Woodland公园十字路口是一个八英亩的多用途开发项目。Landscape Architecture Bureau 为内部街道设计了街道景观,周边种植和分级,将发展与郊区的环境联系起来,以及三个庭院。除了街景,LAB还设计了一个treillage系统,在没有建筑程序的情况下模拟了一个象限的街景。庭院里有一个小广场,在主要的十字路口有一个特制的风化金属和石头喷泉,还有两个公寓的庭院:一个是阴凉的飞地,另一个是阳光充足的露台,还有一个游泳池。

Woodland Park Crossing is an eight-acre mixed-use development. LAB designed streetscapes for the internal streets, perimeter planting and grading to link the development to its suburban context, and three courtyards. In addition to the streetscapes, LAB also designed a system of treillage to mimic a streetscape for the one quadrant without a building program. The courtyards include a small plaza with a custom-designed weathered-steel and stone fountain at the main intersection and two courts for the apartments: a shady enclave for one and a sunny terrace with a swimming pool for the other.


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