the space.


courtesy of noa*

▽客厅 Living room

©Dima Visualization



On the upper floor of the villa, there are five bedrooms aligned with the roof’s ridges.The rooms have an open plan design, and the conventional division of space into sleeping area and bathroom has been fluidly reimagined, with freestanding washbasins and bathtubs. To allow the little ones to carve out a space for themselves, play areas have been created on the attic floor. These are directly accessible from the parents’ rooms.


▽西南立面 South-west facade



“在与客户达成一致的情况下,我们设计的每个房间都具有最大的自主性和舒适性。流畅的空间、双层的高度和一些令人惊喜的元素,如儿童游戏室,可以通过隐藏在父母房间中的楼梯到达”,建筑师Andrea Dal Negro总结道。

South Tyrolean设计工作室的建筑和室内设计再次传达了noa*的项目所共有的表现力和与自然的关系。这是一个寻求亲密和团结的项目,在这里人们可以找到自己与周围景观的独特共生关系。

“In agreement with the clients, we designed each room with maximum autonomy and comfort. Fluid spaces, double heights, and a few surprise elements. Like, for example, the children’s playrooms, that can be reached via stairs hidden in the parents’ rooms”, concludes architect Andrea Dal Negro, who was part of the villa’s design team.

Once again, the architecture and interiors of the South Tyrolean design studio convey the expressive power and refined relationship with nature common to all noa* projects. It is a project where intimacy and togetherness meet and where one can find itself in a unique symbiosis with the surrounding landscape.


▽东北立面 North-east facade





地点:科罗拉多州 落基山脉
建筑设计:noa* network of architecture
室内设计:noa* network of architecture
渲染:Dima Visualization, noa*

Project name: Colorado Villa
Typology: Living
Location: Rocky Mountains, Colorado
Client: Private
Architecture: noa* network of architecture
Interior Design: noa* network of architecture
Surface area: 600 m2
Rendering: Dima Visualization, noa*



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