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FANCY IMAGES is a professional organization specialized in architecture, space and landscape photography. Its main creators are all excellent commercial photo photographers. They are good at finding solutions from a design perspective. They have unique views on architecture composition, architectural environment, architectural light and shadow, and the relationship between architecture and people. They combine commercial photography with photography art and finally display them in the form of images. His works have helped many well-known real estate enterprises and design units across the country to win many domestic design awards.


Team Member


Kun Zhang

Founder of Fancy Images, Architectural photographer, vision china's top 10 creative photographers in 2016, Ctrip's best contract photographer in 2017, United States gettyimages' contract photographer, Xiaomi Mobile Phone and Suzhou Tourism Bureau's cooperation photographer.

Chong Chen

Fancy Images partner, architectural photographer, American photography agency gettyimages contract photographer.

Frank Lee

Fancy Images partner, a construction photographer, a vision china contract photographer, a gettyimages contract photographer, Heluo creative contract photographer, and a special photographer for the 2017 Suzhou World Urban Summit.

James Young

Architectural Photographer, Photographer Signed by gettyimages Pictures of the United States, Bronze Award of 2017 China Commercial Photography Competition (Gold and Jade Medal), First Prize of Architecture at 2017 Jingdong Photography Awards.

Kan Wang

Architectural photographer, contracted photographer of vision China, contracted photographer of gettyimages USA.


Address: Second floor, Jingulian Art Museum, Shilinshi Lane, gusu district City, Suzhou City