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Daily tous les jours 推出的 River Lines 艺术作品将安大略省剑桥市的一个公共广场变成了一个大型即兴音乐合奏的互动舞台。

Daily tous les jours unveils River Lines, turning a public plaza of Cambridge, Ontario, into an interactive stage for big impromptu musical ensembles.


© doublespace photography
© doublespace photography


位于蒙特利尔的工作室 Daily tous les jours 推出了其音乐人行道系列中最宏伟的作品——River Lines,这是一个互动式的波浪图案路面,上面嵌有 62 个感应灯环,让人们通过音乐合作练习舞动起来。

通过与当地社区和 HIP 开发公司的研究、访谈和参与式研讨会,该艺术作品对该场地的历史性质做出了回应,是投资公共领域对于重新想象和激活场所以及鼓励集体互动至关重要的典范。

Montréal-based studio Daily tous les jours’ presents the most ambitious edition of their Musical Pavement series, River Lines, an interactive, wave-patterned pavement embedded with 62 sensing light rings to get people moving through musical collaboration exercises.

Developed through research, interviews and engagement workshops with the local community and developer HIP, the artwork is a response to the historical nature of the site and is an exemplar of how investment in the public realm is essential to reimagine and activate places and encourage collective interactions.


© doublespace photography
© doublespace photography


人行道下的河流 Under the pavement, the river

River Lines 将城市的注意力重新转移到长期被忽视的滨水区、其设计和乐谱上,突出了一个多世纪以来,这条河流如何成为社区生活节奏的中心。

River Lines shifts the city’s attention back to its long-neglected waterfront, its design, and musical score highlighting how for more than a century the river has been central to the rhythms of community life.


© doublespace photography
© doublespace photography
© doublespace photography


互动 Interaction


一块俯瞰 River Lines 的大屏幕将演奏者的动作绘制在动画地图上,可供所有人观看。

Place your foot or wheel on a light ring to play a note. With different instrument sections (kalimba, piano, guitar, kora, harp, violin) assigned to positions across the pavement’s surface, players connect the dots to create arpeggiated clusters of notes that harmonize along with the playing of others to create one rich tapestry of music.

A large screen overlooking River Lines plots the players’ movements on an animated map for everyone watching.


© doublespace photography
© doublespace photography


定制音响系统 Bespoke Sound System

音乐像魔法一样从地面散发出来。12 块内部定制的音频地砖与路面图案融为一体,作为 Daily tous les jours 创作的“音乐路面”系列之一,它的设计可抵御户外环境 并适合永久安装,同时其形式和纹理也可以根据不同版本的叙述进行调整。

Music emanates from the ground as if by magic. Twelve in-house tailored audio tiles have no visible hardware and blend into the pavement pattern. Their design is created for Daily tous les jours’ Musical Pavement series, with a design that resists outdoor conditions and is suitable for permanent installation. Form and texture are adapted to fit the narrative of each edition.


© doublespace photography
© doublespace photography


关于 Gaslight District About the Gaslight District

River Lines 是 HIP 开发公司委托 Daily tous les jours 为 Gaslight District 购物中心创作的两件作品之一,也是其 “欢乐实验”愿景的一部分,旨在通过游戏和互动促进社区发展。

River Lines is one of two Daily tous les jours pieces commissioned for the Gaslight District by HIP Developments, as part of their vision for “Joy Experiments”—interventions designed to foster community through play.


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Gaslight District 是一个多功能开发项目,建在 19 世纪的铸造厂遗址上,当时该地区被称为“加拿大的曼彻斯特”。如今,该地区的产业更偏向于高科技,主要包括机器人和卫星等技术制造业,同时也是加拿大先进科学研究机构滑铁卢大学的所在地。

Gaslight District 开发商、HIP 开发公司总裁 Scott Higgins 表示:“Hello, Hello 和 River Lines 利用音乐、灯光和想象力,在 Gaslight Distric 的振兴和复兴中发挥了不可或缺的作用,将 Gaslight Distric 变成了城市居民社交和娱乐的场所。城市最重要的工作之一就是促进市民之间的欢乐和联系,而 Daily tous les jours 则以一种全新的实验性方式来创造这些共享欢乐的时刻,将陌生人聚集在一起,让他们不再那么陌生。”

The Gaslight District is a mixed-use development built on the site of a 19th century foundry, when the region was known as “the Manchester of Canada.” Today the region’s industry leans more high tech, with manufacturing in technologies like robotics and satellites, while also being home to the University of Waterloo, one of Canada’s leading institutions for advanced scientific research.

Scott Higgins, President of HIP Developments, and developer of the Gaslight District said: “Using music, light and imagination, Hello, Hello and River Lines play an integral role in the revitalisation and revival of the district, transforming it into a place of social interaction and play for urban dwellers. One of the most important jobs of a city is to facilitate joy and connection between its citizens, and Daily tous les jours have a fresh and experimental approach to creating these moments of shared joy that bring strangers together, and make them a little less strange.”


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项目名称:Orchestral maneuvers in the square
项目地点:加拿大 剑桥
设计公司:Daily tous les jours
联系方式:Lili Shawwah, hello@dailytlj.com
摄影师:doublespace photography

Project name: Orchestral maneuvers in the square
Project location: Cambridge, Canada
Design company: Daily tous les jours
Contact information: Lili Shawwah, hello@dailytlj.com
Company Website: https://www.dailytouslesjours.com/en
Photographer: doublespace photography




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