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AGi architects:“机遇”与“流动性”和“可持续性”作为2020年迪拜世博会的三个主题之一,探讨了我们如何释放个人和社区的潜力,并强调了我们每个人都可以在创造积极变化方面发挥作用。

AGi architects:One of the three subthemes of Expo 2020 Dubai (alongside Mobility and Sustainability), Opportunity examines how we can unlock the potential of individuals and communities, highlighting that each of us has a role to play in creating positive change.


© Jesús Granada
© Jesús Granada




Mission Possible – The Opportunity Pavilion was designed by AGi architects for Expo 2020 Dubai. It encapsulates the concept of ‘Opportunity’: the idea that any action we take can create an impact; that anything is possible with a small step. The pavilion is a public space that allows every visitor from every corner of the planet and every walk of life to connect across age, language and culture, working together to achieve meaningful, positive change for our planet and its people.

The pavilion was conceived as a large plaza, providing continuity to the Opportunity District in which it is situated. The design builds on the rich urban history of the plaza throughout millennia, from Roman times to the modern day – the concept of a plaza is universal and lends itself to multiple cultures, whether it is a piazza, saha, common or the town square. This universal urban language is important, because the pavilion aims to be a platform for social and cross-cultural engagement.


© Jesús Granada
© Jesús Granada



Floating 32 metres above the ground, the pavilion’s canopy represents clouds and the dreams that we all aspire to achieve. The clouds are ethereal, composed of six textile layers of fabric on metal structures, protecting the plaza from direct sun exposure. The colourful elements overlap, creating layers, playing with transparency, light, shadows and colour. The clouds are in constant transformation thanks to the ways in which people view them in space and the changes in light and colour at various times of the day.


© Jesús Granada
© Jesús Granada
© Jesús Granada



A terracotta ‘carpet’ covers the ground and the pavilion’s facades – the first time this type of ceramic material has been used in the UAE in this way. This creates a backdrop that neutralises the impact of the buildings, and places emphasis on the pavilion’s public spaces and how humans interact within it. It is in this carpet – the Earth – where the human activity takes place. The space is designed to be appropriated by the visitors, to share experiences and generate a community of knowledge and mutual respect.


© Jesús Granada
© Jesús Granada
© Jesús Granada
© Jesús Granada
© Jesús Granada
© Jesús Granada



To bridge the terrain’s slope, the pavilion’s plaza isorganised on two levels, creating a basin where visitors are metaphorically spaced in-between the clouds above and the Earth below and providing a unique, playful place for social interaction and cultural understanding. The constant communication between AGi architects and Expo 2020 Dubai has made this project a reality.


© Jesús Granada
© Jesús Granada
© Jesús Granada



Mission Possible – The Opportunity Pavilion is where Expo 2020 brings to life the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The United Nations is ideally located in Mission Possible – The Opportunity Pavilion, the Thematic Pavilion that examines how to unlock the potential of individuals and communities in creating positive change for people and planet.


© Jesús Granada
© Jesús Granada
© Jesús Granada


▽场地平面 Site



▽地面层平面图 Ground Floor Plan


▽一层平面图 First Floor Plan


▽平面分析图 Plan Diagram


▽剖面图 Section




类型:文化| 15000平方米
摄影:Jesús Granada
摄影师账号:Instagram: @jesusgranada

主要负责人: Nasser B. Abulhasan & Joaquín Pérez-Goicoechea
设计与开发:Lucía Sánchez Salmón、Antonio Villodres、Ignacio Bergamín、Irene García
设计、详图和执行监督:Lucía Sánchez Salmón、Luis García Samer Mohammad、Ignacio Bergamín
项目工程:GOGAITE Structural Engineering, ACH-EURING MEP Engineering, Alfonso Redondo, Ernesto Díaz, Juan Travesí, Felipe Cicujano

BIM 经理:Pedro Moreno
技术管理和支持:Babu Abraham、Eugene Torralba、Robert Varghese、Haroon Abdulaziz、Naseeba Chalathoor、Abhilash Challiyil Thilakan、Nilvi Varghese
项目管理:Aisha Alsager、Daniel Muñoz
供应商:Flexbrick、Serge Ferrari

Name: Mission Possible – The Opportunity Pavilion, Expo 2020 Dubai
Type: Culture | 15,000 sqm
Location: Dubai
Date: 2019-2021
Client: Expo 2020 Dubai
Cost: Confidential
Photography: Jesús Granada
Instagram: @jesusgranada
Website: jesusgranada.com

Principals: Nasser B. Abulhasan & Joaquín Pérez-Goicoechea
Design & Development: Lucía Sánchez Salmón, Antonio Villodres, Ignacio Bergamín, Irene García
Design, Detailing & Execution Supervision: Lucía Sánchez Salmón, Luis García Samer Mohammad, Ignacio Bergamín
Project Engineering: GOGAITE Structural Engineering, ACH-EURING MEP Engineering, Alfonso Redondo, Ernesto Díaz, Juan Travesí, Felipe Cicujano

BIM Manager: Pedro Moreno
Technical Management & Support: Babu Abraham,Eugene Torralba, Robert Varghese, Haroon Abdulaziz, Naseeba Chalathoor, Abhilash Challiyil Thilakan, Nilvi Varghese
Project Management: Aisha Alsager, Daniel Muñoz
Suppliers: Flexbrick, Serge Ferrari



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