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SHUISHI: Interaction between Art and Science & Technology. Showing Great Care in Details, and Letting You Feel a Warm-hearted Design.



社交·从室内到室外 Social Intercourse — from Indoors to Outdoors



The rapid upgrading of modern ways of social contact has made people’s emotional connections gradually hidden in the virtual network, and what is revealed behind is the indifference between community neighborhoods. In re-modeling the physical communication space and building a community with a sense of belonging, perhaps the first thing we need to do is to guide people out of the room.

The project is divided into two sections. The front section uses a pure mirrored waterscape, while the rear section is a living landscape space that directs people from indoors to outdoors.The design has fully considered people’s behavioral movements, and at the same time, we have blended simple and pure aesthetic feelings into it, reshaping the smart future community landscape.


▼总平面图  Master Plan



The elegant and flexible line style, simple and pure color language, rhythmic composition, combination between modern technology and classical aesthetics, and ancient rhyme with present-day interest, have been consolidated to create a refined, simple and flowing landscape space.



 Longing — The Halo of Time


The light path extending in the water will open the mirrored waterscape with a reflection of the stars, leading to the semi-open inner court space, as if the halo of time from the outer space is hanging in the arc-shaped inner court.




Reality and illusion, time and space, are intertwined here, forming a futuristic front space in the exhibition area, showing the romantic beauty of technology.



 Exploration — The Space-Time Bridge


Life is a longing for the future, and there are infinite possibilities. Technology makes landscapes interesting, interactive, and also creates rich spatial changes.



振奋·艺术展廊 Excitement — Art Gallery


The gallery bridge extends from the building and leads to a smooth frame space through extruding, layering and penetrating. The charm of water is so great, with the moving shadow of the fence.




In the summer, any flow of the air is pleasant. The space design of the gallery bridge has formed an excellent ventilation corridor that uses the principle of air flow cooling to create the simplest form of ventilation.


▼廊道通风分析 The gallery bridge ventilation analysis


▼植被绿化能使局部地区气温降低3-5℃ Vegetation can reduce the temperature by 3-5℃


▼通风廊道实景  The gallery bridge


迷幻 · 童心乐谷
 Psychedelic — Happy Valley of Childhood Interest

空间设计的灵感来源于对天空的情感,参数化设计的“天空”构架高低错落,变化中,阳光透过网格洒在地面,锁出斑驳的光线,孩子在“天空”下玩耍,生活就可以在“天空” 下生长。

The space design is inspired by human emotions for the sky. The parametric design of the “sky” is characterized by a structure with random changes. In the changes, the sun shines through the grid onto the ground, and the mottled light is retained. Children will play under the “sky”, and life can grow under the “sky”.




The well-designed winding path is like the shape of white cloud, which has outlined the beautiful streamlines of the venue. The combination of colorful plants and beautiful flowing lines, with a striking contrast between the soft and the hard, strewn upon each other, enables the entire landscape space to flow naturally.



奔跑,跳跃,嬉戏,孩子们在此度过了每一个闲暇的时光。在这里, 挥洒汗水,释放欢乐,追寻最纯真的童趣时光,探索这世界未知的奥秘。

Running, jumping, and playing: the children will spend every leisure moment happily here.Here, we can sprinkle our sweat, release our joy, pursue the most innocent childhood time, and explore the unknown mysteries of the world.



 Nostalgia – Maze of Light and Shadow


A maze of light and shadow shows the future of smart life, and the interactive landscape design integrates people, nature, landscape and technology into one, to achieve a seamless connection between virtual and reality, and turns it into a landscape of “poetic realization of science and technology”.




The immersive interactive experience space under the gallery bridge realizes the transformation of the concept of digital technology into a real and rich new media interactive installation.




The screen picture changes under the movement of people, and the light and shadow of time and space flow under the feet of people: a poetic and extremely changeful visual expression.







照片摄影:E.Lit 光影空间、潘爽

Project Name: Suzhou Midea Cloud Mansion
Project Scale: 13000㎡(Exhibition area)/ 64680㎡(Residential area)
Time of Completion: February 2019 (Exhibition area has been completed, and Residential area are still under construction)
Project Type: Residential
Work Contents: Landscape design/ Architectural design
Landscape Materials: White American granite, Tyco stone, stainless steel, mountain rocks
Owner: Midea Group
Design Company: SHUISHI
Design Team: Landscape DepartmentⅠ- Design SectionⅠ, Design Department Ⅱ
Construction Institution: Shanghai Jialai Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd.
Photography: E.Lit 、Shuang Pan


项目中的材料运用 Application of materials in this project


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