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Weimar Group: On the broken and fragmented changes, there must be a space core with eternal gaze, which can be static layout like a cultural leap, or unshaken like a rock’s gaze. All the virtual vistas will go away, and with the new core, enter the expression of nature and into the concrete landscape life.



景观的 | 语言系统 Design thinking


The project is located in the north of Lianfang East Road, Handan, Hebei Province, close to the planned CBD core area of the east district. As the city center of the east district, Xuanhe TOP luxury products, highly concentrate the economic, scientific and technological and cultural forces of the city. With the transition of the city, the meaning of rebirth and innovation is constantly surging.


▽区位概况 Location profile



The first thing of this project was fear and awe. This is the first TOP product jointly created with Xuanhe. It is true that we are ready to face challenges, but we did not expect to face such problems as “multiple rounds of overthrow”, “running-in” of all parties “and” difficult diseases “. In the scenic stage of the project, we found that there were the normal conditions of “small space, high construction” and “separation + disorder” in the site. For example, in the small atrium space, many prominent building structures (1.2 m-3 m high) divide the orderly landscape space into several small units and scattered in the space, disordered and complex; how to design the ground and underground to avoid the unfriendly experience brought by one lighting well?


▽设计概念演绎 Design concept deduction

▽总平面图 Plan



After many rounds of conflict with the difficult and complicated problems of the project itself, we found that sometimes “face and return” is also the best key. We reorganized and studied the site space, applied rational layout and design techniques of suturing and planning, took the cultural heritage of Autumn Scenery of Rivers and Mountains as the spatial basis, and through the circular reciprocation of axis space, divided each independent and disordered building unit space. The language system of landscape is used to recreate the overall plan, which is not the unity of the form but the unity of the space core, and will eventually create a speculative “product system” and a resilient “landscape texture”.



布势 | 开阔 Broao layout


The entrance is in the shape of a mountain forest, with the mountain as the boundary, walking through the stone forest, and opening a secluded and natural scene. The visual focus is specifically selected to use the He Shi Bi sculpture to respect the etiquette and welcome guests, inheriting the concept of luxury living in the “He Xi” series, and redefining the trend of expanding the TOP series product layout.


▽入口空间 Entrance space


虚实 | 相生 False or true complement


With the open mountain shape, strolling forward without hearing anyone speak, the first thing to hear is the “cold sound of the falling stream, the spring, the Guo Guo Guo”. The giant stone device is facing up on the fluorescent water scenery, gazing at each other. The “stone” is the bone of heaven and earth, and the “waterfall” is the continuous flow of water. The water is moist, abundant, and peaceful, and the virtual and real coexist. After entering the world of painting, the giant black stone is serene and distant, and after time grinding, it is unified and reborn with the site.


▽瀑布观景台 Waterfall viewing platform

▽以巨石装置为视觉焦点的水中卡座 Water booth with boulder device as visual focus


开合 | 有度 Opin and close properly


The shape of the river, swim Qu water wind and, “view maple Yin month, to the movie star light, sit here, simple and quiet.” An area of dense natural and implicit aesthetics opens itself to the viewer, exposes the essence of time, washes away the lead and returns to purity.




The perfect blend of gravel and ground cover, and the encounter between maple and fog create a quiet and natural immersive experience at the opening and closing time. Here, the soul can be released, emotions can be built, and the space can be quiet and empty.


▽静谧自然的沉浸式体验空间 Quiet and natural immersive experience space



空灵 | 深邃 Ethereal and profound


Standing on the firm rock, plankton living room breaks the boundary between indoor and outdoor space, the rough and fine collide and dialogue in nature. In an instant, freedom and order coexist, sky light and cloud shadow travel together, profound and vivid, feeling the landscape.


▽浮游客厅 Floating living room



Natural stone simulates the cold of the mountain, suspended in the mirror water, showing a lonely peak looking at the pool of potential, both sides, a glance at the mountains of the four seas, real, pure, broad, space design when there is a rock core, landscape does not realize philosophy, but with rationalism will be the reality of philosophy.


▽自然置石 Natural stone setting

▽自然置石漂浮于镜面水景 Natural stone floating in the mirror water feature

▽水景细节展示 Water feature detail display


多变 | 统一 Changeable unity


Planting forest into the hospital, find the years safely. Point planting trees, gravel, ground cover, platform segmentation, so that the whole space is full of rhythm, stone ornament artistic conception, rich details. Nature is always the most human desire, in the city to create a forest, belong to nature, symbiosis in nature.



后记 | 磐石之音 Epilogue rock voice




“Landscape” has been carrying the law of natural law since ancient times. Nowadays, a large number of civil construction has distorted our objective cognition of “landscape”. Nature is the purification system of life and the symbol of life circle. With the rapid expansion of urban space and the rapid deterioration of the environment, people are increasingly calling for the return to nature. We expect to inject a dose of green medicine, leave a large amount of space for green, and create a landscape life of “on the rock · Tibetan Oasis”.

This is a lot of cooperation between us and Xuanhe. However, as the first TOP product of Xuanhe in Handan, it was a huge challenge for Xuanhe and the design of the team. There were discussions, exchanges, learning and breakthroughs at 2 o ‘clock in the morning, repeated deliberation and brainstorming of the scheme, but no compromise or giving up, we were very lucky to meet a project like 109. What’s more, I was lucky to meet the professional team behind the project, just as the project itself conveys that the rock is as old as before and the tenacity is eternal.

— Design director language


▽施工过程 Construction process




Project name: Xuanhe Real Estate
Owner team: Li Zhiyong, Wang Hongxing, Wang Peng, Zhang Hanfei, Zhao Shuaigang, Yu Gaofeng
Landscape Design: Weimar Group Chengdu Company
Architectural Design: Hangzhou Shangbai Architectural Design Consulting Co., LTD
Construction unit: Hebei Yixiao Landscape Engineering Co., LTD
Project address: Handan City Lianfang Road north
Opening hours: 2023.4.12
Landscape area: 17,205.51 ㎡
Photography team: IAM Photography




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