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NCD Studio: You never know what your ideal is until you sail afar. The meaning of living no longer lies within the space. It is more about the beautiful expectations of life. You don’t need to travel far away. Returning home is the going on vocation.






The inspiration for the design of Egrets Waves stemmed from the scene of white herons soaring above water waves which amazed the designers when they investigated the land. Inspired by the properties of white herons and water waves, we employed the3-D dimensional method to make an abstract summary of the elements along the natural water’s edge. The core concept of this project is “defining the waterside life in the new era”. It explores the dialogue between people and nature. The language of space serves as the key tool of reading life. Elegant and implicit holiday hotels and community lifestyle are combined to create the space of art、quality and temperature of living.


▽充满艺术、品质、且饱含生活温度的度假式酒店空间 Resort hotel space full of art, quality, and full of living temperature



The swimming pool in the center area uses white marble walls to show the emotions of space. The white color is in sharp to against the sky, water and sunlight. We include“natural purity and elegance”in the project. It allows people to get rid of the urban noise. In the natural shadow, people can see the flowing water surface and enjoy the vacation.


▽设计手稿 Design manuscript

▽局部鸟瞰 Aerial view of the area




The tranquil waterside scenery lies along the swimming pool. The overhanging edge of the water platform creates the effect of no overflowing on the edge. It also connects with the water surface of the swimming pool. It shows the abundant depth of visual sense and depicts the pleasant scenery.


▽镜面水景镶在泳池边 Mirrored water features edge the pool




Between the deck chairs and the forest road is dark gray arc glass to blur the edge. The glass not only offers privacy for the deck chair area but also interacts with the swimming pool. The water wave, light and shadow enhance the depth of space and create a remarkable and artistic experience.


▽躺椅休闲区 Lounge chair lounge area





The element of circle arch and square marbles add more temperature to the space of swimming pool. The connection and interaction between space is another kind of interesting exploration. People’s eyesight travels through the circular arch. Any fixed frame can form the vivid and abundant levels.


▽泳池入口拱门 Pool entrance arch

▽圆拱景墙洽谈空间 Round arch view wall to negotiate space





The casual walking is pure enjoyment. Lie beside the swimming pool, have a small cup of drinking, and enjoy the sunlight on the sparkling and tiffany blue water surface. You can have a full taste of the leisure hours of life.


▽让人放松心情的蓝色系 A relaxing blue color




The swimming pool in the curtain of light shows another kind of scenery. Beautiful light is reflected on the peaceful water surface. The light of the water bar counter makes the space soft. The intertwining and symmetrical colors become the artistic device in the clever design of space.


▽泳池夜景 Night at the pool


▽泳池更衣室 Swimming pool dressing room

▽望山水境花园 Hill-water landscape garden

▽别墅花园景观空间 Villa garden landscape space



Every moment here is the best time.You can enjoy the urban vacation with the company of gentle wind and water during your leisure hours.





景观设计:NCD Studio Pte Ltd 玖鹿设计
建筑设计:零壹城市建筑事务所、NCD Studio Pte Ltd 玖鹿设计
室内设计:NCD Studio Pte Ltd 玖鹿设计
项目设计 & 完成年份:2020年 & 2022年

Project name: Egrets Waves,KinCang
Location: Keqiao,ShaoXing, China
Landscape design company: NCD Studio Pte Ltd
Architecture design company: LYCS Architecture、NCD Studio Pte Ltd
Interior design:NCD Studio Pte Ltd
Design area:9500㎡
Client: KinCang
Photography:Prism landscape photography, Wu Qingshan(inter-mountain), NCD Studio
Project design & completion year: 2020 & 2022




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