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VOYA Landscape:The project is located in Tongyuanju, the core area of Nanping Town, Chongqing, which carries the long history of Chongqing as well as memories of the local people. Criss-crossed flyovers and roads, complicated elevations, green woods and mountains, passion for daily life….. everything typical in Chongqing’s DNA is all here.



01 /土地的记忆 Memories of Land 


Belonging to Dowell’s Impression Series, it is designed to be a new luxury resort-style community. In face of so many challenges, how to break the limitations and give the old town a new look is the key issue.


▽老城印象 Old Town Impression

▽场地周边环境 Surrounding environment


02 /突“破”局限 Break Limitations


Situated in the core area of the old town, the long and narrow site covers a total area of only 11,000 square meters. Having spared some space for firefighting, the landscape space is especially limited with buildings standing around and the steep cliff nearby. So, how to create an impressive landscape space and highlight the quality of the project?


▽打破边界 Break the border


03 / 破常规,造新奢 Break Away from Convention, Create New Luxury Touches

突破性入口-Entrance space


Since the main entrance space is narrow and long horizontally, the landscape team and architectural team had several brainstorms, trying to reach an optimum solution.


▽过程方案对比 Process scheme comparison



At last, we came up with a nearly 10 meters high corridor to bridge the two towers on the sides. Meanwhile, part of the entrance space is connected with the open floor, blurring the boundaries between building and landscape, indoor and outdoor, and creating a powerful resort-style interface. All these approaches contribute to a creative entrance space.


▽入口空间分析图 Entrance space analysis diagram



In details, the entrance lobby and the landscape wall back off, giving way to a more open view. The inside and outside spaces are penetrating into each other, and due to the elevation differences, they are also separated from each other naturally, ensuring the privacy of residents. Diagonal diamond-shaped wall and water slope jointly create a modern and elegant interface. Besides, with water constantly falling down, it presents a relaxed atmosphere.


▽园区内外,景观融为一体,围而不堵,通而不透Inside and outside the park, the landscape is integrated without blocking and penetrating

▽稳重的黑白根石材,钻石形造型,在尊贵与艺术间巧妙平衡 Stable black and white stone, diamond shaped shape, delicately balanced between dignity and art

▽光的质感 The texture of light

▽从景观里长出来的建筑 Buildings growing out of the landscape

▽酒店式入口门厅,奢享归家体验 The hotel style entrance hall provides a luxurious homecoming experience


新奢度假风-New luxury resort style


Within the limited space, the designers employed landscapes to blur boundaries between the indoor and outdoor, and built a mirror water to extend the architectural space. On the other hand, functions are added to the fire zone. All these approaches contribute to a new luxury resort-style atmosphere.


▽消防场地的重构 Reconstruction of fire fighting site

▽庭院深深 The courtyard is deep

▽消融边界,内外是景 Melt the boundary, and the inside and outside are the scenes

▽挑高架空层社区聚场 Community gathering on elevated empty floor




The design of the garden not only shows the care, elegance, warmth and romance of Dowell style, but also includes some innovative urban and international touches, making people feel familiar and surprised.


▽林下花园绿意蔓延,温馨惬意 The garden under the forest is green, warm and comfortable

▽午后的阳光,度假的温度 Afternoon sunshine, vacation temperature


浪漫归家- Romantic homecoming


The new luxury holiday atmosphere penetrates almost into every corner of the space. In the small space between the gable walls, we created a private garden, where comfortable seats, customized lights, well-arranged plants, etc. allow people to enjoy the peace and romance of life on a sunny afternoon.


▽精致私享的酒店式私密空间 Delicate private hotel style private space

▽仪式感单元入户 Entrance of ritual unit


04 / 精工营造 Skillful Design 


Each material has its own texture and characteristics. On the one hand, the designers employ large areas of black stones and metal to highlight the quality and luxury style of the space; on the other hand, elegant wood, warm-colored light and plants of different heights are added to provide a romantic homecoming experience.


▽异形切面黑白根墙体塑造出体量感,深色调凸显品质 The black and white wall with special-shaped section creates a sense of volume, and the dark color highlights the quality

▽暖色灯光与格栅结合,为空间带来秩序感 The combination of warm light and grille brings order to the space

▽艺术品的点缀,增添几分精致、温馨与浪漫 The ornament of artworks adds a little delicacy, warmth and romance

▽多种材质形成对比,增添空间层次感 A variety of materials form a contrast, adding a sense of spatial hierarchy

▽营造过程 Construction process



Breakthrough and innovation. Riverside Impression is the result of interdisciplinary collaboration. By blurring the boundaries and integrating the indoor and outdoor spaces, we maximize the values of the space and land, creating a new luxury resort-style community that is full of warmth and surprises.


▽总平面图 Plan



摄 影:三棱镜建筑景观摄影

Project: Dowell·Riverside Impression
Developer: Chongqing Dongchun Zhanyao Real Estate Development Co.,Ltd.
Landscape Design: Voyage Landscape Architects
Design Team: Huang Yonghui, Xi Wen, Yang Huiwen, Yang Chen, Yang Na, Yang Huawen, Li Jian, He Jiaojiao
Architectural Design: Zen Design
Furnishings Design(Open Floor): H.P. Design
Sculpture Design and Production: Basic Source Design
Construction: Chongqing JS Landscape Co.,Ltd.
Time of Completion: October, 2021
Address: No. 6 Fangzhou Road, Nanan District, Chongqing
Photo by: Prism Photography




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