James Balmforth: 这个项目是从CASS雕塑基金会网站上摘录的,该项目得到了英国艺术委员会、Hannah Barry画廊和William Benington画廊的支持。

通过直接接触和把控材料的工艺,James Balmforth在CASS的场地上创作了一系列特定于场地的作品:“交汇点”、“复合点”和“边界界面”。

James Balmforth: This Project is extracted from the website of CASS Sculpture Foundation, project is supported by Arts Council England, Hannah Barry Gallery and William Benington Gallery.

Through the direct encounter and manipulation of materials and processes, James Balmforth has created a triptych of site-specific works in the grounds at CASS:  Meeting Point, Recombination Point and Boundary Interface.



Meeting Point

年份: 2017
Year: 2017


“交汇点”是一根有坑的耐候钢柱,可以让观众感受到艺术家与材料交流的过程。这是一个引人入胜的触觉雕塑,展示了工具和材料之间的重要关系,表达了艺术家的信念:“工具不仅仅是完成任务的工具”( James Balmforth,2018年)。

A pillar of cratered Corten steel, Meeting Point allows the audience to observe the results of the processes used in Balmforth’s negotiation with materials. An engaging and tactile sculpture, Balmforth demonstrates the key relationship between the tool and the material, expressing the artist’s belief that “tools are more than instruments to accomplish tasks” (James Balmforth, 2018).



为了创造“交汇点”,建立在精心构建的形式上,艺术家使用了改进过的工业焊接和切割设备来处理材料。虽然柱子可以象征“障碍物”或“固定的界限”,但柱子上的钻孔又象征着跨越门槛的活动,这与James Balmforth作品中常有的开发材料特性的过程相类似。

In order to create Meeting Point Balmforth has used modified industrial welding and cutting equipment to remove material but also build on and elaborately construct form. While the column could symbolise an obstacle or a fixed limit, the bored holes depict a movement across a threshold, drawing parallels to the processual excavation of material properties inherent too much of Balmforth’s work.




These investigational processes ultimately illustrate material responses and phenomenological outcomes, providing alternative understandings of the limitations and potential of both material and process.



Recombination Point

年份: 2017
Year: 2017



Recombination Point is a tower of individual aluminium foam blocks which have been merged as a result of Balmforth’s thermic lancing intervention. The molten flow has encouraged the infiltration of one layer into another, contributing to the integrity of the structural whole. The angular edges of the aluminium are juxtaposed with the frozen residues of the heat and intensity inherent to the thermic lancing process.



泡沫铝( James Balmforth的一种新材料)因其不寻常的性能,并因其在催化热切割过程中发生的化学反应而被艺术家选中。

Aluminium foam (a new material for Balmforth) was chosen for its unusual properties and ability to catalyse the chemical reaction that takes place during thermic lancing.



热切割过程是在后工业时代发展起来的,作为拆除重型设备和材料的一种方式。加压氧气被用来熔化燃烧的钢筋,产生极端的温度,可以快速切割大量的工业材料。为了创作这个雕塑,James Balmforth改进了设备,使其能够与泡沫铝产生特殊反应,激发材料的反应和表现能力。

The process of thermic lancing was developed in the post-industrial era as a way to dismantle and decommission heavy-duty equipment and materials. Pressurised oxygen is used to melt a bar of burning steel, creating extreme temperatures that can rapidly cut through substantial industrial materials. In order to create Recombination Point, Balmforth has modified the equipment to react specifically with the aluminium foam, evoking material response and expressivity.



Boundary Interface

年份: 2018年
Year: 2018


在CASS Balmforth的现场,使用定制的热喷枪制作了这个新雕塑——这为制作过程提供了独特的见解。

Whilst on site at CASS Balmforth used a bespoke thermic lance to create this new sculpture – providing unique insight into the fabrication process.




In order to create Boundary Interface,Balmforth has modified the equipment to react specifically with the aluminium foam, evoking material response and expressivity.



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