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MIND STUDIO: Leisurely, romantic and unique sightseeing, this is Hushan Yi Village, which is located beside the pearl of Guizhou Plateau — Riza Resort. Surrounded by green hills, the former fishing village is now a resort hotel where you can spend leisure time with friends and family.



项目作为Mind studio刚建成的新作,正是在十九大提出我国乡村要 全面实现“产业兴旺、生态宜居、乡风文明、治理有效、生活富裕”的振兴战略大背景下,依托了贵阳市清镇市国家级乡村振兴农旅一体化示范项目开展建设。其任务一方面是规划以高原喀斯特湖泊为主体,兼有田园风光,少数民族风情,以水源保护和生态保育功能为主的国家级风景名胜区,另一方面是为当地村寨打造民宿旅游项目的改造范本。

As a new project just completed by Mind Studio, under the background of the revitalization strategy proposed by the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) that China’s rural areas should fully realize “thriving industry, livable ecology, civilized local culture, effective governance, and rich life”, the project is carried out on the National Demonstration Project of Rural revitalization in Qingzhen, Guiyang. On the one hand, it sets a national scenic area with plateau karst lake as the main body, with pastoral scenery and ethnic customs, water source protection, and ecological conservation as the main function; on the other hand, it creates a model for the transformation of homestays tourism projects for local villages.


▼区位分析 District Analysis



Adhering to the ground and the design concept of time, the entire site has followed the original fishing village of white base, with concise and simple design, it has used round curve and arches, accompanying the clear water and blue sky, it has built a relaxed, leisurely and comfortable holiday atmosphere, integrated the organic combination of modernism and the original village construction, thus reshaping the artistic breadth, tolerance and open dialogue fishing village life of the times.


▼项目以原有白色渔村为基底 The project is based on the original white fishing village



do nothing or absolutely everyting, A tree, a lake, a village for a night, Allow you immersed in the time of peace and freedom……, do nothing or absolutely everyting.


▼项目鸟瞰 Project bird’s eye view


场地概况 Site Profile


The site of the first phase is Dachong Village, which has formed an overall pattern of Yi village surrounded by mountains and rivers and inlaid with forests and fields, with a beautiful natural environment. There are 10 buildings with original residents involved in the renovation, the space is broken and narrow, along with complex height differences inside, and weak accessibility due to the scattered location of the original self-built dwellings in the village. Meanwhile, the external municipal road is close to the project, resulting in serious traffic noise and great interference from the peripheral interface. These unfavorable factors have posed great challenges to the remodeling and combing of spatial order in design.


▼现状分析 Situation Analysis


设计策略 Design strategy



On the one hand, the accessibility of the moving line is improved by removing unreasonable construction and walls and increasing external can tilting channels. In addition, the design along the boundary of municipal roads adopts partial double-deck landscape walls and tall green plants to weaken external interference and ensure the secrecy of the internal space. Besides, the functional attributes of the building have been redefined following the operational requirements of the hotel, which have created eight courtyard spaces with unique experiences. The new space scene was named after the names of the trees and spatial features. Magnolia 【 ꒄ ꇂ ꁬ 】, Yuzhang 【 ꒄ ꌙ 】, Dream [ꀄ ꂼ ꂻ 】, Light [ꉅ ꁨ ꑭ 】, Sakura 【 ꆳ ꃰ 】, Walnut 【 ꌧ ꃰ 】, Docking 【 ꇉ ꄻ ꇉ 】, Sightseeing 【 ꉜ ꃛ ꎾ ꃝ 】

The Guide system has integrated with the local ethnic characters as the continuation of time. Minimalist style conveys the idea that less is more beautiful.


▼总平面图 Plan

▼空间分析 Space Analysis




Magnolia garden: The entrance is hidden under the original magnolia forest, guiding into a new world through the arc gallery, and opening a unique holiday time with the tranquility of returning to nature.


▼酒店入口 Hotel entrance

▼入口夜景 Entrance night view



Camphor garden: The hotel LOBBY retains the original camphor tree and provides comfortable outdoor shade with the corridor frame. The steady and simple aura of camphor opens the peaceful and quiet atmosphere of the whole space.


▼酒店大堂 Hotel lobby

▼廊架结合保留的原生香樟营造的室外休闲氛围 The outdoor leisure atmosphere created by the corridor frame combined with the preserved native camphor

▼光影下的舒适空间 Comfortable space under light and shadow


▼静谧的夜景氛围 Quiet night scene atmosphere

▼场地是沉静的休闲空间也是拍照的取景地 The venue is a quiet leisure space and also a shooting location



Dream garden: The mirror pool in the courtyard provides guests with a quiet and secret space. The reflection constantly changes with the line of sight and footsteps, and the thoughts at a certain moment seem to extend freely between heaven and earth.


▼庭院入口 Courtyard entrance

▼庭院设计大面积的镜面水景 Large area of mirrored water features in courtyard design

▼水景一侧是与场地相呼应的拱形景墙 One side of the waterscape is an arched scenery wall that echoes the site


▼水面的球体雕塑形成视觉焦点 The concise sphere sculpture forms the visual focus


▼整体以简洁的直线勾勒 The whole is outlined in a simple straight line

▼静谧的庭院空间夜景 Quiet courtyard space night view

▼以暖黄色系灯光烘托氛围 Use warm yellow lights to enhance the atmosphere



Light garden: Wisteria and arc doors have outlined the light and shadow. As the original memory of the existence, wisteria expresses the love for the land with magnificent bloom once a year.


▼以景墙、草坪和装植物为主的拾光空间 A light-collecting space dominated by scenery walls, lawns and plants


▼随着台阶划分的草阶 Grass steps divided by steps

▼不同的铺装样式 Different paving styles

▼婆娑的紫藤光影 Wistful wisteria light and shadow


▼夕阳下的美好景象 A beautiful scene in the sunset

▼连续的弧门勾勒光影的轮廓 The continuous arc gate outlines the light and shadow

▼傍晚呈现的景象 The scene in the evening



Sakura garden: Two cherry trees standing in the courtyard, years of precipitation and growth not only offer shelter, but also have a beautiful scene of sakura in spring.


▼以原生樱花树为主题的院落 Courtyard with the theme of native cherry trees

▼樱花树下的休闲木平台 Leisure wooden platform under the cherry tree



Walnut garden: The reflection of the tree shadow on the glass and the sky and distant mountains constitute a beautiful composition when it comes swaying with the wind.


▼以胡桃树为主题的院落 Courtyard with walnut trees as the theme



Docking garden: recycled wooden boats tell the story of the former fishing village. The landscape leads the sight with curved bar and self-service coffee machine for the pleasant time.


▼旧木船的利用 Utilization of old wooden boats

▼场地以层层递升的台地空间塑造 The site is shaped by a step-by-step platform space



Lakeside garden: Panoramic infinity transparent swimming pool, as the hotel’s public supporting unique facility, arc arch has connected the water and sky line, it not only fully considers the maximum view, letting people have the best hydrophilic lake view, at the same time, it provides the best activity place linkage from guest rooms, restaurants to poolside leisure gathering area.


▼无边界的透明泳池是酒店的最佳观湖空间 The borderless transparent swimming pool is the best lake view space in the hotel

▼弧形拱门与孤树形成一道风景线 The curved arch and the lone tree form a landscape

▼透明泳池与湖面连成一片 The transparent swimming pool is connected with the lake



Reimagining a new age village community, hotel Rizzarino speaks to past and present in full of rustic and modern rituals.






项目名称:红枫湖Riza Resort景观设计
设计方: Mind Studio 迈德景观

Project name: Riza Resort Landscape design
Location: Riza Resort, Qingzhen City
Project area: 6663 square meters
Design: Mind Studio
Leader design: Jiang Jun, Yang Xiue, You Nanfei
Design team: Deng Tinghuan, Tian Hanhan, Liu Xin, Feng Wanhong, Zhou Esther, Han Yan, Li Lanlan, Ren Rui, Chen Wei, Jiang Jiayong, Chen Hongsheng, Wang Yu, Yang Fengmeng, Yang Ya.
Design period: December 2020 ~ January 2021
Completion period: March 2021 ~ the end of August 2021
Owner: Guizhou Guangda Urban Development Construction Investment Co., LTD
Project cost: 7 million yuan
Photography is by MindStudio
Landscape construction unit: Guizhou Greenway Landscape Design Engineering Co., LTD



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