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RIOS completed landscape and interior improvements at the newest addition to the 1 Hotel portfolio in West Hollywood. The exuberant planting strategy maximizes the experience of the exterior and interior spaces and softens the existing cool-toned surfaces with warmer nature-based materials and colors.


© Hunter Kerhart
© Hunter Kerhart
© Hunter Kerhart



The design envelopes you in a natural experience through the surrounding materials like wood and clay along with an abundance of plants and flowers at every glance.


© Hunter Kerhart
© Hunter Kerhart


“好莱坞山是圣莫尼卡山脉的延伸,从马里布一直绵延到格里菲斯公园,我们受此启发,在酒店两座塔楼之间创造了一条林荫小道,想让客人体验在好莱坞山中的感受。”——景观设计总监Nate Cormier说道。

“We wanted to give guests a taste of the Hollywood Hills, which are an extension of the Santa Monica Mountain range running from Malibu to Griffith Park.”— Nate Cormier, Landscape Studio Director


© Hunter Kerhart
© Hunter Kerhart
© Hunter Kerhart
© Hunter Kerhart
© Hunter Kerhart


与绿色时刻共存 Alive with Green Moments



By infusing nature into 1 Hotel Hollywood through various moments across the property a natural and authentic sense of place provides travelers with a unique, yet quintessentially LA experience.

The 1 Hotel brand is envisioned as a platform for change, leading with the hospitality-forward goal of “sparking conversations” between guests and innovators. Inspired by nature, the design aligns thoughtfully with hotel’s high standards for design — from building materials to room furnishings and lush planters.


© Hunter Kerhart
© Hunter Kerhart
© Hunter Kerhart
© Hunter Kerhart


重新利用材料 Repurposed Materials


由RIOS与Angel City Lumber共同设计的木材花盆体现了自然与设计的整体融合,并为酒店的主入口营造了独特的视觉感受。

Each detail of the landscape design fulfills this goal to meld landscape with interiors spaces through enthusiastic planting in every corner. Throughout the spaces, there is an interplay between distressed and finished woods, highlighting the inherent characteristics of each. Materials are combined and contrasted to emphasize their differences, similarities, and beauty.

Wood planters designed by RIOS with Angel City Lumber are indicative of this holistic integration of nature and design and provide a distinct feel for the property’s main entrances.


© Hunter Kerhart
© Hunter Kerhart




The design brings the outdoors inside, creating a unique, natural environment inside the lobby and key spaces. Interior firm AvroKO developed the concept, while RIOS brought the interior design to life by serving as Architect of Record for this property along Sunset Boulevard.

The design carries the spirit of nature’s calming effect into the bohemian lobby, bar, cafe, pool lounge, and retail area. The spaces are layered with highly textured materials: reclaimed wood, distressed wood, tree bark, red brick, terra cotta tile, limestone, and natural fabrics.


© Hunter Kerhart
© Hunter Kerhart
© Hunter Kerhart
© Hunter Kerhart
© Hunter Kerhart
© Hunter Kerhart
© Hunter Kerhart


▽落日露台 Sunset terrace

© Hunter Kerhart

▽酒店概况 Site overview





项目名称: 1 Hotel West Hollywood(https://www.rios.com/projects/1-hotel-west-hollywood/)

客户:1 Hotel
建筑师:SOM(原始结构)/RIOS Executive Architect (TI)
客户:Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Dove Hill Investments & Development
总承包商:City Constructors,Inc./Rolling Greens(室内总承包商:BuildGroup)
开发商:Dove Hill
制造商:Angel City Lumber
结构工程师:WorkPoint Engineering
MEP工程师:Hariton Engineering
图片来源:Hunter Kerhart

Project Name: 1 Hotel West Hollywood (https://www.rios.com/projects/1-hotel-west-hollywood/)
Completion Year: 2019
Project Location: Los Angeles
Scale: 33,000 sq. ft. Landscape;13,300 sq. ft. Interiors;2 Acres
RIOS provided the following services: Landscape Architecture, Interior Design and FF&E
Landscape/Architecture Firm: RIOS
Website: https://www.rios.com/china/ & www.rios.com
Contact e-mail: media@rios.com

Clients: 1 Hotel
Architect: SOM (original structure) / RIOS Executive Architect (TI)
Client: Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Dove Hill Investments & Development
Landscape Architect: RIOS
General Contractor: City Constructors, Inc. / Rolling Greens (General Contractor for interior: BuildGroup)
Developer: Dove Hill
Fabricator: Angel City Lumber
Structural Engineer: WorkPoint Engineering
MEP Engineer: Hariton Engineering
Rendering/Visualization Studio: Nephew
Interior Design: AvroKO
Lighting Designer: HLB
Kitchen Consultant: M. Tucker
Photo Credits: Hunter Kerhart
Photographer’s Website: https://hunterkerhart.com/



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