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朗道国际:继天空之城UNI LIFE生活馆在2016年底开放后,大区在2018年10月正式完成交付。作为万科首个地铁上盖商住办综合体的首发住宅产品,风格、气质和语言延续贯穿了展示区的气质调性。同时在有限的造价控制下严格把关施工质量,高度还原设计。

LANDAU: At the end of 2016, UNI Life of Vanke’s UNI CITY was open to the public. In October 2018, the residence area was delivered officially.  As Vanke’s first residential product which is a business-residence-office complex built on the subway, it has maintained the tone of the display area in terms of style, quality and language. The construction quality has been strictly controlled and the design has been also highly relived at the limited cost. 


▼下沉草坪区为社区提供轻松透气的多功能休闲场地  The eastern sunken lawn offers a relaxing multi-functional leisure site for community


▼社区入口庭院  The courtyard at the entrance


入口及南侧城市界面  Entrance and southern city interface


As the municipal-built green land, the southern city interface has been defined as a green-land street park. The space of green land linearly run through by tree, shrub and grass can provide a green visual buffer for the community and also ensure the privacy and independence of the community.




The courtyard at the entrance is designed as a sunken water courtyard whose spatial attribute is different from that of the forecourt focusing on the traffic. The quiet water courtyard with sunshine, fresh wind, small bridges and chairs can reflect a comfortable life. 


▼入口前院  Forecourt


景观空间和布局  Landscape space and layout


The residence area covers 22 thousand square meters, the area of the landscape within the red line is about 17 thousand square meters. The lot is designed into a strip-shaped garden stretching from east to west. Because of the neighboring spatial relationship between architecture and boundary, five between-residence gardens have been formed in the stretching space from south to north.  With the aid of the existing green land, the southern city interface along the street combines with the forecourt of the life hall into an L-shaped street art park. On the northern and western sides, the 15-meter riverside green land has been planned for a riverside leisure park. It can not only provide complete and comfortable residential environment but also enrich and enlarge the functional life space. 



宅间花园  The garden between buildings


The visual gallery stretching from east to west is planned while the distance between buildings is quite narrow from south to north. Therefore, the key point of the design is how to organize the traffic and functions from east to west, provide the colorful and lively spatial tempo and also ensure the far and comfortable vision.



▼健身活动场地  Fit-keeping place



The high-rise climbing surface for fire fighting can form a large hard space. How to efficiently utilize it should be given high priority. Functionally speaking, the outdoor living room can be made to separate the traffic space and the staying space. The ground material can distinguish and enrich the use experience of the hard space. At the level of space, the greening can enclose the hard space and also soften the space.




The turning section is set at the western home-returning gallery on the northern side, space outside the gallery can be stretched naturally. The architecture lighting has been considered for the gallery structure and landscape wall. After careful consideration, the light-transmitting glass roof has been adopted partially. The slice wall can also reduce or avoid the indoor oppression. 





The children’s activity area is located in the central part of the community. The community has excellent accessibility, thus reducing the disturbance of the neighbors. The sunken slice wall combines with the drawing blackboard to form an independent activity site where those children can enjoy themselves freely.


▼儿童活动区  Children’s garden


▼特色小品  The feature sculpture 


▼特色种植  Planting



总结  Conclusion


Starting from the life, it can infuse spirit into the site. Based on the major-environment planning and positioning, the project design focuses on enhancing the features of the site, creating the spatial scenarios and providing convenience and richness for the life. 




Client: Vanke group
Location: intersection of jimen road and zhuluxi road, Qingpu district, Shanghai
Designer: LANDAU
Design period: February 2016 – February 2017
Completion: September 2018
Project area: 22000㎡
Photography: Holi landscape photography

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