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Studio North:该项目位于卡尔加里上皇家山(Upper Mount Royal)富人社区,它通过融合自然景观与人工景观,化解了车库与庭院之间的巨大冲突。

Studio North:In the developed neighbourhood of Upper Mount Royal, the Garden Garage addresses a typical conflict between yard and garage by hybridizing these typologies into two intersecting landscapes.



由于住宅中有一块未被充分利用的场地,且拥有良好的阳光照射和一条通道,因此客户邀请设计团队Studio North在这里创建一座建筑,以加强后院和车道的功能。新的车库和棚顶使车道和后院在平面上重合,并最终强化了两者的功能。

With an underused corner of their property that had excellent sun exposure and site access, the client approached Studio North with a request to create a building that enhanced both the backyard and driveway uses. The new garage and shed roof allow the two planes of the driveway and the backyard to coincide and ultimately enhance both programs.




Above, a green roof and terraced planting extends the natural topography of the backyard into an elevated plane of natural vegetation, perfectly curating a view from the backyard over the surrounding neighbourhood to the tree canopy and sky. This roof serves as a natural attractor for bees and other life to flourish with its host of resilient native vegetation and south-facing orientation.




Careful drainage details on the roof include custom perforated scuppers at its edge to send excess water down into the adjacent planters below, which themselves have integrated drainage holes that allow for even nourishment as the water cascades down. These corten planters are carefully massed with solid and open blocks that create levels for seating and for stair access up to the roof for maintenance.




Below, a garage for the client’s collector car features elevated rough finishes and ample natural light to create a habitable work and storage space. The datum of the topography outside carries inside with a horizontal material break between the steel bottom and fir ply top. Here, the steel base provides a resilient impact-resistant base condition to withstand heavy duty work activity and the fir provides light reflection and airiness.




On the exterior front elevation, the garage’s material palette adopts a single black tone in shou sugi ban charred wood siding to contrast it from the landscape. This monolithic quality is punctuated only by the steel entry gate, which features a custom parametric laser-cut perforation pattern inspired by the vegetation beyond.




Together, the collision of material and texture between the garden and the garage meets to create a juxtaposition of softness and robustness. The rough and sharp-edged industrial palette of corten steel, charred wood, and rough fir plywood plays to the client’s interests in cars and mechanics for a personalized garage space. Meanwhile, the greenery above becomes a countering palette of soft and delicate plant and animal life to enhance the feeling of natural immersion and escape from the surrounding city.





项目名称:Garden Garage
项目地点:加拿大 阿尔伯塔 卡尔加里

设计工作室:Studio North
公司地址:915 9 Avenue SE Calgary,Alberta
首席设计师:Matthew Kennedy、Hayden Pattullo

图片来源:Hayden Pattullo / Damon Hayes Couture

Project Name: Garden Garage
Completion Year: 2020
Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 700 sq ft
Project Location: Calgary, Alberta
Program / Use / Building Function: Garage/Habitable Roof

Office Name: Studio North
Office Website: www.studionorth.ca
Social Media Accounts: instagram.com/studio_north / linkedin.com/company/studio-north-inc / youtube.com/@studio_north
Contact email: hayden@studionorth.ca
Firm Location: 915 9 Avenue SE Calgary, Alberta
Lead Architects: Matthew Kennedy, Hayden Pattullo
Lead Architects e-mail: matt@studionorth.ca, hayden@studionorth.ca

Photo Credits: Hayden Pattullo / Damon Hayes Couture
Photographer’s Website: haptic-patina.com / studionorth.ca
Photographer’s e-mail: hayden@studionorth.ca / Damon@studionorth.ca
Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEVyZ_ct9Tk



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