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Belt Collins: Shanghai Landsea New West Suburb Project is located at the intersection of Xianxia Road and Qingxi Road, Changning District, Shanghai, close to Yan’an West Road Elevated and Central, only 15 minutes away from Hongqiao Airport, and from Beixinjing Station, Weining Line 2 of Metro Line 2 Road Station and Rail Transit Line 10 Shuicheng Road Station is only 1.5 kilometers, the traffic is extremely convenient.




There are city-level supporting resources for all-age education, and complete business and living facilities. The project is close to the Wusong River and is surrounded by many urban green spaces including Xijiao Garden, Shanghai Zoo, Shuixia Park, and Hongqiao Golf Course. The natural conditions are excellent.


▼区位图 Location


项目分析 Project Analysis



As an optimization project, there are some significant problems in the original site that designers need to focus on:

As a renovation project, a lot of vegetation is left on the site, how to use and combine existing plants for design?
The north side of the site is close to the city main road, how to reduce the impact of noise and exhaust pollution?
In addition to the newly built fence on the south side, the remaining three sides of the fence need to be retained. How to improve from the landscape design aspect?
The entrance of the house is directly facing the roadway. How to ensure the privacy of the residents and reduce the noise?


▼平面图 Master Plan



Based on the sunshine analysis of the site, the designer decided to set up a landscape barrier in the park to block the impact of the northwest monsoon on the community and turn the disadvantages into advantages. At the same time, considering the site conditions, the designer set the motor vehicle access and parking in the shadow area on the north side of the building, and the pedestrian and activity areas are arranged in the sunny area on the south side to ensure the illumination of the pedestrian flow line.


▼日照分析图 Sunlight analysis




Inside the park, the designers separated the roads to form different landscape nodes, and clearly distinguished the moving lines of people and vehicles so that they would not interfere with each other. The designer separates the driveway from the sidewalk by paving the material. The driveway avoids the central landscape area and the event venue. The moving line of home and jogging should not cross the motor vehicle flow line as much as possible. At the same time, the fire lane is adjusted to make it separate from the vehicle. The combination of roads reduces the setting of invisible fire lanes, so that the fire ascending surface is combined with the parking lot.


▼景观模块组织 Layout



The event venue is arranged in a pure pedestrian area to avoid vehicle interference. A circular runway is set in the central landscape area, connecting various landscape nodes in series. At night, the Led indicator indicates the direction of safety, and at the same time, it displays the night scene of the community with its functionality.


▼流线分析 Circulation


景观游览 King View Tour


The color of the facade of the Shanghai Landsea New West Suburb project inherits the color of Shanghai’s traditional architecture, using ceramic plates and metal materials, and a clean and simple modular design, which adds modern quality and artistic atmosphere.




In order to match the tonality of the building, the landscape design should be coordinated with the architectural style, using soft and warm colors as the main color, and expressing through the materials to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.




The designer adopts the new Asian landscape style, which combines the minimalist Japanese style, the Southeast Asian style with all kinds of styles, and the restrained Chinese design style. It integrates the traditional Asian and modern styles, with soft and classic warm colors. Carefully crafted to create a noble, fashionable, artistic and healthy living quality.




The designer adopts the new Asian landscape style, which combines the minimalist Japanese style, the Southeast Asian style with all kinds of styles, and the restrained Chinese design style. It integrates the traditional Asian and modern styles, with soft and classic warm colors. Carefully crafted to create a noble, fashionable, artistic and healthy living quality.




The sunken hydrophilic leisure seats bring the feelings between the neighbors closer, and the waterscape surrounds the four sides, increasing the atmosphere of the leisure space and making the conversation between people more intimate and seamless.




The dynamic spring with the characteristic classical sculpture, accompanied by the crisp sound of the water hitting the pebbles, the whole body and mind began to stretch.




The rhythm of plants is scattered around the size of the park. The designer uses a variety of plants and trees to mix and match, with different seasons, forming different sceneries of the four seasons. In addition, the designer maximizes the environmental protection of plants-planting plants with strong purification ability to absorb harmful gases; using large and dense plants to achieve dust retention effect; isolating and reducing noise, enriching three-dimensional vegetation to form multiple levels of the community Space isolation, further achieving the effect of silent noise reduction.




At the beginning of the reunification, it is the opportunity of the harmony of heaven and man, the unfolding of the mystery of the universe, the coming and going of the life process, and the whisper of eternal news. The designer woven with skillful hands to reshape the Yayuan in the hinterland of the western suburbs. This is a renewal of Vientiane, and it is repeated from beginning to end.







Project name: Shanghai Landsea New Mansion
Project Location: Changning District, Shanghai
Developer: Landsea Group
Landscape Design: Belt Collins International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
Total area of the project: 12888㎡
Landscape area: 8959㎡
Landscape design style: New Asian style
Project Type: Residential
Landscape Photography: Arch · QW

English and Chinese text provided by Belt Collins.


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