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Michael Maltzan Architecture:占地8英亩的Playa Vista公园为城市提供了新的娱乐和表演空间,丰富了居民生活。该公园位于美国最大的填补式城市开发项目之一的东端,其灵活性有效延展了周边办公园区的活动范围。


Michael Maltzan Architecture:The 8-acre Playa Vista Park provides an infrastructure of recreation and performance spaces to support expansive experience of public space in our city. Located at the eastern terminus of one of the largest infill urban developments in the United States, the Park creates a flexible campus that links and expands the surrounding context of the office park.

Defined as a series of bands which extend across its length, the Park physically and programmatically links offices to the north and south. Each of these bridges spans series of ponds and figuratively connects the surrounding context with the long bosques of alders, elms, and pines. These tree-lined rooms, defined through their spatial characteristics, form a range of experiences through which visitors can traverse, short-cut across a single bridge, or navigate at random.


© Michael Maltzan Architecture



The Park is not a mimetic representation of nature, but is instead defined by activity, utility, and performance. Rather than creating a series of static scenes in relationship to a fixed linear narrative, the Park encourages a multiplicity of simultaneous itineraries, experiences, and encounters through its function and form. Soccer fields and basketball courts to the west, and amphitheater lawn and woodlands for gathering and relaxation to the east, extend the program areas to the street edge.


© Michael Maltzan Architecture
© Michael Maltzan Architecture


公园的中轴线上设置了一条连接东西入口广场的景观游路,其横跨了所有游路统一了园内路径。这条游路也是为了致敬之前该场地上的霍华德休斯(Howard Hughes)跑道,通过使用富有色彩的植物和灯光来强调这条游路,不仅突出其园内位置,就连要着陆在附近洛杉矶国际机场的飞机也能看见。到了春天和初夏时,从东到西的花卉都争相斗艳,形成视觉强烈的色彩植物带。该公园类似一个校园系统,其紧凑的路径网络在访问和使用中开放且不受脚本约束。

Along its central axis, a single path connects entry plazas at the Park’s east and west edges, uniting it in a single perspective.Echoing the historic Howard Hughes runway which once crossed the site, this trajectory is further defined by elongated stripes of color and light, visible not only within the Park but also to aircraft landing at the nearby Los Angeles International Airport. Long allées of jacarandas crisscross the Park from east to west, blooming in the spring and early summer to create strong unifying bands of color. The Park is akin to a campus, its tightly integrated network of pathways and programs open and unscripted in access and use.


© Michael Maltzan Architecture
© Michael Maltzan Architecture
© Michael Maltzan Architecture




Beyond the courts, a large amphitheater slopes to the north, shaping sight lines to a Bandshell at the Park’s  center. Rising above the park, the Bandshell’s circular iconography is defined by three rings that arc above the pedestrian paths, extending trajectories of movement from the adjacent landscape into its dynamic form.

The three steel hoops structure the shell’s envelope, a pleated membrane that floats above the landscape, its glowing form visible throughout the Park and beyond as day gives way to night. The Bandshell incorporates a flexible lighting grid and an expansive stage which can support a wide range of performances, including theatrical productions, outdoor movies, and concert events.


© Michael Maltzan Architecture
© Michael Maltzan Architecture



项目地点: 加利福利亚州,普莱亚维斯塔
项目类型: 带有圆形剧场、运动场和儿童游乐场的公共公园
项目面积: 8英亩
项目状态: 2010年完成
负责: 詹姆斯·伯内特公司,执行景观建筑师;负责建筑设计、景观设计和建筑记录
获奖: 2011年美国建筑师协会(AIA)加州理事会优异奖; 2008年AIA明日洛杉矶奖

LOCATION: Playa Vista, California
TYPE: Public Park with Amphitheater, Playing Fields, and Children’s Playground
SIZE: 8 acres
STATUS: Completed 2010
ROLE: Design Architect, Landscape Designer & Architect of Record; Office of James Burnett, Executive Landscape Architect
AWARDS: AIA California Council Merit Award, 2011; AIA Los Angeles NEXT LA Citation, 2008