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Atelier Partero:在Humbolec市中心郊外的这个地方,曾经有一个池塘。池塘很早以前就被填平了,后来该地区被建设起来,然后又进行了消毒,最后在 20 世纪,这里创建了一个公共绿地,一个城市公园。也许是为了结合现有的树木,又或是为了以布拉格的同类公园命名,这座公园最终被命名为斯特罗莫夫卡(Stromovka)。

Atelier Partero:In this place, on the outskirts of the town centre in Humpolec, there used to be a pond. It was filled in long ago, later the area was built up, then it was sanitized and finally in the 20th century a public green space was created here, a city park, which was named – perhaps to incorporate the existing trees, perhaps after its Prague counterpart – Stromovka.


© Aleš Jungmann
© Atelier Partero
© Atelier Partero



On the threshold of the new millennium, the original park no longer met the standards of contemporary urban life. From a recreational place it became a neglected space according to the typical scenario of a Czech small-town park: socialist plantings, post-communist maintenance, uncluttered and impenetrable greenery, overgrown shrubs, trees in poor condition, unmaintained paved areas, broken curbs… A park that everyone was used to, but life and any leisure activities absolutely did not work here.


© Aleš Jungmann
© Aleš Jungmann


我们与当地建筑工作室 OK PLAN Architects 合作开展了该修复项目,其设计在公共城市规划竞赛中获胜。设计方案经过了公开展示和公众咨询。在实施之前,我们不得不面对当地居民的轻微质疑,以及尽量少砍伐树木的普遍愿望。但并非所有愿望都能实现。为了不让错误的决定和妥协损害设计和最终工程,我们必须坚定立场,捍卫我们对现有绿地的态度。我们要砍,而且要大砍。

We joined forces with local architectural studio OK PLAN Architects on the restoration project and the design won the public urban planning competition. It went through an open presentation and public consultation. Before implementation, we had to face a slight distrust of the local residents and a general wish to cut as little as possible. Not every wish is achievable. In order not to damage the design and the final work by making bad decisions and compromising, we had to stand firm and defend our position on the existing green space. We will cut it down, and we will cut it down big.


© Aleš Jungmann



The principle and concept of the park is largely based on clearing and creating space – creating a well-connected and well-organized place. We need to bring air into the park, replacing unviable green space with new and viable green space. So the work has begun with a massive clearing and the light has finally come into the park. At that moment, the public was no longer kicking for the preservation of every bush – it seemed to have finally woken up and everyone realised the healing effect of the initial seemingly drastic intervention.


© Atelier Partero
© Atelier Partero




Then it was easy to start another joyful design process – planning various activities in the park, placing small architecture and furniture, taking into account historical and compositional context, routing paths and connections, choosing materials…

The restoration of Stromovka Park was not just about felling. The place is still firmly based on its greatest asset – a group of existing oak trees. In addition to brightening and calming the space, the genius of the project lies in the preservation of these original tree giants. They lend a wonderful atmosphere to the park – they are tall, well-built, and in the summer heat we can take refuge in the shade of their crowns even before the newly planted trees have grown.


© Atelier Partero
© Aleš Jungmann



We didn’t need to create a quality green skeleton in the park, but we have already found it here. During the construction, it was necessary to keep in mind the extensive and vulnerable root system and trunks of the oaks and to protect all the valuable trees from damage by construction equipment, excavation and all kinds of construction traffic.


© Aleš Jungmann



The routing of the roads through the park has been thought out so that the network of roads connects the nearest streets. The surfaces of the paths take into account their anticipated use and the frequency of pedestrian traffic, so the most used ones remain comfortably paved, the recreational ones are clay, shortcuts and various places of residence have been paved with stone mosaic or concrete tread with a green joint. We have also taken for granted the interfaces, the edging of each type of path and the comfortable continuity of one path to another in a soft curve.


© Aleš Jungmann



The main goals of the extensive renovation were visitor comfort and safety, activating the park adjacent to the city core, and creating a beautiful place to stay, rest, and even take a quick passage or a leisurely stroll.


© Aleš Jungmann



In the middle of the park, at the junction of the main paths, together with the architects, we placed a pavilion with a commercial space (café or gallery) and public toilets.


© Aleš Jungmann
© Aleš Jungmann



Next to the gazebo and seating area is a custom-designed atypical playground.


© Aleš Jungmann
© Aleš Jungmann


Here we were responsible for the care of the existing trees during construction – some of the trees have root growth at the interface of gravel areas, paths and kerbs and our task was both to address the protection of each of these and to design the layering of the walking surface of the play area and the impact areas underneath each of the play elements. Apart from the existing group of oak trees, the largest area of the park is occupied by a large area of amenity grass. This, like a good football pitch, needed to be graded and seeded correctly.


© Atelier Partero


公园的三面都种植了草本植物。其中公园东侧的Jan Zábrana街道两侧种植了多年生草坪,将周边人行道与停车位分隔开来。

The park is then lined on three sides with plantings even on the lower, herbaceous level. Jan Zábrana Street on the eastern side of the park is lined with perennial grass beds dividing the perimeter walkway from the parking spaces, and rich perennial plantings along the grassy area enriched with the spring aspect of bulbs are also proposed.


© Aleš Jungmann


绿化设计还包括中央凉亭绿色屋顶、树篱、沿 Na Rybníčku 大街的种植,以及草坪播种、新草坪和居民草坪播种混合物的设计。

The greenery design also included planting of the green roof of the central pavilion, hornbeam hedges, plantings along Na Rybníčku Street, and the design of mixtures for seeding the lawn and seeding new and resident lawn areas.


© Aleš Jungmann
© Aleš Jungmann



The park has been given a new coat of paint and looks very handsome. The neglected site has been transformed into an interesting public space that is worth a visit for locals as well as for travellers who want a good place to relax on the motorway.


© Aleš Jungmann


我们希望 Humpolec 市中心的斯特罗莫夫卡公园能够吸引更多游客,尤其是那些喜欢这里并愿意再次光临的游客。

We wish the Stromovka Park in the heart of Humpolec many visitors, especially those who will enjoy the place and like to come back.


© Aleš Jungmann


▽平面图 Plan

© Atelier Partero



项目名称:Stromovka Revival

景观/建筑公司:Atelier Partero
首席建筑师:Jakub Finger
设计团队:Mirka Svorová、Jana Zuntychová 和 Marika Dumková
客户:City of Humpolec
合作者:OK PLAN Architects

图片来源:Aleš Jungmann, Atelier Partero

Project Name: Stromovka Revival
Completion Year: 2019
Scale: City Park, public space
Project Location: Humpolec, Czechia

Landscape/Architecture Firm: Atelier Partero
Website: https://www.partero.cz/
Contact e-mail: info@partero.cz
Lead Architects: Jakub Finger
Design Team: Mirka Svorová, Jana Zuntychová, Marika Dumková
Clients: City of Humpolec
Collaborators: OK PLAN Architects

Photo Credits: Aleš Jungmann, Atelier Partero
Photographer’s Website: https://alesjungmann.cz/, https://www.partero.cz/




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