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丸斯设计: “建筑的历史就是为光而奋斗的历史”——勒·柯布西耶

Ones Design: “The history of architecture is the history of the struggle for light” – Le Corbusier




1.脆弱与力量 Fragility and power

· 营造虚无的至简的和神秘的美学氛围 · To create a void of minimal and mysterious aesthetics under limited conditions


ET exquisite tile locate its headquarters in Chinese ceramics Foshan, where the most professional ceramic industry in China is concentrated, with a total area of over 30,000 square meters, covering the most famous Chinese ceramic brands. Our showroom is located in one of these bases, covering an area of 300 square meters, with a floor space of 600 square meters.


▽建筑外观 Architectural appearance


▽入口空间 The entrance space


▽营造虚无的至简的和神秘的美学氛围 Create nothingness of the most simple and mysterious aesthetic atmosphere



· 取/舍 ·Leave & Save


In order to have a stand-alone spiritual showroom, the owner decided to give up a larger indoor exhibition area. The construction of a brand new showroom, an integrated expression from architecture to interior space, also led the designer to try to explore the collaboration of “emptiness” and natural “light” in Eastern philosophy to create a real, natural and powerful spiritual field.




2.光之美术馆  Museum of Light

“那明黄色的光,是一抬头的奇迹。””The bright yellow light is a miracle when you look up.”





The designer created a cavity generated by the building into an art gallery in the exhibition hall, and the exhibits of this gallery are only one thing – “light”, so it is named the Museum of Light.


▽轴测图 Axonometric drawing




The Museum of Light is formed by the earth’s crust, the “realest” soil, and the only exhibits that can be displayed are the gifts of nature, endless and endless.



3.堡垒 Fortress

“能撑起一个的,就能撑起所有。””What can hold up one, can hold up all.”

· 以小制大,庞大建筑群中的独立堡垒 · Small is big, a separate fortress in a huge complex


The initial survey found that the base was surrounded and squeezed by three huge exhibition halls, the oppressive feeling was suffocating. Faced with the disparity in volume, Marus Design’s lead designer, Li Mingshuai, decided to use an independent fortress closed on all sides as a strong and powerful position to cope with the force of the surrounding buildings and dissipate the oppressive feeling of the surrounding buildings.





The quiet environment is more conducive to the flow of consciousness, and the designer uses native and wild techniques to create the exterior of the building, which narrates the brand’s pursuit of “natural, simple and real” quality of products, waiting for the audience to explore and decipher.



4.光 Light

“万物皆有裂痕,那是光照进来的地方。””Everything has a crack, that is where the light shines in.”

· 用裂痕引入天光 ·Using cracks to bring in the light of the sky 





The designers decided to use the cracks created during the extrusion of the blocks to create a new space as a response to the building’s external surroundings, a process of continuous division and growth that links to the never-ending cycle of life in nature.





The new space created by the cracks smoothly brings the sky light into the building, and the building and the natural light and shadows are constantly interpreting millions of changes, injecting spiritual vitality and interest into this independent fortress that is closed on all sides. When “light” is introduced, it becomes the soul of the space given by nature.





The relationship between the atrium on the first floor and the surrounding space


▽剖面图 Cross-sectional view



5.简单与变化 Simplicity and change


The designer has pre-designed the interior into a series of spaces that unfold along the axis to create a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere, allowing the limited space to be more open while having relatively independent areas.



▽咖啡与茶台 Coffee and Tea Table



▽来源于马格利特超现实主义产生的绿色咖啡馆(图源网络)The green café is derived from Magritte’s surrealism.



6.永恒 Eternity

“形式必然具有内容,内容必须与自然联系在一起。” “Form must have content, and content must be linked to nature.”


On the second floor, a circular room is set up, where light pours through a circular skylight at the top and the walls show changes in light and shadow, allowing the viewer to exist within a stable sacred space that is eternally changing.




7.延续 Continuity

· 以“光”为指引,让空间延续 ·The space is guided by “light” and continues


Through the light filtered through the windows layer by layer, at the end of the second floor of the exhibition hall, the designer has set up a light-filled terrace garden. The tiles on the terrace floor extend from the interior to the exterior, emphasizing the continuity of the space and echoing the anti-slip factor of ET products.



▽一层平面布局图 First floor plan


▽二层平面布局图 Floor plan of the second floor




设计公司 : 上海丸斯设计咨询有限公司(O.D.A.)
项目名称 : 光与质感 | E T质感砖佛山展厅
项目地址 : 广东省佛山市陶瓷总部基地总部广场A02
项目面积 : 600㎡
空间主创 : 李明帅
设计团队 : 李娟,Finn,刘辉
灯光设计 : 上海贝莹照明设计有限公司
项目摄影 : 吴鉴泉

Design Company: Shanghai Ones Design Consulting Co., LTD. (O.D.A.)
Project name: light and texture | E T texture brick foshan exhibition hall
Project address: A02, Headquarters Square, Ceramic Headquarters Base, Foshan City, Guangdong Province
Project area: 600 square meters
Director of Space: Li Mingshuai
Design team: Li Juan,Finn, Liu Hui
Lighting Design: Shanghai Beiying Lighting Design Co., LTD
Photography is by Wu Jianquan
Company website: https://onesdesign.net/
The email address is onesdesignagency@gmail.com




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