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rita guedes | arquitectura paisagista:​​在建筑上建造一个 1.3 万平方米的绿色屋顶,与城市绿地相衔接,加强了连通性,促进了可持续的流动性,该项目在多功能的逻辑中重视与城市空间的联系,加强了邻近关系和归属感

rita guedes | arquitectura paisagista: The construction of a 13.000m2 green roof over the building articulated with the green structure of the city, with a reinforcement of connectivity that promotes sustainable mobility, values the urban space in a logic of multifunctionality, reinforcing the relations of proximity and sense of belonging.



提案目标  Purpose of the proposal:




The intensification of the rhythms of life and work, with the continuous acceleration of humanity’s changes, contrasts with the natural slowness of biological evolution, which tend not to be oriented towards the common good and sustainable human development.

An ecology that integrates the specific place that human beings occupy in this world and their relations with the world around them attempt to be implemented. The human condition is closely linked to the culture that shapes human coexistence. This human coexistence should seek sustainable and integral development.


▽生态概念 Eco-Concept


▽总体概况 Vista Geral




Culture is something that is created, that is shaped through the values of society and the creation of projects like this shape societies, create natural and more human values, giving back man to nature and recreating connections that were once lost.



艺术与自然总是息息相关的。通过不同色调植被的光影变化,营造出神秘而富有吸引力的区域,从而激发和滋养人们的精神健康。1.7万 平方米的林地让我们与最天然纯净的大自然邂逅。在这里,人们可以寻求一点人类的自由。该项目旨在保护和加强干预区的生态和环境组成部分,重视相关遗产、景观和连接要素,同时促进休闲和娱乐区域的开发。

Art and nature have always been related. The creation of mystical, appealing areas, with plays of light and shadow allied to the different shades of vegetation inspires and nourishes the mental health of the population. The 17.000m2 of planted woodland areas lead us to an encounter with nature in its most natural purity. Here people can seek a little of their human freedom. The project aims to preserve and strengthen the ecological and environmental components of the intervention area, valuing the relevant heritage, landscape and connective elements and simultaneously promoting leisure and recreational areas.


▽艺术与自然 Art&Nature




在建筑上建造一个 1.3 万平方米的绿色屋顶,与城市绿地相衔接,加强了连通性,促进了可持续的流动性,该项目在多功能的逻辑中重视与城市空间的联系,加强了邻近关系和归属感。

The integration of this space in a network of local parks and gardens with new pedestrian paths and a cycling network anchored in the city’s eastern ecotrail creates conditions of full accessibility for all, with a strong impact on the social, emotional and functional life of who lives there.

The construction of a 13.000m2 green roof over the building articulated with the green structure of the city, with a reinforcement of connectivity that promotes sustainable mobility, values the urban space in a logic of multifunctionality, reinforcing the relations of proximity and sense of belonging.


▽生态-社会 Ecosocial


▽通道 Access





This project aims to be sustainable by improving the energy efficiency of the building, public space and infrastructure, and contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and noise, through creation of a huge green space over the structure and its surroundings and by encouraging pedestrian and cycling circulation.

This green space performs vital functions as an area of nature conservation and biodiversity in an urban context, acting as green lungs.


▽混合边界 Mixed Border


项目说明 Description of the project:



Given the complexity of the site, partly due to the existing physical limits, partly due to the high intensification of transport with associated high pollutant loads, the construction of this park had to be adjusted to this reality and used not only for the enjoyment of the population, but also with a function of air and soil decontamination.


▽改造前鸟瞰 Before


▽改造后鸟瞰 After – Birds Eye





The proposal bears in mind the need to conserve water, maximize the use of rainwater and protect its quality. Using natural systems, a set of actions was implemented that have the capacity to store, filter and distribute/return water to the soil – pond + ecological infiltration basins.

A pond was built to receive and store rainwater which, when exceeds its maximum storage capacity will discharge into the infiltration basin. This infiltration basin has the function of slowly giving back the purified and filtered water into the groundwater, contributing to the hydrological balance of urban waters.


▽鸟瞰 Birds Eye


▽桥 Bridge





植被通常被用作净化空气的一种手段。树木可以起到空气过滤器的作用,创造更有利于环境的小气候。树叶还能提供温和的小气候,防止强风和强烈的太阳光照射,形成阴影,并通过其气孔释放水分,有助于更好地平衡大气温度。现场种植了约 1100 棵树,形成了一个巨大的城市森林。

Vegetation is commonly used as a means of decontaminating the air. The use of trees will act as an air filter, creating a more environmentally favorable microclimate. The foliage of trees also provides a mild microclimate to protect from strong winds, strong solar incidence, creating shadows and releases water through its pores, contributing to a better balance of atmospheric temperature. Around 1.100 trees were planted on site offering a huge urban forest.


▽城市森林 Urban Forest



无障碍空间 Accessible spaces

1. 城市森林: 街道外围具有过滤作用的乔木,包括大面积的小树林。
2. 多年龄段公园:为所有年龄段的人提供社交、游戏、锻炼和思考大自然的共同空间,这对于在如此紧张的城市环境中创建健康快乐的社区至关重要。
3. 城市草地:由草地花卉构成,创造了具有大面积开放空间的欢聚区,并以树木作围帘,引导人们观赏城市中的名胜古迹。
4. 水景花园:建造自然化的蓄水池,增强水分渗入土壤的能力,并作为污染源的过滤器。

1. Urban Forest: Arboreal filter on the periphery of the streets AND of extensive areas of groves of trees.
2. Multiage Park: mutual space for all generations to socialize, play, exercise and also contemplate nature, essential for the creation of healthy and joyful communities in such an intense urban environment.
3. Urban meadow: floristic composition of meadow, creation of conviviality zones with large open spaces and wrapped by arboreal curtains directing views to points of interest in the city
4. Water garden: construction of naturalized retention basins, to increase the infiltration capacity of water into the soil and as a filter for polluting agents


▽多年龄段公园 Multiage Park


▽Dragao View Dragao


▽整体视野 General View


▽花草甸 Flower Meadow


▽绿化基础设施 Greening Infrastructure


封闭空间 Non-accessible spaces:

1. 环岛:种植有助于发挥生态走廊功能的本地物种
2. 路堤:由本地植物形成的生态走廊,有助于提高路堤结构的稳定性,减轻噪音、视觉和污染物的负面影响
3. 归化栖息地:人迹罕至的地方,鸟类筑巢的栖息地,为动物创造有利的栖息地。

1. Roundabout: native species contributing to the function of ecological corridors
2. Embankments: native plant species – ecological corridors, contributing to greater structural stability of the embankments, mitigating the negative impacts of noise, visual and pollutants
3. Naturalized habitat: an inaccessible area, niche for nesting birds, creation of favorable habitats for animal species


▽学校视野 View School


▽Dragao视野 View Dragao


▽施工阶段 Contruction Phase


▽总体规划设计 Masterplan


▽平面-剖面图 Plan-Section




项目地点:葡萄牙 波尔图Rua de Bonjóia 691 4300、4300-084
景观/建筑公司:rita guedes|arquitectura paisagista
首席建筑师:建筑师 Nuno Brandão Costa;景观设计师 Rita Guedes
设计团队:Nuno brandão Costa Arquitecto, Adão da Fonseca Eng.º Consultores, Elza Mendas Cacao Civil Engineering, Miguel Alves ABprojectos
客户:GOP – Gabinete de Obras Públicas, Porto
合作者:Luisa Brandão、Stefan Hutschenreuter、Beatriz Lopes
图片来源:rita guedes(除鸟瞰图外的所有图片)和 João Torres Neves(仅鸟瞰图)

Project Name: Terminal Intermodal de Campanhã Urban Green Park
Completion Year: 2023
Scale: 59.809 m2
Project Location: Rua de Bonjóia 691 4300, 4300-084 Porto, Portugal
Landscape/Architecture Firm: rita guedes | arquitectura paisagista
Website: www.arquitectura-paisagista.com
Contact e-mail: ritaguedes@arquitectura-paisagista.com
Lead Architects: Architect: Nuno Brandão Costa; Landscape Architect: Rita Guedes
Design Team: Nuno brandão Costa Arquitecto, Adão da Fonseca Eng.º Consultores, Elza Mendas Cacao Civil Engineering, Miguel Alves ABprojectos
Clients: GOP – Gabinete de Obras Públicas, Porto
Collaborators: Luisa Brandão, Stefan Hutschenreuter, Beatriz Lopes
Photo Credits: rita guedes (all images except Birds eye view) and João Torres Neves (only Birds eye view)


在建筑上建造一个 1.3 万平方米的绿色屋顶,与城市绿地相衔接,加强了连通性,促进了可持续的流动性,该项目在多功能的逻辑中重视与城市空间的联系,加强了邻近关系和归属感


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