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Sunshine Landscape: Rated as “the most beautiful restaurant in Nanjing” by the net friends, the Zijin Mountain is more precisely an art museum hidden in the forest. People who come to here are attracted by the fresh and elegant environment. As the latest product of the famous Nanjing catering brand “Red Restaurant” series, the popularity of Zijin Mountain is not simply to continue the style of the brand.





It integrates ancient buildings into the environment, create artistic conception space, conveys unique artistic taste and deep cultural value to the public through art collection and restaurant environmental atmosphere, and creates an experience full of humanistic temperament and oriental aesthetics from the inside to the outside.Space here is a more contemporary interpretation and expression of the concept of “New Urban Forest”.

The design protects the original nature and culture, and constructs a scene experience that transitions from the city to the nature, and then integrates into the nature. It’s also a state of mind convert for people from the complex city to the ethereal nature. Here, we can capture the wonder of “seeing deer in the deep forest” and feel the beauty of nature.




南京·紫金山院 Zijin Mountain


Zijin Mountain is located in Nanjing Zhongshan scenic spot with abundant natural resources, with a total landscape area of about 1000 square meters. Designer creates an art palace in the mountains and forests by skillfully placing the landscape on the natural base, from delicacy to nature, showing the prosperity of city ouside, and the tranquility of nature in the mountain. Inspired by the “Gao Shi Painting” by Wei Xian, the designer imitates the leisure pavilion, jagged stones, old trees and valley in the painting, making landscape space gradually infiltrates into the forests, finally integrates into them, forming the harmony state of mountains and garden, and creating an artistic conception above nature in the jungle.


▽山林环抱,与《高士图》的清雅意境异曲同工 The environment is similar to the “Gao Shi Painting”



The site is 60m from the south to the north. By organizing two tour routes opposite to the east and the west, it not only enhances the sense of spatial sequence, but also adapts to the terrain, leaving more small spaces to talk with nature and creates an unbounded artistic landscape integrated with nature in a limited space. The space surrounded by nature is integrated into the mountains and forests in the way of internal and external superposition and real and virtual changes, which deduces the intimate integration of body and nature, with the intention of creating an immersive experience


▽总平面图 Master Plan


▽游廊空间,实虚交叠 Real and virtual overlap in the space



The state of harmony and confrontation between mountain and courtyard are just like the “On Leveling All Things” that there are left and right, ethical and righteous, divided and debated, and there is competition and contention.




景观在项目中的角色思考 Landscape role


As a treasure of historical context inheritance, how to use modern design language for protective development to enhance it’s contemporary value is an important topic in the field of urban renewal, and that is the exactly significance of design by making landscape into environment and architecture naturally



▽传统建筑与环境的融合 Integration of building and environment



Sometimes building and garden are separated from each other in some projects. But in this project, designer take measures to avoid the separation of landscape and architecture, and to set aside ecological corridors to ensure that the habitats of animals and plants are not damaged, and to maintain a healthy and sustainable native ecological environment. “We combined the original texture of the ancient building to sort out the space, make full use of the echoing relationship between the building and the site and the characteristics of height difference, clarify the unfavorable factors and contradictions, organize the landscape route with great experience and rich visual perception, and skillfully reconcile the relationship between building and environment, making its ‘shape’ and ‘artistic conception’ blend in with nature, forming a garden restaurant with a ‘virtual and real coexistence and mutual integration’,” said designer Yang Hua.


▽“无界”餐厅 Unbounded Restaurant



It’s difficult to “keep natural and don’t declare the lord” for landscape architect. By appropriately weakening the landscape embodiment, eliminating and hiding the boundary, The Zijin Mountain creates a landscape space that is publicized but not robbed, which makes its connotation richer and more vital, and makes people feel the transcendental artistic conception.



对空间的虚实营造 Virtual and real space



The designer said, “we think about the design expression from modernity to modernity, and reconstruct the ancient architectural space in a more abstract and concise way. The construction mode, aesthetic cognition and the organization of spatial units in the project are the more essential and cultural understanding of space, which we call” getting in”, and the word” middle “is the most typical” people-oriented “: people define space, and where people go is the center; It doesn’t matter whether the space is big or small, but depends on the scale and the surrounding space feeling. Therefore, between advance and retreat, the garden becomes its own. “

The concept of “see the big world through small one” implies the Chinese people’s understanding of heaven, earth and the natural world.




Zijin Mountain integrates the professional understanding of Oriental culture and space layout. By breaking the spatial layout of the original ancient buildings, it reconstructs the building as an abstract geometric space, decomposes and isolates the space with the smallest cell, and constructs multiple spaces by means of “hollowing out” and “leaving blank”. This is the most essential interpretation and reconstruction of space in western architecture and also contains the Oriental ritual order in the mean time.




Adopting the design method of the supremacy of nature, constructing and gradually transitioning from the city to the nature makes the garden space extremely vitality and transparent. Its spatial scale is pleasant, full of rhythm, which creates profound and endless changes in artistic conception.




Calligraphy, music, furniture and other products are the exclusive customization of Zijin Mountain, creating a sense of unboundedness in different dimensions. Corridor, tea room and half pavilion, these transparent construction forms strengthen the feeling of virtual and real, and increase the level of space. The scenery in the courtyard coexists with the virtual and the real, and the garden and the space transform each other, making people forget the reality of the body and the emptiness of the space, so as to experience the realm of free and unfettered.


▽匾额题写:吴振立 Calligraphy by Wu Zhenli


▽入口水景细节,“活水清渠” Entrance water feature


▽水砚台,“池水有界,流水无尽” Water Inkstone Terrace



As the layers progress, the courtyard outside the restaurant is just as a forest. Artificial and natural scenery are intertwined and everything seems to have no boundaries.It is ethereal, free, and carefree, and the garden is the best spiritual vector.





Walking in the courtyard is like in the forests. The environment here encourage people to worship and admire nature as if they are devoutly admiring the gods. The project has minimized the interference with nature and maintained the spirituality of nature. Every scene and object materialized here is subtly integrated with nature, making people open their minds and forget the troubles.




The virtual and real art space and emotional perception of  Zijin Mountain are not only reflected in the physical level, such as moss, stone, spring, and garden, but also through the lighting of different color temperatures to set off the environmental atmosphere and induce mood changes. Milky white, milky yellow and orange lights transitioning softly from dark to bright. Giving people a warm feeling of returning home, and full of light and satisfaction in the deep. The warm light emitted from the inside passes through the corridor and stone steps making the Zijin Mountain is radiant and warm in the dark night among the mountains and forests.





Adjacent to the most beautiful and romantic “Indus Necklace” Meiling Palace and “Forest Theater” music platform, Zijin Mountain is a veritable natural oxygen bar. In addition to its unique natural environment, it is also endowed with strong humanistic attributes and romantic colors due to its unique geographical location. In terms of large space, the mountain courtyard is located in the “middle” of the scenic spot, and it is a small garden in this large garden of Zijin Mountain.




In order to get close to nature to the greatest extent and integrate into nature, the way of handling the scenery is particularly ingenious. Retain a large number of plants within the site, and only make appropriate artistic combing. Plants can naturally adapt to the environment and rely on natural scenery, rain to grow outside the site and without further maintenance. What’s more, take the methods of combing weeds and cultivating understory moss are integrated into the mountain forest.




It integrates the sounds of insects and birds in nature into the garden, and uses the name of nature element as the name of the courtyard, constructing a poetic and life-like scene.There is always accompany with living beings, full of wild and natural delights.




The private space surrounded by nature 360° is far away from the hustle and bustle, leading to the depths of the forest. The place is small, but there is birds chirping and deer whispering,and accompanied by all things in natural.


▽餐厅与私享空间隔林相望 Restaurant space relationship






The design shows respect for original natural ecology, excavates the humanistic and ecological value of the site to realize the harmonious coexistence of nature and landscape. It is not a purely traditional oriental garden, nor is it a modern western landscape space,but the space is a garden and a garden is also a space, it is an immersive “urban forest”. The space in the Zijin Mountain reflects the wisdom and influence of oriental culture: full of wisdom and brilliance, all the spaces are inexhaustible, see the big world through small one, but they don’t know the source.

That’s all the new concepts and nature.





项目地点:中国 南京

景观主创设计:赵卓毅 杨华
景观执行设计:吴京力 韩帅 易术中 燕成征 徐丽 任怡韵 田静静 赵耀 杨利 赵静 朱会壮 于凯蓉 胡杨等


Project Name: Zijin Mountain
Location: Nanjing, China
Project Area: 3200 square meters
Completion Date: September 2021

Owner: Nanjing Red Restaurant catering group
Interior Design and Landscape Concept: Minggu Design
Plaque Inscription: Wu Zhenli
Landscape Design: Beijing Sunshine Landscape
Lead Architects: Zhao Zhuoyi, Yang Hua
Landscape Executive Design: Wu Jingli, Han Shuai, Yi Shuzhong, Yan Chengzheng, Xu Li, Ren Yiyun, Tian Jingjing, Zhao Yao, Yang Li, Zhao Jing, Zhu Huizhuang, Yu Kairong, Hu Yang, etc
Landscape Engineering: Gold Pedestal Garden
Main Materials: natural Shanxi black, textured Indian black, apple grey, moss, bamboo, etc
Photos: Courtesy of Minggu Design, Yang Hua and his friends

Copywriting: mooool




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