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零几建筑:海泰展亭(The Eddy Pavilion)是零几建筑为2023年上海赛艇公开赛设计的品牌展亭,它坐落于苏州河与黄浦江交汇处的上海北外滩,这里有着如织的人流和代表着上海百年开埠历史的万国建筑博览群。建筑师希望通过设计体现赛艇竞技比赛所爆发的能量,表现个体和集体的相互成就,致敬品牌所代表的上海建筑群体精神。在讲述品牌故事的同时,为城市市民提供发现上海崭新的视角。

Atelier Zeros:The Eddy Pavilion was designed by Atelier Zeros for the 2023 Head of Shanghai River Regatta and the HiTIME estate. Located at the intersection of the Suzhou River and the Huangpu River on the northern Bund of Shanghai, the Pavilion enjoys a bustling crowd and the backdrop of historic architectures. The architects aim to embody the energy unleashed in rowing competitions through their design, showcasing the mutual achievements of individuals and collectives while paying tribute to the collective spirit of Shanghai’s architectural community represented by the brand. Simultaneously narrating the brand’s story, they offer urban citizens a fresh perspective to discover Shanghai.


▽展亭坐落于北外滩滨江 Pavilion on the Bund


▽展亭视觉通廊 Visual Passages


▽展亭与街道的关系 The Pavilion and The Roads




In rowing races, the oars strike the water, forming eddies that gradually dissipate and then give rise to new eddies. The interaction between athletes’ movements and nature at this micro level serves as the inspiration for the design of the pavilion. The architects utilized computer algorithms to generate three Möbius strips, forming the structure of the Pavilion. Each Möbius strip represents the individual power of athletes striving for excellence, while the three Möbius strips interact as a whole, symbolizing the interconnectedness. Together, they give birth to an abstract whirlpool, creating an artificial nature along the Suzhou River bank.


▽概念 The Concept

©Atelier Zeros

▽参考意向 艺术家安尼施·卡普尔的装置作品 版权2017 ANISH KAPOOR


▽模型动图 gif

▽展亭顶视图 Top View




From bottom to top, a whirlpools forms, supporting the pavilion while shaping a unique circular visual passage. Throughout the two-day exhibition, the open boundaries of the pavilion and its warm orange hues continuously invite crowds to enter and stroll beneath the pavilion, offering a unique experience of observing urban architecture, streets, waterways, and the intense rowing competitions taking place on the water surface.


▽海泰展亭 The Eddy Pavilion




Technically, the edges of the Mobius strips are deepened into a curved steel pipe that is subjected to bending, shearing, and torsional forces. After segmentation, these pipes are CNC bent and connected by flanges. The non-linearly designed tensile membrane is unfolded into a plane and processed in the factory, before being tied to the steel pipes on-site. The tension cables, steel pipes, and tensile membrane form a self-balancing structure together, while the steel base ensures that the temporary pavilion can be detached from the ground.


▽展亭鸟瞰 Birdeye View


▽展亭施工中 Construction in Process

©Atelier Zeros
©Atelier Zeros


Translucent but water-proofed tensile membranes create a warm orange cover, which not only matches the brand color, but also resonates with the intense atmosphere of the rowing race. As there are only one and a half days given for on-site construction, all the modules are prefabricated in the factory and assembled on-site. After the race, the entire pavilion can be disassembled, and get ready for repeated assembly and use.


▽分版图 Panelling

©Atelier Zeros

▽轴测图 Axon

©Atelier Zeros



项目名称:“橙色漩涡” 上海赛艇公开赛· 海泰展亭
建筑设计:Atelier Zeros零几建筑事务所
灯光顾问:Lumia Lab麓米照明设计

Name: The Eddy Pavilion· 2023 Head of Shanghai River Regatta
Architecture: Atelier Zeros
Design team: Lin Yilin, Zheng Yupeng, Yang Lu, Han Cancan
Structural Consultant: XinY Engineering Consultant
Lighting Consultant: Lumia Lab
Client: Hitime
Location: North Bund, Shanghai, China
Total Area: 90㎡
Construction Team: Shanghai Taiyo Kogyo Co. Ltd
Design Time: Aug.16, 2023 – Aug.31,  2023
Construction Time: Sept.1, 2023 – Sept.15, 2023
Photography: Zhu Qingyan




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