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Daily tous les jours 再次尝试以新的方式点燃社交互动的火花。Hello, Hello,一个位于发光拱门内的诗意信息传递系统,将人们的声音变成了一种抒情奇观。


Daily tous les jours experiments once more with new ways to ignite social interaction. Hello, Hello, a poetic messaging system inside a luminescent arch turns peoples’ voices into a lyrical spectacle.

With its five-storey reflective façade overlooking the banks of the Grand River, the artwork serves as the front yard and welcome mat for a new district revitalizing the edge of Cambridge, Ontario, inviting people to engage creatively with their surroundings and each other.


© doublespace photography
© doublespace photography
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互动 Interaction

路过的行人可以在装置底部的三个麦克风中的一个上发表问候或留言。他们的声音会慢慢变成音乐和色彩,在 13 米高的发光拱门上来回穿梭。在转换信息时,Hello, Hello 会根据说话者的音调、节奏和持续时间而作出反馈,从而使每段旋律都独一无二。


Passers-by are invited to deliver a greeting or message at one of three microphones at the base of the installation. Their voices slowly become music and shafts of colors that travel up and over the 13m luminescent arch. In transforming messages, Hello, Hello accounts for a speaker’s tone, cadence, and duration, rendering every melody as unique.

When voices from multiple microphones meet, they interact with one another to create a singular harmonic moment. The wave-sculpted mirror façade amplifies the resonance of the constantly evolving scene before it.


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© doublespace photography
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沟通的和声 Harmonics of Communication

Hello, Hello 的灵感来源于孩子们玩的“传话扯皮”游戏,在这个游戏中,输入和输出并不总是完全吻合的,Hello, Hello 的主题是“存在感”、“非语言”以及我们的在线交流中所缺少的东西。

Daily tous les jours 的联合创始人 Mouna Andraos 和 Melissa Mongiat 表示:“通过使用人声在人与人之间架起音乐桥梁,这是一种超越语言的沟通邀请”。


Inspired by a kids’ game of broken telephone, where the inputs and outputs don’t always exactly match, Hello, Hello is all about presence, the non-verbal, and what’s missing from our online communications.

“By using the human voice to create musical bridges between people, it’s an invitation to connect beyond words.” Mouna Andraos and Melissa Mongiat, co-founders of Daily tous les jours

In our times of unprecedented population growth and division in urban areas, the artwork forges new modes of interaction for public spaces.


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关于 Gaslight District About the Gaslight District

Hello, Hello 是 HIP 开发公司委托 Daily tous les jours 为 Gaslight District 购物中心创作的两件作品之一,也是其 “欢乐实验”愿景的一部分,旨在通过游戏和互动促进社区发展。

Gaslight District 是一个多功能开发项目,建在 19 世纪的铸造厂遗址上,当时该地区被称为“加拿大的曼彻斯特”。如今,该地区的产业更偏向于高科技,主要包括机器人和卫星等技术制造业,同时也是加拿大先进科学研究机构滑铁卢大学的所在地。

Hello, Hello is one of two Daily tous les jours pieces commissioned for the Gaslight District in Cambridge, Ontario, by HIP Developments, as part of their vision for “Joy Experiments”—interventions designed to foster community through play.

The Gaslight District is a mixed-use development built on the site of a 19th-century foundry when the region was known as “the Manchester of Canada.” Today the region’s industry leans more high-tech, with manufacturing in technologies like robotics and satellites, while also being home to the University of Waterloo, one of Canada’s leading institutions for advanced scientific research.


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▽装置效果图 Render Hello, Hello

© Daily tous les jours




项目名称:Hello, Hello
项目地点:加拿大 剑桥
设计公司:Daily tous les jours
联系方式:Lili Shawwah, hello@dailytlj.com
摄影师:doublespace photography

Project name: Hello, Hello
Project location: Cambridge, Canada
Design company: Daily tous les jours
Contact information: Lili Shawwah, hello@dailytlj.com
Company Website: https://www.dailytouslesjours.com/en
Photographer: doublespace photography




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