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noa *:日前,noa *正式推出了其最新项目:一个通过多种不同方式诠释可用空间,呈现出全新的传统水疗理念的剧院式健康疗养区。该项目利用奥地利蒂罗尔中心非凡的自然景观,设计了一个“激动人心”的现代建筑,其玻璃和水泥材质与周围环境形态、文化和历史相融合呼应。

noa * takes the stage with its latest project: a wellness area devised as a theatre with numerous different interpretations of the available space. A new, fresh take on the traditional Spa concept. The South Tyrolean practice leverages the incredible nature at the heart of Tirol, Austria, to design a contemporary and ‘stirring’ building. The glass and cement are in constant dialogue with the environment’s morphology, culture, and history.


© Alex Filz


莫尔生活度假村(Mohr Life Resort)的新健康疗养区于2018年10月在Lermoos正式开放,Lermoos是泰洛最古老的滑雪区之一,距离因斯布鲁克只有80公里的车程,而且,该酒店历史悠久,几乎是每一个前往参观泰洛尔阿尔卑斯山北部滑雪旋转木马的人都家喻户晓的酒店。

In October 2018, the Mohr Life Resort’s new wellness area was inaugurated in Lermoos, one of the oldest skiing areas in Tirol just an 80-km drive from Innsbruck. The Hotel itself is steeped in history, a household name for anyone visiting the skiing carousel in the northern Alps in Tirol.


© Alex Filz
© Alex Filz



noa*的合作伙伴、建筑师Christian Rottensteiner阐明了“这座山本身的雄伟和强大是如何作为我们的试验平台的”,换言之,楚格峰就是我们的灵感来源和项目主角,尤其是它的美丽、力量和复杂形式。我们将新的健康疗养区设想为剧院的隔间,作为欣赏自然景观的理想场所,希望令客人置身于一个与周围环境相和谐的放松环境中,所以我们真正所面临的挑战是如何创造一个能扩大和强化空间感知的结构,从而创造能激发游客产生新情绪的疗愈性空间。”

The new glass and cement structure was built organically on a gentle slope located below the hotel. It features a unique view across the spacious Ehrwalder Becken valley peppered with old farmhouses and barns; what’s more, the imposing 3,000 metres of the Zugspitze mountain – which represents a geographical border between Austria and Germany – overlooks the entire valley.

Architect Christian Rottensteiner, partner at noa*, explains how ‘the majestic and powerful presence of the mountain itself was our test bench. The Zugspitze generally – and its beauty, strength, and formal complexity specifically – was our inspiration and the project’s protagonist. The new wellness area is conceived as a theatre’s stalls, an ideal location to admire that extraordinary masterpiece. Guests are cocooned in a relaxing environment which harmonises with the environment. Our challenge is to create structures which expand and intensify the perception of spaces, thus creating restorative areas which stir new emotions in visitors.’


© Alex Filz
© Alex Filz




The new wellness area at the Mohr Life Resort stretches out across 600 sqm and features a roofed infrastructure built from scratch and an outdoor area with a swimming pool. The latter also connects the two buildings via a central extension into the spa.

The glass and cement structure extends horizontally to create an artificial rib, mirrored by the dry stone walls running along its side. The project was specifically designed considering the gently sloping terrain and develops across two levels: this creates a height difference which allowed for the creation of the swimming pool.


▼建筑结构动画示意 Mohr Life Diagram Animation © noa*

© Alex Filz



A sober and light building in the landscape obtained by the aggregation of simple shapes: glass cubes placed across the two levels create the structural grid for the edifice’s skeleton. Moreover, using a reflective glass surface delivers an unexpected, scenic effect: the different shapes virtually fade into the background and meld into a ‘screen’ mirroring the gargantuan silhouette of the Zugspitze. And there’s more. The pool runs flush along the length of the Spa’s glass front, thus doubling the image of the mountain thanks to impactful chromatic mirror effects.


© Alex Filz
© Alex Filz






While the outer structure is all lines and stark shapes, its traits become softer, more organic, enveloping the viewer into its embrace once inside the building. The tension created by the contrast between indoor and outdoor language enriches the building both aesthetically and formally.

The relaxation areas were developed to look like theatre stages with a view across the mountain. Every ‘booth’ includes two deckchairs featuring different designs: open, spacious areas with huge swings hanging from the ceiling enshrouded by drapery or metal cones framing the mountain alternate with closed balconies delivering increased privacy and relaxation with an omnipresent mountain view.

The ground floor also features a private lounge; a lobby and bar for refreshments; a Spa and scenic sauna for approximately 20 people featuring a mini bistro reminiscent of cinema halls, as well as changing booths and showers. Last but not least, a scenic spiral staircase pinpoints the centre of the building and takes revellers to the first floor… where 10 symmetrical chill-out ‘stages’ await them (5 per side).


▼站在剧院舞台般的休闲区,你可以看到对面的山景 The relaxation areas were developed to look like theatre stages with a view across the mountain

© Alex Filz
© Alex Filz


▼与硬朗的建筑外部形成对比的内部设计 While the outer structure is all lines and stark shapes, its traits become softer, more organic, enveloping the viewer into its embrace once inside the building




The swimming pool represents the natural extension of the wellness area. It extends into the open and features chill-out areas boasting different sensorial experiences. Six ‘island boxes’ dot the water basin, reflecting the structure overlooking the pool: however, the group of shapes virtually dissolves and opens up the view across the landscape as much as possible. Both the indoor and outdoor elements of the pool feature ‘islands’ offering guests original and essential experiences.


© Alex Filz
© Alex Filz
© Alex Filz
© Alex Filz





The harmonious integration of cement and glass gives the project a truly contemporary touch. The cement outlines the structure of the building and can be immediately spotted in the building’s facade, in the pool’s shape, and in the outdoor elements – the paths and garden ‘islands’. The glass’ reflection and transparency creates a harmonious balance between the building and landscape.

The floors are overlaid with a continuous resin coating. Using cement and resin overcomes the need for joints, giving the surfaces more room to breathe. The two materials are perfectly combined even chromatically, without ever melding into one another thanks to the use of different textures (cement is coarse while resin is smooth).


© Alex Filz


家具及灯具 Furnishings & Lights


The 20 islands of the new Spa were designed by noa* and produced by artisans. Specific light sources where used to provide illumination, including atmosphere lights inspired by a single motif: a glass sphere. Depending on the environment and individual needs, the fixtures come in different versions: they can be scenic lamps following the twists and turns of the spiral staircase, or a thread of light bulbs reminiscent of the lights in a theatre’s dressing room, and then again, a simple sphere dotting the walls.


▼室内设计细节 The interior design detail


颜色和纹理 Colours & textures


The building’s exterior dips into nature’s different hues thanks to its reflective surface, changing according to the time of the day and seasons. Inside, the colours and textiles were inspired by theatre stages: cotton and smooth velvet are steeped in warm hues of Bordeaux distempering into brown.



▼场地平面图 Site plan

© noa*

▼休闲区 Relaxation area

© noa*

▼“剧院舞台” Gallery

© noa*

▼建筑A剖面图 Section A

© noa*

▼建筑B剖面图 Section B

© noa*

▼建筑D剖面图 Section D

© noa*




地点:奥地利 蒂罗尔 勒穆斯
建筑设计:noa*(network of architecture)
室内设计:noa*(network of architecture)

撰写:Laura Ragazzola(英文:brain international)
照片:Alex Filz

Project name: Mohr life resort
Typology: Wellness area
Location: Lermoos, Tirol (A)
Client: Family Künstner-Mantl
Architecture: noa* (network of architecture)
Interior Design: noa* (network of architecture)
Construction start: April 2018
Completion: October 2018
Intervention: New building
Volume: 2.800 m3
Surface area: 430 m2

Text: Laura Ragazzola (Translation: brain international)
Photographs: Alex Filz


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