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LAURENT: The landscape is also a container, and the appearance is just the body. When we unveil the mask of the object, the story behind sublimates into an artistic conception. It is beyond the appearance, pursuing dialogue between humans and time, human and space. Thus, it is waiting for the bosom friend to resonate.

建筑对我来说不是理论、抽象的东西,而是戏剧的空间,是人类情感的容器。Architecture is not a theoretical, abstract thing for me, but a dramatic space, a container of human emotions.

—— 建筑大师 姚仁喜 Architect Yao Renxi


项目区位 Project location


The project is located in the Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City, adjacent to the Xixi Wetland, providing the entire project with excellent natural resources.In addition to the natural beauty of the surrounding environment, the project’s customer base is also concentrated in the 35-year-old corporate executives, who seek a better life quality and self-spiritual world.



设计理念 Design Concept



With the theme of “Nature”, we focus on the “inside spirit and outside environment” and create a landscape that follows natural laws, returns to the source of life, and explore the inner spirit.

“External environment”, namely, is the impression given by the project perception. By material selection, space creation, natural texture, light and shadow changes, real stone, and planting to create a living environment of thousands of worlds, reflecting the natural and diverse living atmosphere.The “Inner Spirit” is more than merely the appearance. It is a spiritual space to lead a dialogue between time and space, to inspire people to think quietly and to resonate.



设计手法 Design method


By the experience of wandering in nature, the feeling of returning to nature arises spontaneously, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Returning to the warmth of home and nature, the natural scene of life is at your fingertips.



设计愿景 Design Vision


Using the guiding function of space in behavior and feeling, we divide the site into three realms, and then extract five elements from nature to make the whole site a progressive spatial layout of five, Inadvertent changing space draws the human mind from the hustle and bustle of the city, opening a natural journey of spiritual experience.

“森之隐””Hidden Forest”——城市界面入口空间urban interface entrance space
“绿之丘””Green Hill” ——人行导入空间pedestrian directing space
“时之源””The source of time” ——主入口空间the main entrance space
“外象内境””External Environment and Internal Spirit” ——下沉庭院空间sinking courtyard space
“花之隐””Hidden Flower ” ——后场空间(主题样板庭院)Backcourt Space (Sample Garden)


▼总平面图  Master Plan


森之隐·界面 Hidden Forest · Interface


The main entrance concept is “Hidden Forest”. It adopts the design method of a five-star hotel with a drop-off and a welcome area. This is the first courtyard.


森之隐实景图 Hidden Forest Real-world Scene Pictures

森之隐入口夜景 Hidden Forest Entrance Night Scene


From the urban interface to the demonstration area, it represents a new world – a green, lush, lively and isolated secret world. Visitors can drive through a green, sloping avenue, with flowers and lush sides to this world.


绿之丘·渐入 Green Hill · Fade in


From the reception hall, through the “Green Hill” into the main entrance gate area, Visitors can enter the second courtyard.The well-designed green hills of the “Green Hill” create a sense of space for the undulating terrain. Specially selected tallow trees are planted on both sides of the road. The branches of the Tallow trees are carrying the past, the old rhyme is not scattered.


▼绿之丘实景图 Green Hill Real-world Scene Pictures

时之源·入境 Source of Time ·Entry

通过乌桕林便到达主入口。入口正对中心水景以:“时之源”为主题,庄子 《秋水篇》中提到“秋水时至,百川灌河。”

Through the tallow woods is the main entrance.The entrance is facing the center waterscape with the theme of “Source of Time”. Zhuangzi’s “Qiushui Pian” mentions, “the time of autumn, the river comes to the sea.”


时之源实景图 Source of Time Real-world Scene Picture


The main stone mimics Xishan, which is the embodiment of the frame. The water flow on the stone platform simulates the scene of the river flowing. The circular pool symbolizes the scene of the river to the sea.


水景石料采用中国黑和黑白根 waterscape stone



The stone in the center of the entrance is Chinese black raw stone, which was polished for 3 months. The water features on both sides share 6 pieces of Tonglu stone, which are collected from the local.


桐庐石 Tonglu Stone



Highlight the concept of “hidden”, do not independently emphasize the concept of the door; hide the door into the building, and use the architectural vocabulary to extend the interface of the door.



外象内境 External Environment and Internal Spirit


Coming from the main entrance and through the entrance corridor into the room, from the first floor to the basement level is the third space ” External Environment and Internal Spirit “.The sinking space is tightly wrapped around by the four-sided corridor. For those who are indoors, the world outside is more like the perfect artwork protected by the glass showcase.


中庭手稿 Atrium manuscript


Through the deep discussion of the object, the designer believes that only the still waterscape of the sinking courtyard is the core of the project’s “external environment” spirit.


外象:从视觉审美功能上讲,圆形设计满足了各角度的观看效果,无论从哪个方向看,都呈现最佳的效果。内境:从意境上讲,“月满则亏,水满则溢”,所以中间的圆环并不是一个圆满的圆,而是逐渐变化最终趋于无的形态。绿岛中间的植物与圆环形成一种“一人一世界,一树一菩提”,“坐看花开花落”的哲学意境。水带来灵性和宁静,希望用一池静水,给庭院带来的光辉和动感,有”半亩方塘一鉴开.天光云影共徘徊”的意境。坐在庭院边,闲看庭前花开花落, 去留无意,漫随天外云卷云舒。

External Environment: considering the visual aesthetic function, the circular design satisfies the viewing effect at all angles, showing the best image from all directions.Inner Spirit: considering the artistic conception, “the moon waxes only to wane, water brims only to overflow.” Therefore, the middle ring is not a perfect circle, but a form that gradually changes and eventually fading away. The plants in the middle of the green island and the ring form a philosophical artistic conception of “one person, one world, one tree, one bodhi” and “sit and see flowers bloom.” The water brings spirituality and tranquility. We hope to use a pool of still water to bring the brilliance and dynamic to the courtyard. There is a conception of “in a half-acre open square, the sky is full of clouds and shadows dancing”. Sitting on the side of the courtyard, watching the flowers bloom in the court, visitors leave unintentionally, with the scudding and clearing of clouds.


下沉庭院中心的植物为特选青梅 The plant of the center of the sinking courtyard is the specially selected green plum.


花之隐·闲庭 Hidden Flower ·Leisure Court


After taking the elevator from the underground floor to the first floor, we can enter the fourth space – “Hidden Flower”Visitors can take three steps into the gallery and sit to enjoy a moment of tranquility and natural fragrance.



花之隐细节 Hidden Flower Details

样板庭院 Sample Courtyard

从巷道入口进入巷道内再进入样板庭院,就是第五重空间——“蒙德里安的花园”。以 “蒙德里安的花园”为主题,借由蒙德里安的艺术作品,在其设计基础上抽取平面构成的语言,重组设计简约大气的几何形体构成的设计。简约紧致的造型,让人悠享艺术私密的花园,雅致悠然的生活场景。构成富有灵魂与艺术气息的庭院设计。

Through the alley to the sample courtyard is the fifth space – “Garden of Mondrian”.The theme of “Mondrian’s Garden” cones from Mondrian’s artworks. We extract the language of his works to design the plan with a simple and geometric structure. The simple and compact shape allows people to enjoy private art gardens and elegant living scenes. It forms a courtyard design with souls and art spirits.



样板庭院细节 Sample Garden Details



The landscape should not only the level you can see but should be the space that everyone can perceive, experience and resonate.In the future, we will create more landscape that follows natural laws, returns to the source of life, and explore the inner spirit.


住宅效果图展示 Perspective


结语 Conclusion

景观是一种“情境”, “情境”在更好的状态中会升华成一种意境。超越表象之外,追求人与时间、人与空间的对话,引发人们从内心产生与景观的共鸣。通过景观的手法向客户传达这种内在的情感,让景观不再是形式上空间。我们以“自然”为主题,围绕“外象内境”展开,打造取法自然,回归生活本源,探寻内心本我的院落宅邸。

The landscape is a “context”, and “context” will sublimate into a mood in a better state. Beyond the appearance, the pursuit of conversation between people and time, between people and space, leading people to resonate with the landscape from the heart. Through the landscape approach, this inner feeling is conveyed to the customer. Therefore, the landscape is no longer space merely in form. With the theme of “Nature”, we focus on the “inside spirit and outside environment” and create a landscape that follows natural laws, returns to the source of life, and explore the inner spirit.




项目面积:示范区4000 ㎡
建成时间: 2019.04

Project location:Hangzhou, zhejiang
Landscape design: LAURENT
Landscape team: Yulong Jiang, Yong Li, Yuanqi Song ,  Dongmei Feng,  Hewen Jiang,  Qi Yang,  Wen Shi,  Mingfeng Liang,  Yonghui Tang, Wei Liu,  Juan Yu,  Xin Wu
Landscape construction: Shanghai shangnong garden co. LTD
Landscape area: 4000 ㎡
Completion: April 2019
Photography: Zhe Xu


项目中的材料运用 Application of materials in this project


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