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Guangzhou S.P.I Design Co., Ltd:In the rapid process of urbanization, we are enjoying the convenience of the city at the cost of the erosion of our spiritual home. Therefore, we are expecting for such a place as it will recover the warmth in children’s memory and accompany them to explore the unknown world.



花园里的成长乐园 A Wonderland for growth in the garden


The Jade Center Kindergarten is developed by CIFI Hefei, which is located in Feixi County of Hefei City. It will first be used as the sales center for the developer and later it will be transformed the kindergarten for the community.Used as both the sales center and the kindergarten.


幼儿园整体模型(模型制作单位为上海天华建筑设计有限公司)Overall model of the kindergarten (by Shanghai Tianhua Architectural Design Co., Ltd.)

幼儿园实景鸟瞰 Aerial view of the kindergarten


社区幼儿园的进化 Evolution of the kindergarten



Initially built as the sales center, the building is well created by the developer, based on which we try to explore more possibilities from the kindergarten beyond its basic functions.

Different from conventional sales centers, we hope to achieve a balance between the function as the sales center and the kindergarten with the space. Here the romance and innocence of childhood and the expression of the sales center are combined together, highlighting the spirit of place.


幼儿园概念Concept of the kindergarten 



Based on the data from the online survey, demands of children, parents as well as the teaching and administrative staff are taken into consideration, further improving the functions of the space.


前端调查Preliminary survey


One third of the outdoor space within the site is on the roof of the building, so the landscape and the building need to be more closely linked. After analyzing layout of the building, the building block and landscape space can be more closely linked via the traffic design, so as to stimulate the three-dimensional activity of the landscape space.


与建筑“牵手”中庭设计思考过程”Hand in hand” with architecture,Design process of the atrium space




欢乐的“麻雀” 与 立体的交通空间 Happy “sparrows” and three-dimensional traffic space


In the main space, we hope to have a big tree to carry the children’s natural perception and memory of childhood. Children’s spiritual world is built based on their practical experience and their imagination, so the imaginative space and extraordinary experience can better stimulate children’s imagination. Therefore, we create a three-dimensional traffic and hope that children can enjoy ‘flying in the big tree’ like sparrows.


飞廊中设置感应灯,在满足交通需求的同时让空中行走更具乐趣 The flying gallery is equipped with induction lights to meet the traffic demand and make air walking more fun



In the flying Gallery, large-scale structural parts are used to ensure that no column is needed to support the flying Gallery, which contributes to its flying posture. The glass railings are decorated with gradual wave points, looking as if the clouds float in the sky to encourage children to fly up high.


飞廊剖面图Section of the flying gallery




The number of columns required for stabilizing the slide is reduced due to the mutual force between the decorative ring and the slide. Eventually, it creates a spiral slide space which is partly overlapped with the flying Gallery, presenting a unique visual effect.


滑梯分析图 Analysis chart of the slide


多两分钟的陪伴 Two more minutes for company


Stepping into the kindergarten, children will transfer from homes to the campus. Therefore, more attention should be paid to children’s psychological demands. The introverted entrance will not only serve as the space for picking up children but also allow parents to have two more minutes with their children. It plays a transitional role in the transformation of environment for children.




The distorting mirror wall at the corner of the activity space reminds children to self-examine and think, and enhances the fun of running. In addition, the setting of the mirror provides a broader visual experience and doubles the number of children as well as doubles the happiness.



天空里的逸想The imagination in the sky


Roof is a free space for children, since in the air both the senses and the mind will be more comfortable. On the premise of ensuring the activity area of the classes, there should be more imaginative and absurd space in the air.Based on the site characteristics, the roof is designed to simulate different landforms.




Taking advantage of the sloping roof, we create a colorful terrace on the roof. The zigzag path and the colorful terrace space form a dramatic fairy tale space.


往上飞的梯田 Flying terrace



On the other side of the terrace, we spread a piece of Pennisetum along the gentle slope of the building. Yellow “wheat field” connects with the blue sky, allowing children to “touch the sky” when jumping up.


铺满”稻草”的山坡 Slope covered by “straws”




Taking advantage of the height difference of the step classroom, we have got enough earth covered space on the roof. A jungle in the air can be arranged in the space. When the young trees are sprouting, we hope the children can touch the branches of the trees in the air.


空中的丛林 Sky jungle

空中丛林深化图Drawing of the sky jungle



With the progress and rapid development of the times, the world children are exposed to is changing with each passing day, far beyond the social cognition of modern people. So we are trying to create a space which is full of imagination and even absurdity, with the hope that children will remember such a place since it encourages them to explore the a better future. In their beautiful memories, the most impressive thing may be the tree, the roof or the sparrow-like themselves.



业主团队:邹翔 丁灿 张政

Project: CIFI Jade Center Kindergarten
Developer: CIFI Group
Developer Team: Zou Xiang, Jing Can, Zhang Zheng
Landscape Design: Guangzhou S.P.I Design Co., Ltd.
Architectural Design: Shanghai Tianhua Architectural Design Co., Ltd.
Landscape Construction: Shanghai Huyu Landscaping Co., Ltd.
Landscape Photography: Nanxi Photography
Location: Hefei, Anhui
Area: 6,772.5 m2
Time of Design: May, 2019
Time of Completion: October, 2019


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