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YIYU Design: Beyond a garden to see the nature, the silhouette garden is also a place for emotional bonding to the nature. Watering the plants in the morning, collecting a leaf falling in the dawn, we wish the connection between the garden and mind can be boned stronger with engagement. The true silhouette of the garden is revealed through memories within, at the very moment of life.




The Silhouette Garden is located in the French concession in Shanghai. The layout of the garden is highly influenced by hybrid of European gated garden, and Chinese “lilong ” ( the shared garden). The result of the cultural mixture creates a unique layout between the garden and the building.




This typology gives a sense of privacy from the street side, yet creates a sharable open space in the center. Our proposal is to utilize the center to create a shared green space, and renovate the two buildings into a gallery and a tea room.


▽画廊入口处迎接访客的植物 The plants form a welcoming entry to the gallery



The design strategy is to cover the whole garden with green fully, and curve out only minimal area for a path and a contemplation area to maximize the nature. The garden becomes a green void filled with plants and flowers. From the street to the garden, a sense of nature is amplified by the contrast of the fully green.


▽绿植和鲜花填满整个花园 The garden is filled with beautiful greens and flowers.

▽花园中一个供冥想的角落 A contemplation corner in the garden



The experience at the garden continues to extend to the interior. With thoughtful openings on the walls and doorway, the garden is framed by the window and the entry. Like a living painting, the silhouette of plants is highlighted by the contrast between the darkness from inside, and the brightness from outside.


▽茶室内看到的如画般的景观 The painting-like landscape in the tea house.



YIYU also takes this opportunity to study the potential of plants in their shapes, seasonalities, and colors. The design detail is to use plants with various silhouettes to create a combination that catches light and shadow, and mix in flowers that provide a hint of color in seasons.


▽平面图 Plan

▽剖面季节性研究 Section of seasons

▽四时剪影研究 Seasonal silhouette research



The combination gives the garden an interesting layering of texture, and forms an extraordinary experience like walking into a three-dimensional picture filled with beautiful plants and colors.


▽植物的轮廓和阴影与墙体形成有趣的对话 The silhouette and shadow of the plants creates an interesting dialogue on the wall.

▽植物在夜间的剪影 The silhouette from the plants at night

▽植物和花朵美丽的剪影 Beautiful silhouette of plants and flowers



The material study of the garden is to use two walls with different textures and colors, to create interesting backgrounds for the plants. The orange rammed wall creates a strong contrast to the green, yet the white concrete wall blends the plants harmoniously. The materiality, texture, and color from the constructed and the nature, create an interactive dialogue between each other.


▽植物成为这栋建筑生动的细节 Plantation becomes the living details of the building.

▽苔藓成为坐凳上充满趣味的纹理 Moss becomes an interesting texture on the bench.




主创及设计团队:林逸峯/ 黃婉贞 田益正

Project name: Silhouette Garden
Project location: Wukang Road, Shanghai, China
Design: YIYU design
Website: www.yiyudes.com
Contact e-mail: info@yiyudes.com
Leader designer & Team: Yifeng Lin/ Wanzhen Huang, Yizheng Tian
Landscape: 30㎡
Design year: 2019
Year Built: 2019
Architect: Feile Cao
Photo credits: YIYU design




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