Secondfloor architects : 建筑位于毗邻泰国短途度假胜地Khao Yai国家公园的Pak Chong地区,这个正在迅速发展的旅游小镇被两种不同的建筑风格所统治着,一种有着开敞的玻璃窗户,眺望山景,另一种则极大地受到西方美学观念的影响。然而,黄色潜水艇咖啡馆突破了局限,显得与众不同。

Secondfloor architects : The building is located in pak chong area adjacent to the short-distance resort khao yai national park in Thailand. this rapidly developing tourist town is dominated by two different architectural styles, one with open glass windows and overlooking the mountain scenery, the other greatly influenced by western aesthetic concepts. However, the yellow submarine cafe broke through its limitations and looked different.




After showing the design team the 1600 – square – meter Indian mahogany plantation, the owner expressed his hope that the building would add value to the future development of the land. At first glance, this piece of redwood forest shows its unique natural features, with gentle slope and quiet environment. it has the potential to become the most attractive scenic spot in this area. The focus of architectural design is to explain and highlight these elements.




The 3 – meter – high wall surrounding the 300 – square – meter area emphasizes the different spatial structures in the area, highlighting the open landscape of the plantation while directing the viewer’s attention to the interior. The 38 – meter dark wall extending along the gentle slope spans a height difference of 1.6 meters, highlighting the ups and downs of the field. Visitors walked along the passage parallel to the building from the parking area to the cafe and felt the building existing in nature. The indoor space that depends on air conditioning and refrigeration accounts for only one third of the total space of the cafe, while the main building space, the semi-open space under the roof, allows visitors to enjoy the changes of the four seasons here.


视频 ©Sake Simaraks



面积: 300平方米
建筑设计:Secondfloor Architects
工程师: picharn rojratsirikul
摄影:ketsiree wongwan

Project name:Yellow Submarine Coffee Tank
Project type: Commercial Building
Completion: 2015
Area: 300㎡
Architect:Secondfloor Architects
Engineer: picharn rojratsirikul
Contractor: worapot noinue
Photography: ketsiree wongwan


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