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TEAMER INT’L: Starlink Community Park was designed in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. The Site was originally intended to serve as a real estate showroom, which, in China, means that it would have been torn down after all apartment units sold out. Instead, in the spirit of sustainability and social responsibility, the Site was creatively designed as a permanent public park for long-term use.


▽晨曦中的共享社区公园 The community park at dawn

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01 溯源|场地愿景 Origin|Vision


Located in Shiling town of Huadu district in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou, the Site is surrounded by kindergartens, schools, and afterschool programs, but there are no playgrounds or facilities available for children and parents. According to the survey, citizens need a public space for all age groups.



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▽项目鸟瞰Project Aerial View 

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02 定位|共享社区公园Definition|Community Park 


Starlink Community Park has place for leisure and sports, provides opportunities of social communication for different ages of citizens. As a community park, it belongs not just to the community nearby, but also to the city, future generations, and all citizens.


▽沿街社区公园Community park along the primary road 

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03 逻辑|设计生成Logic|Design Language


With “round” as the design language and “cosmic” as the theme, shapes of galactic circles inspire children’s curiosity in space and challenges their imagination to break through spatial boundaries. There are six main areas organized around their own cosmic theme: Cosmic Ring, Star Trail Theater, Cosmos Paradise, Stardust Bay, Nebula Exploration and Meteor Court. Dividing the Site into multiple circular spaces by different age groups, the design incorporates children’s play, youth sports, exercise space for the elderly, plaza dancing and social gatherings. Phase one built:Cosmic Ring, Star Trail Theater, Cosmos Paradise


▽项目总览以及分区示意Project overview and Sectors 

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04撷影|场域节点 Landscape Nodes Design

|宇穹乐园Cosmos Paradise


Children playground located in the center area, cover 3800㎡,With a “Rocket” at the park’s center, the playground, topography, elevated walkway, waterplay facilities and diverse play areas can satisfy the appetite for adventure of children of all ages. Kids can learn the science of motion, water, and more through all kinds of play equipment. A water spray nozzle inserted on the bottom of the “Rocket” simulates the scene of a launch while spraying a refreshing mist.


▽立体亲子游乐空间 Multi-layers Playful space for Children and parents

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▽社区公园中的“星际漫游”“Cosmic Cruise”in Community Park 

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▽设有降温喷雾模仿火箭发射状态的设备 Water nozzles for cooling down temperature simulate the scene of a launch while spraying a refreshing mist.

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▽具有趣味性的铺装,色彩的碰撞带动场地活力 Colored pavement boosting the venue vibrancy. 

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Cosmos Paradise features an infusion of two circle-themed areas, with a slight height difference creating both an independent yet connected playground with an enclosed play area for easily taking care of little children.


▽双环儿童乐园 Möbiusband Playground 

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▽利用高差与地形变化,妙趣横生 The differences in both height and topography are fully utilized to create a fascinating and engaging site 

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▽与相邻场地紧密相切又各自独立的关系The site is independent from adjacent sites while maintaining a close connection 

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|星轨剧场 Star Trail Theater



Square dancing is very popular in China. People living nearby parks readily seek a place for square dancing both for health benefits and interacting with others. Our designers constructed the Star Trail Theater specifically with gatherings, parties, concerts, and square dancing in mind.

The Theater’s pavement design – patterns of eccentric circles with varying designs – gives the flat ground the illusion of a contoured surface. Combined with curvy shaped floor lighting, at night the ground resembles trails of stars.


▽星轨环绕的社区剧场 Star Trail Theater surrounded by star trails 

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05生态|雨水系统Ecology|Stormwater Management System


An evergreen buffer zone blocks noise and air pollution caused by vehicles on the nearby roads. Permeable pavement ensures stormwater runoff is infiltrated and collected for irrigation. Stormwater is also collected by the bioswale surrounding the park. During construction, the excavated earth was piled into fascinatingly shaped slope stakes.



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Starlink Community Park is the first free public park built and invested by a private real estate developer in Huadu district. Since its opening in September 2021, it has attracted more than 10,000 visitors every day. The 24/7 park has become a popular urban park and benefits both nearby businesses and the city as a whole. However, public spaces do not exist solely for showcasing exaggerated designs, but rather their essential purpose is to serve the public. Designers endow the space with function and form, while the users are the key that bring the design to life. As designers, we cannot stop or reverse the trend of communities becoming denser and denser but must stick to the principle of creating a sense of belonging for the public. Rooted in the goal of urban sharing and fostering relationships, we are here to help communities and individuals obtain a sense of safety and belonging in the hustle and bustle of the city.



项目设计 & 完成年份:2019.11/2021.6

Project Name: The Zhiling Starlink Community Park
Designer: TEAMER INT’L
Company website: http://www.teamer-int.com/
Contact email: teamer@teamer-int.com
Project Design & Year of completion: 2019.11/2021.6
Landscape design team: Zheng Yang, Huang Lingjie, Chen Mengqi, Liu Mingming, Wu Weiqi, Gao Yeshen, Yang Zehui, Yang Meilai, Xu Feng, Ai Dezhong, Yang Peichuang
Project Address: No. 8 shiling Avenue East, Huadu District, Guangzhou, China
Project area: 33000m²
Photography copyright: Beyond vision
Client: Guangzhou Zhiling Real Estate Development Co., LTD
Partners: Guangzhou Jiansen Landscape Energy-saving Engineering Design Co., LTD., Guangzhou Zhuying Construction Engineering Design Co., LTD., Shepherd Boy Group (Guangdong) Industrial Co., LTD



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