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山水比德: 在重庆生活,习惯起伏与穿梭,在无数次低头爬坡、抬头看景之后,在下一个转角,也许会遇见那位面容模糊的神秘女子。应当如何用现代的设计语汇,向这座地势崎岖、充满野趣的城市回应?于我们看来,与巴拉甘、西扎等建筑师的作品一般,也与韦斯安德森的电影一般,构图规整、情节跌宕、色彩浓烈,以及极具辨识度的情绪传达。

Guangzhou S. P. I Design Co., Ltd: People living in Chongqing are accustomed to go up and down stairs; after lowering heads and looking up for views again and again, they may meet a mysterious lady who could not be seen clearly at the next corner. How should we use modern design vocabulary to describe this city with an uneven terrain and rustic charm? In our opinions, like the works of such architects as Barragán and Siza, and like Wes Anderson’s movies, the city is of regular composition, but with ups and downs, bright colours, and highly recognizable emotional expression.




With this idea, in the CIFI JINKE AIRPORT ART EXPERIENCE CENTRE project, we created the well-proportioned space, added bright theme colours, and built the landscape with a multi-level “visual” show, reflecting the design concept of a colourful life and interaction art, as well as a life in the mountain city.




The experience starts as follows: starting-exploring-accompanying-twists and turns-returning, connecting four major theme spaces of entrance, inner courtyard, side courtyard and roof; and then a young, fashionable, interesting and mysterious colourful fantastic world appears in front of us. Come with us, passing restlessly through corners with strong memory points.


▼入口 Entrance

▼内庭 Inner courtyard

▼侧院 Side courtyard

▼屋顶 Roof


01 绿 & 橘 GREEN & ORANGE


Green is quiet, orange is vitality. When a large area of emerald meets a small piece of sunlight, like a flower blooming in a lush oasis. Dazzling, shimmering, emitting a charming light.



或是在异域连廊,漫不经心地走走停停;或是在林下庭院,安静地阅读一本书 ;或是在流动水幕,细心地观察水流动;或是,直接放空。无论哪种,都不失为一种奇妙的体验,还有充满着惊喜的转角。

Or in an alien corridor, stop and go casually; or under trees in the courtyard, read a book quietly; or in front of a waterfall, watch the water flowing attentively; or just hold a blank mind. Anyway, it’s a wonderful experience, and corners full of surprises.



02 红 & 白 RED & WHITE


Red is blood or cinnabar, white is moonlight or rice, but not all stories red and white, are about “Red Rose and White Rose”.




White is still pure. We put a vivid gold tone in red, weaken density and sadness. Create a younger and cheerful atmosphere, make the space more playful and fun.




Walk through height differences, pass the courtyard for leisure and meeting guests. We stand on an air corridor before noticing it, overlook the fusion of side walls and corridor frame. Refraction and reflection from a pool, bringing more imagination to the site. Spirit and body, go around the boundary of virtual and real life.



03 粉 & 白 PINK & WHITE


Pink is sweet, white is pure. Turn into an open door and a smart bear, with a little warmth and childishness, it means hope and dream.




Any guest is welcomed here, start their artistic imagination with spring and summer colours.





At a height close to the sky, a palette is completely knocked over. Leading to more painting with colours.




Trampoline box and the setting for a future track, bring children a novel play experience. Fun slide and gray space, extend the play function to the side courtyard. Parents are nearby recording parent-child time.



05 盒子 BOXES


Three boxes represent different moods. Waiting to be opened one by one. “Flying Box” echoes the architectural form, like jumping on a trampoline and experiencing instant weightlessness.




The floating “Enjoy Box”, reminds us of enjoying our life no matter how busy life is.




“Fancy Box” connects to the rooftop park, large colourful walls and clean white walls. Create an atmosphere with a relaxed life, becoming the hottest site to take perfect Wechat Moments snaps.





“We passed by the garden quietly. Words are useless at this moment. Everything in it has undoubted uniqueness. The light is relaxed and charming. The colours express the author’s various emotions and spirits without any restriction.” Alvaro Siza




设计师感言 Designer’s Words:



Before starting the design, we asked ourselves a question: What are the characteristics of places popular among young people? After researching a large number of Internet-famous places, we extracted such key words as colour, height difference, story, emotion and drama.

In the project, we used the design techniques of composition geometry and bright colours and added the ever-changing natural light, to turn this place into the intersection of reality and dream without losing the unique geographical culture of Chongqing. The strong visual impact and rich spatial levels will surely impress you like Chongqing, the 8D magical city.




主创及设计团队:方案主创:孙虎、利征、曾利军;设计团队:吴德俊 刘星 刘万莉 祁佳敏

Client: CIFI GROUP SOUTHWEST REGION; Jinke Property Group Co., Ltd.
Landscape Design: Guangzhou S.P.I Design Co., LTD
Creator and Design Team: Project leader: Sun Hu, Li Zheng, Zeng Lijun; Design Team: Wu Dejun, Liu Xing, Liu Wanli; Qi Jiamin
Landscape Construction: Chongqing Shengjingcheng Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd.
Architectural Design: Shanghai PTA
Location: Chongqing Airport New Town
Design Area: 3400㎡
Time of Design: May 2019
Time of Completion: June 2020
Photography: Guangzhou S.P.I Design Co., LTD



项目中使用的植物和材料 Application of materials and plants in this project



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