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L&A Design: The entrance design of Zhengzhou Tianzhu Jianye Hotel is an attempt of LA Design Group. This project follows the principle of “less is more”, creating a simple and exquisite temperament space with the simplest design methods, the most basic design elements, the easiest-to-get details, and the most common materials.




The design has very strong practicability, which is different from the flashy design pursued by part of the commercial and hotel landscapes. The simple pure space is easy to realize, adhering to a light, clean and true life. This also represents thinking and discussion of LA Design Group on the modern hotel landscape design – returning to the basics, less is more.



抛开浮华,回归本真  Far from the glitz and return to the truth




At the beginning of the design, The client hoped to build a minimalist apartment hotel, and the architectural design adopted a modern simple style. Therefore, in the choice of landscape style, LA Design Group hopes to start a design concept of returning to the basics.

Nowadays, more domestic landscapes use a large number of formal and symbolic design methods, and the design of “form for form” can be found everywhere.The design team repeated the use of block elements, such as block paving and block plant space, and the process of combination and transition creates a space transformation.




In the entrance of the hotel, Hokkaido’s boxwood hedgerow replaces the traditional hard wall, which is not only a cost-saving method, but also an ecologically sustainable choice. The dark green background wall, with more harmonious color, is different from the previous logo wall. In addition, the entrance is covered with large amounts of fine-leaf miscanthus, so as to create an entrance effect different from conventional techniques.




The Regular hedge and the natural flower border design use contrasting techniques to create unique visual effects. Putting aside some unnecessary landscape elements, the space design is more inclined to temperament rather than flashy and blind stacking.




The plant design uses geometric block technique to divide the green space, selecting simple, graceful arbors and shrubs, combining flowers and lawn, which creates a comfortable green landscape. The mixed flower pattern is used to simulate the interlaced growth of various wildflowers on the edge of forest land in nature. The plant species of rich colors and beautiful shapes are selected, with purple, blue and white plant varieties as the main tone, and the distribution is also well arranged. The flower landscape effect is mainly in spring and summer, while leaves observation in autumn and shape viewing in winter, so as to extend the viewing period and reduce replacement. Besides, the landscape can maintain the natural group effect for a long time, and keep good community stability and seasonal change at the same time.



空间的划分  Space Division




According to the use requirements and the current site conditions, space is divided into four parts – the entrance space for eliminating the height difference inside and outside, the facade area for peripheral display, the entrance square area, and the green leisure area on both sides.

Due to the small site area, the space definition is weakened by the transition method of paving and planting instead of obvious boundary division. The exterior space of the hotel is expected to be a whole, rather than divided into separate and complex spaces. Everything should be naturally formed.



入口外立面的处理  Design of the entrance facade



There is a height difference of about 2.1 meters from the site to the municipal road, so 14 steps are set at the entrance to eliminate the height difference. At the same time, barrier-free ramps are set up to provide maximum convenience for users who use wheelchairs, buggies and suitcases. Instead of the traditional enclosure in iron or solid wall forms, the periphery adopts hedgerow to add a layer of greenery to the super-high-rise hotel apartments.




The entrance sign is placed on the side of the hedgerow without a large amount of LOGO or spiritual fortress, reflecting the low-key and delicate quality. The facade consists of the horizontal lines of the steps and the rectangular lines of the hedgerows on both sides, complemented by soft ornamental grass and artistic lamps.


▼台阶细节  Details


入口广场及林下休闲空间  Entrance square and green leisure space




The entrance square continues the design principle of “less is more”, using the contrast and repetition of the colors of three granite materials, namely sesame gray flamed surface, sesame black flamed surface, and Chinese black flamed surface, to strengthen the horizontal lines of the entrance ladders.

The lines extend to the sides, giving rise to block elements of varying sizes. Combining with golden-leaves elm, the block area on both sides of the square forms two green spaces: passing through the green space on the south side, the figure-ground relationship and the subtle changes in the planting form indicate a new fun space. White space makes it possible for multiple functions.




As the most basic design element, block brings about a variety of different landscape elements: paving, planting, lighting, etc. The block elements are extremely strong in implementation and inclusiveness. The paving block joins the colors of two kinds of 600×600 square stone of sesame black and sesame grey. That is how the drainage and manhole cover on the ground can be integrated with the block paving seamlessly, realizing a neat and easy effect. The planting blocks are scattered in the paving blocks, forming a subtle contrast between the loose nature of plants and the regularity of the hard paving.





In this outer courtyard, the change of the figure-ground relationship creates a feeling of transition from the central hardened pavement to the surrounding natural plant space, delivering a beautiful hope from the hard to the soft, from city to nature, from glitz to pure.

Jianye Tianzhu Hotel attempts to “do subtraction”, and try to achieve a low-cost, pure landscape with the simplest elements. This is the first project of Aoya Design to achieve this idea, but it is by no means the last one.



项目设计 & 完成年份:2016 & 2018

Project Name:Zhengzhou Tianzhu International Apartment Hotel
Customer: Zhengzhou Jianye Tianming Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Location: Zhengzhou, Henan, China
Design & Completion Year: 2016 & 2018
Area: 2754 ㎡
Landscape Design: L&A Design
Chief Designer and Design Team: L&A Design Shenzhen Branch Group 4
Construction: Chongqing Veryred Garden Landscape Design Engineering Co.,Ltd. Beijing Branch
Photography: Yang Lei


项目中的植物、材料运用 Application of plants and materials in this project


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