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LOCUS ASSOCIATES:The project is located at the intersection of Jianshe Road and Qingquan Road, Longhua District, Shenzhen. It is the first 150m-high vertical complex project in Longhua Central District. It integrates grade-A office, sky apartments, commercial villas, and shopping mall. It is the first product launched by Shouchuang entering into Shenzhen, with a landscape design area of ​​approximately 9,000 square meters.


▼展示区航拍图 Aerial view of the sales area


设计灵感 Inspiration


“Red leaves with stamens, beautify the city above wind” is the most authentic portrayal of Shenzhen Bougainvillea blooming. Meanwhile, the Bougainvillea also contains the connotation of youthful passion, tenacity and bravery. Therefore, the bougainvillea, the most symbolic representative of Shenzhen, has also become the source of inspiration for this project. The shape of its petals has been extracted, evolved, repeated and finally formed the plan layout, under the concept of “Longhua Blossom”.


▼花瓣元素提取和演化过Petals shaping




设计解读 Explanation


We adopted the shape of bougainvillea petals as the basic elements of the design, and set up a three-layer landscape sequence of petal-shaped planters, platforms, and waterscapes from outside to flow into the building entrance. The petal shapes form a flexible boundary, expanding the width the depth of the space.  At the same time, the petal-shaped planters are like green stepping stones connecting the urban greens to the southeast, and Guanlan Reiver to the northwest.


▼精神堡垒 The entrance signage



The entrance signage is set at the entrance of the vehicular traffic near the sales gallery. The planters at the entrance of the gallery is equipped with leaf sculptures and project LOGO to reinforce the theme.


▼营销中心入口地面星星灯 Starry lights on ground

▼营销中心入口水景 Entrance waterscape 

▼花瓣雕塑与水景细节 Petals sculpture and water feature detail



Dreamy starry lights and streamlined water features direct the flow of people into the sales gallery. The sculptures are just like bougainvillea petals falling into the water, accompanied by the sound of flowing water, creating a tranquil Atmosphere.


▼营销中心入口花池 Entrance planters


▼商业入口大台阶 Grand steps of the 2F shopping alley



At the grand steps, the petal-shaped stepped planters and vertical green wall enhance arrival experience of the 2F Shopping Alley. The calorie index lighting and interactive light boxes provide users with refreshing experiences. .


▼休息木平台与雕塑广场 Resting deck and sculpture square

▼雕塑广场坐凳 Bench in sculpture square

▼景观细部 Details


小结 Conclusion


Shouchuang Longhua Centre is a small and neat project. Because the landscape area is so limited and the programs are complicated, it brought to us a lot of re-thinking about the urban environment. In the context of ever-shrinking urban spaces, how to create interesting and popular small is a topic that we need to explore in future practices.



Location: Shenzhen, China
Client: Shenzhen Capital Land
Design content: Landscape Design
Landscape architect: Brandon Huang
Design team: Zheng Yalong, Wu Meijuan, Deng Ruhan, Ye Chen, Zheng Ying
Construction drawing design: Shenzhen Benmodu à Shenzhen OEA
Landscape area: 8895 square meters
Design / Completion time: April 2018 – May 2019
Photographer: Yu Lifeng


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