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蓝调国际:项目总是带着各种际遇 ,思考解决前行的困难 。[ 山 ] 是一种自然的场所 ,[ 水 ] 是生活的转换 ,有山有水 才是一种完整的生活方式。

BLUES: Projects always bring various opportunities , Thinking about solving the difficulties of moving forward. [Mountain] is a natural place , Water is a transformation of life, Having mountains and water is a complete way of life.



# 寻找都市生态与发展的平衡 Seek the balance between urban ecology and development

生态都市主义- 功能与美的结合,詹姆斯·科纳对城市与景观不应该分离讨论,不应过度重视景观生态性而忽略城市生活,当代的景观设计应该具有更强的包容力,景观绝不仅是关于自然的,人和社会在其中有着同样的位置,我们不仅仅是建造或者重建自然环境,同时也为人类建造文化环境。


Ecological Urbanism – The Integration of Function and Beauty, James Corner argues against the separation of city and landscape, emphasizing the importance of urban life in addition to ecological considerations, Contemporary landscape design should have greater inclusivity. recognizing that landscapes are not solely about nature, but that people and society also have a place within them, We are not just building or rebuilding natural environments, but also creating cultural environments for humanity.

Therefore, we seek a balance between ecological concerns and urban development, promoting a harmonious coexistence between people and nature.


▽James Corner 詹姆斯·科纳,景观都市理论,国际知名风景园林师,美国注册风景园林师


韧性景观探索之路 The path to resilience landscape exploration


How to find the balance between urban space and natural ecology?


# 城市底色的持续与延续 The continuance and continuation of urban background color

01 冰雪底色 ECOLOGY

高寒高纬-经度: 126.649,纬度: 45.7919

气候赠与最美的设计是自然的装扮,设计是历久弥新,每个季节的美丽,不同时间精彩的瞬间,设计化繁从简,让自然来赋予更多的可能性,是当下或未来最为可贵的特质 ……..

Climate gift The most beautiful design is natural attire, Design is timeless and timeless, The beauty of every season, Exciting moments at different times, Simplify and simplify design, Let nature endow more possibilities, Is the most valuable trait of the present or future……..


▽项目鸟瞰 Aerial view



On the banks of Ice City, This natural sense of protection, Providing comfort, tolerance, and warmth, The space created by lake water, bright moon, and swimming fish constantly flows and evolves, Creating a free and warm artistic environment.




Winter in high-altitude and high-latitude regions, Create a unique winter landscape,Showcasing beautiful scenery different from the seasons,Provide a warm and comfortable resting place for people,Presenting an extraordinary beauty.



# 场所精神的传承和延续 The inheritance and continuation of the place spirit

02 场景叙事 ECOLOGY


Becoming a natural pleasure without bothering the work of personnel, We hope to use the original ecological forest as the foundation, Let the landscape grow freely in the forest, Allow people to move freely in the forest, Eliminating the boundary between architecture, landscape, art, and environmentalism, Creating an immersive landscape, Becoming a natural pleasure without bothering the work of personnel, We hope to use the original ecological forest as the foundation, Let the landscape grow freely in the forest, Allow people to move freely in the forest, Eliminating the boundary between architecture, landscape, art, and environmentalism, Creating an immersive landscape.


▽场地景观动图 Site landscape GIF

▽局部鸟瞰 Aerial view


大树记忆 Tree memory


When I first met the venue,What catches our eyes is this dense forest, 103 native trees, Born by the water, This tree has also become the starting point for site thinking.


▽草图手稿 draft

▽初见场地原状 See the original state of the site



Native large trees, Adapt to nature, Preserve the original 103 large trees, Adapt the landscape, Quiet and elegant.


▽草图手稿 draft

▽入口空间 Entrance space



Hidden in urban valleys


▽草图手稿 draft

▽实景呈现 Real scene presentation


▽草图手稿 draft

▽实景呈现 Real scene presentation


▽草图手稿 draft

▽实景呈现 Real scene presentation

▽草图手稿 draft

▽实景呈现 Real scene presentation



We intervene with low intervention,Emphasize the exploration of place spirit and the,preservation of local culture,Using restrained design techniques,Preserve and transform the most vivid memories of the venue.



湖泊守望 Lake watch


A “lake” dug out by digging sand, Fully respect and preserve the ecological foundation of the land, Preserve the original plant community on both banks, Restore and connect the ecological corridor of the city.


▽草图手稿 draft

▽初识-湖与林的陪伴 First Sight – The company of lake and forest

▽城市的开发-湖体缩减,植被破坏,驳岸生态破 Urban development – lake body shrinking, vegetation destruction, revetment ecology broken

▽共生-构建了“自然-人”和谐共生 Symbiosis – Constructs the harmonious symbiosis of “nature and man”



A beautiful arc emanating from the wave center, Artifacts that blend seamlessly with the waterfront, Make nature the subject, Reshaping the Harmonious Relationship between Man and Nature.


▽与场地自然相呼应共生的建筑/景观 Symbiotic architecture/landscape in response to the nature of the site



Listening to Water Language, Narrowing the distance from the lake, Enhance natural interaction with the lake. The former lakeside was not close to water, Design and repair of revetment
Hydrophilic platform, plank road, planting aquatic plant, Allowing people to perceive the agility of water up close, Building a natural science popularization water corridor, Recognizing the diversity of organisms and documenting their lives in the lake.


▽草图手稿 draft


# 滨水空间赋予的惊喜 Surprise given by waterfront space


Walking with nature, The covered bridge is like a ribbon, Exploring the winding path leading to the secluded place, Strolling on the trestle, Mist shrouded in white gauze, floating softly in the air
Forming multiple relationships, Integrate urban life and ecosystem organically.


▽廊桥景观动图 Gallery bridge landscape GIF

▽宛如一条飘带 Like a ribbon



Set up a music hall, Enable art enthusiasts to hold community concerts surrounded by a 360 ° lake view, Complete the rhythm of the integration of humans and nature, Provide unique natural sites for citizens.


▽场地景观动图 Site landscape GIF

▽效果图 Effect drawing

▽实景图 Real picture


# 滨水空间塑造多元化体验 The waterfront space creates a diversified experience


Art Exhibition Hall, Dancing with Nature and Art. Integrate the lake view with the pool through clever vertical design, Reflecting the four season beauty of the park, Recording people’s stories……


▽艺术展厅 Art Exhibition Hall

▽极致的细节处理 Extreme detail handling



Natural Healing Life, Design to transmit natural temperature, Yunhu is not just a simple pursuit of natural beauty, More demanding to endow more social functions, Building a diverse life scene.


▽景观塑造多元的生活场景 Landscape shapes diverse living scenes


# 艺术参数塑造弹性空间 Art parameters shape elastic Spaces

03 大地梦境 ECOLOGY

参数化-为未来而设计  Parameterization – Design for the future


The beauty of technology brings dramatic tension to the primitive ecology, Mining through the functionality and capacity of the scene itself, Make it generate different scenarios at different time periods, Integrating functions and scenes, polishing details, Introduced multiple digital related technologies, Complete the design tasks of relevant links with quality and quantity assurance, Strive to perfectly implement the original design intention, Reduce the gradual attenuation of original content during the landing process, Concentrate on creating deeper value.


▽参数化设计入口空间 Parametric design

▽参数化设计廊桥空间 Parametric design


# 匠心工艺赋予作品不凡品质 The craftsmanship gives the works extraordinary quality

04 匠心造物 The creation of ingenuity

精湛之技,精细之质,多专业设计合力 Exquisite technology, fine quality, multi – professional design

土建 Civil construction


1. The park road runway adopts a new type of self, textured anti slip pavement material: the surface is more wear-resistant, aesthetically pleasing, and does not shed particles, with bright colors, aging resistance, wear resistance, anti slip, and other characteristics. Special mechanical spraying is used, making construction easy to operate, shortening construction time, and reducing engineering costs.


▽园路施工过程 Construction process



Numerical control deduction of hyperboloid aluminum plate on the top of the gate, Processing difficulty, cost control, frost heave damage, to determine the triangular aluminum plate, triangular shape, parameter control shape, let thin clouds falling to the earth.


▽设计推演分析 Design deduction analysis

▽施工过程 Construction process


结构 structure



The site is seasonally frozen soil, The standard freezing depth is 2.00m, The treatment method of foundation and foundation used in the project, Replacement method – using non frozen expansive materials such as medium sand, coarse sand, pebbles, etc. to replace frozen expansive soil within a certain range around the foundation Avoiding tangential freeze-thaw force acting on the foundation.

Use sand filling on the base side to prevent tangential frost heave force, But it only applies above the groundwater level, If the filled sand reaches saturation and has too much mud content, During freezing, the soil solidly freezes together with the surrounding area of the foundation, resulting in a higher freezing strength and loss of effectiveness, During construction, it is necessary to ensure that the width of soil replacement is not less than the, width of the foundation slab, Ensure safety and reliability.


▽施工过程 Construction process


植物 plant





1. Consider sustainability

In cold climates, Consider the adaptability and cold tolerance of plants, Suitable for local climate
, Plants with soil conditions, Ensure the sustainability and aesthetics of the landscape.

2. Preserve important native trees on site

Reduce the adverse impact of the construction process on the growth of large trees.



# 构建湖居水岸生活蓝图 The blueprint for constructing lake dwelling and waterfront life

05 大盘思维 ECOLOGY

以点带面 The point with the surface



Future oriented urban areas, Gathering scarce ecological resources, Diversified humanistic values and lifestyles, Resilient elastic space.





Taking advantage of the natural Lin Ze’s momentum, Integrating artw and life into it
suit one’s measures to local conditions, Take a walk in various public activity spaces, In a natural curve, Soft form, Connecting Nature and the City
Building a contemporary, ecological, diverse and multidimensional life scene, Linking City and Life, Memory and Future, Dancing with Nature
Forming multiple relationships, Integrate urban life and ecosystem organically.



设计团队:蔡云聪、陶懿、龚柯、叶凡 、高天川、周增林、李霞、周家豪、吴化冰、陈俊、陈涛、付超、王强

Project name: Harbin Cloud Lake Park
Completed year: 2022.05
Project area: 83,300 square meters
Project location: 40 meters south of Changjiang Road, Daowai District, Harbin, Heilongjiang
Design Company: BLUES
Company website: http://www.cqlandiao.com/
Chief designer: Zhang Yong, Ren Gang, Li Ke
Design team: CAI Yuncong, Tao Yi, Gong Ke, Ye Fan, Gao Tianchuan, Zhou Zenglin, Li Xia, Zhou Jiahao, Wu Huabing, Chen Jun, Chen Tao, Fu Chao, Wang Qiang
Client: Harbin Binjiang Real Estate Development Co., LTD
Architectural Design: Shanghai Dafter Architectural Design Office
Interior hardware design unit: Dawei Interior Design (Beijing) Co., LTD
Interior soft decoration design: Yuanhe Daqian
Steel structure design unit: Chongqing Desayin Construction Engineering Design Co., LTD
Children’s equipment deepening unit: Jigao Group
Construction unit: Heilongjiang Jinke Construction Engineering Co., LTD
Steel structure construction unit: Harbin Datong Steel Structure Co., LTD
Photography is by DID STUDIO




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