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创浦景观: 自然+教育+社区,探索最佳未来社区配套


T.Workshop: Nature + Education + community, explore the best future community package

The elegant curve. The three-dimensional level of the cloud. Space for natural symbiosis. The hand of urban development and the hand of ecological construction are skillfully integrated, It’s like a beautiful piece of music.




The Taizhou Mansion project, which will create a future superblock including commercial square, commercial outer street, commercial inner street and multiple urban pocket parks, is now fully open.


▽草图演绎 Sketch deduction

▽总平图 Masterplan

▽总·功能分区 Total · functional partition




We hope to use design to meet people’s real expectations for life. As early as in Vanke Corniche Land project,CHJ In City Project, Ningbo Vanke Headquarters commercial renovation project and this project, we have tested the truth and put the vision of the future super block for people to achieve a better life in front of everyone’s eyes.


▽周边界面现状 Design analysis

▽主创设计师手稿 Lead designer manuscript

▽概念 Concept

▽平面图 Ichnography

▽口袋公园-功能分区 Pocket Park – Functional zoning



From the perspective of landscape design, urban development and ecological construction are not mutually exclusive, but can complement each other and jointly promote social and economic prosperity and environmental sustainability. Only by combining the two closely through careful planning, public participation and scientific and technological innovation, and persisting in long-term stable implementation, can we build a more low-carbon, green and sustainable integration and growth of the city’s pulse.


▽项目与周边环境 Project and surrounding environment



The pocket park is the green core of the public space of the project. It is a green ribbon connecting the city. It not only provides recreational facilities in the forest, a commercial platform for holding events, and a lawn theater space, but also serves as a park for the community, providing residents with views, fitness and community great place for gatherings.


▽多功能空间口袋公园-AI动态效果图 Multi-functional space pocket park



The Hardened floor mat sports area is a versatile venue that offers a variety of different sports and leisure activities options. In addition to traditional sports such as badminton and table tennis, it also sets up a combination of sports equipment such as running track and climbing equipment to provide people with more diversified sports choices.




The running track is suitable for people who like outdoor running exercise, running on the comfortable and flat road; Climbing machines cater to those who like to push their physical limits and enjoy the thrill of excitement. At the same time, tai chi practice in this open space is also a healthy choice for both body and mind.




Seating is provided for participants to relax and rest after exercise. These comfortable and aesthetically designed seats will provide an ideal place to mingle or simply sit back and relax.


▽草坪边界座椅区 Lawn border seating area




The site offers a wide range of options for the owners and surrounding citizens. Sports, outdoor recreation or family gatherings can all be found to suit your needs and interests.

During the holidays, people can enjoy various cultural and artistic performances, such as small concerts, theatrical performances and dance performances. The audience can walk freely on the football field, enjoy the wonderful performances, and spend quality time with family and friends.


▽剧场&社区客厅口袋公园-AI动态效果图 Theater & Community Meeting Room Pocket Park



In addition to serving as an entertainment venue, the lawn also serves as a living room for the community. We can sit on the ground and talk in the warm sunshine, sharing the joy and confusion in each other’s lives.




At the same time, the lawn also provides a place to relax. People can bring blankets or picnic tables and chairs and picnic on the verdant grass or read books. Children can run and play, releasing their inexhaustible energy in a safe and spacious space.




The theater lawn combines entertainment, social and leisure functions and becomes an integral part of the entire community. It provides an ideal place for residents to share moments of joy, strengthen their neighborhood and relax.




As a rare leisure space in the heart of the city, the Green Shade Pocket Park plays an important role in meeting the daily needs of residents, and brings joy and enjoyment through a rich variety of activities.


▽绿荫外摆口袋公园-AI动态效果图 Shade outside pocket park

▽绿荫外摆口袋公园 Shade outside pocket park



Entering the project site from the municipal interface, you can unknowingly enter the commercial space while visiting the park; while shopping, you can also fully experience the greenery surrounded by the park, this subtle space transformation and the richness of the place is what the designer is committed to creating and practicing.




Bamboo is an environmentally friendly lightweight, strong and durable, natural seating material, it can not only provide people with comfortable sitting, but also create a fresh and natural atmosphere in the outdoor space;

EPDM plastic field is a kind of synthetic rubber as the main raw material, has the characteristics of elasticity, wear resistance, good weather resistance, suitable for various sports venues;

Terrazzo bench is a kind of stool made of cement, stone and other materials, after water grinding treatment, the surface is smooth, durable and beautiful.


▽场地细节-竹木座椅——EPDM塑胶场地——水磨石座凳(从左至右) Site detail




▽平面图-内街与入户范围 Ichnography

▽内街节点·住宅入户-AI动态效果图 Inner street node · Residential entry



The entrance is shaded with greenery, echoing the theme of natural symbiosis.


▽入口剖面 Entrance profile

▽白昼-项目效果 Daylight – Project effect



Suitable commercial street spatial scale, scattered shade green plants, quiet water features reflected, rich and interesting urban furniture, to create a high degree of recognition and good use of the experience of the commercial block.


▽夜晚-项目效果 Night-Project effect



The inward state is characterized by tranquility, while the outward state is marked by prosperity.




The lush inner streets are full of exquisite and beautiful leisure atmosphere.


▽绿意内街 Green Inner Street








The project is located near Nanguan Avenue, the main road of Luqiao District, Taizhou, Zhejiang.

Nanguan Avenue as the main road of the city, the street trees also use camphor trees, the overall landscape atmosphere is better. Standing on Nanguan Avenue looking west, we can see the root of human culture on the road and bridge, and the cultural site of the Western Zhou Dynasty – Adult Tip.

High mountains, witness the 3000 years of sea changes in Taizhou.
View mansion, looking back at Taizhou this 30 years of dragon and tiger leap.

Historical glory, let the Shang capital inherit for thousands of years; T.Workshop craftsman art, let the ingenuity to read the road and bridge.Circle gathering, to meet the son of Taizhou; Vanke courtesy, let life enjoy.

All this will achieve Vanke Mansion Project story.




业主管理团队:杨耀阳  罗文俊  许佳琪  杨奎
摄影团队:徐蒋伟  肖琳

Project name:Vanke Taizhou Mansion Commercial Street and Corner City Park
Entrusted Owners:Vanke Ningbo
Project location;Taizhou,Zhejiang Province
Owner’s Management Team:Yaoyang Yang,Wenjun Luo,Jiaqi Xu,Kui Yang.
Landscape design:T.Workshop Landscape Design
Landscape Construction Drawing Design:Ningbo Haoran Landscape Development Co.,Ltd
Landscape architect:Ningbo Weifeng Landscape Engineering Co.
Children’s equipment manufacturers:Ningbo Zaiyu Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd(corner part)
Amusement facilities manufacturers:Nanjing Deli Sports Goods Co.(pocket park part)
Architectural design:Mushroom Cloud Architectural Design&Consulting(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd
Interior design:Shanghai Puhui Space Design Co.,Ltd
Design year:2020
Completion year:2023
Photography Team:Jiangwei Xu,Sean Xiao
Project Articles:Esca Lee




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