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JINSHA GROUP: The gate inherits the ancient architecture and injects modern elements. The historic bracket set architecture and the vigorous century-old pines show a unique style.


▽入口空间 Entrance space






商丘,踞豫东,扼中原,始三皇,历六朝之古都。虽上下五千年,洋洋数万字,难述其深醇浑厚。金沙集团勇摘商丘日月湖片区难得之佳地,承古拓新,求佳作,以飨业主。天和园林和道合设计掷万金,历千日,穷百计,十分真挚,一得东院美景。工于至诚,行以致远,金沙集团至诚之心和东院景观必能承受时间的洗礼。——道合设计 邢佑浩

Shangqiu, located in the east of Henan, straddling the Central Plains, was the ancient capital of the Three Emperors and experienced six dynasties. Although it spans five thousand years and contains tens of thousands of words, it is difficult to describe its depth. Sands Group has obtained a rare good land plot in the Riyue Lake area of Shangqiu. Inheriting the past and developing the new, seeking excellent works for the enjoyment of the owners. Tianhe Landscape and Donehome spent thousands of dollars , thousands of days, and tried hundreds of tricks to achieve the beautiful scenery . Work with sincerity and go far. The sincerity of Sands Group and the landscape of the East Courtyard will surely withstand the baptism of time.——DONEHOME Youhao Xing



01东方美学“三境”Eastern Aesthetics “Three Contexts”



Material context 、 emotion context and imagery context are the three levels of Eastern aesthetics. They are the crystallization of Chinese gardening wisdom.Seeking truth in material context,comforting heart in emotion context,smoothing spirit in imagery context. They both value and methodology.
The design team of Jinsha East Courtyard strives to break away from constraints, adopt traditional gardening techniques, abandon “superficial” design, and pursue “true Oriental”.



境出其形 Context derived from forms


Zhen, Xing and Cao are three calligraphy styles, which are the expression of the calligrapher’s perception of nature and state of mind, and the same is true for gardening. Jinsha East Courtyard follows moderation and is used in water management, mountain building, stone placement, floor paving, and planting. It is strict but not rigid, scattered but not chaotic.


▽田英章 楷书&欧阳鹤 行书&董其昌 草书 Yingzhang Tian regular script & He Ouyang semi-cursive script & Qichang Dong cursive script


02 物境——物之语 Material context-language of objects


置石 | 大巧若拙 质朴求真 Setting stone | Great skill but clumsiness, simplicity and truth-seeking

|原表皮| 不加雕饰,保持山西黑自然表皮,呈现自然美感、独特性。

Material context:Object image is the external representation of charm and the visual experience of natural scenery. The object environment in the east courtyard seeks authenticity, is simple and humble, uses raw stones, real materials, and minimal processing, and rejects veneers, fake stones, and pseudo-natural surfaces.

|Original epidermis| No carvings, maintaining the natural Shanxi Black epidermis, showing natural beauty and uniqueness.


▽尊重置石的自然拙朴 Respect the natural simplicity of stone



|Naturally| Let the stone be the way it is.




|Stone Craftsmanship| The stone processing process reflects the true nature of the stone, and artificiality gives way to nature.



理水 | 法自然 公天下 Water management | Learn from nature and the world is for the common good



Natural beauty is the beauty that has no objection in the world.Learning from nature and transforming it into use is one of the ways to seek truth in objects.

Vein direction: Copy the natural stream, learn one of the three, follow the meandering vein direction, imitate the running script font, and become the paving stone vein, the pond bottom vein, the water flow vein, and the fish swimming vein.


▽社区里的自然溪涧 Natural streams in the community


03 情境——体悟度景 Emotion context-Realize the scenery


人文环境 Cultural environment


Emotion context:the scene of human-scenery communication is the experience of place, covering many aspects of human-scenery interaction such as scenes, characters, atmosphere, time, and weather.

The east courtyard comprehensively imitates various living places such as Liang Garden, Yingtian Academy, and traditional houses. The ceremonial space is constructed, and architectural elements such as the high-walled deep courtyard, the four-water return hall, the calligraphy and ink washing pond, and the handwriting verandah are formed.



|入口界面| 外严内逸,形成高墙深院的尊贵感和领域感。

| Entrance interface | Strict on the outside and elegant on the inside, forming a sense of nobility and domain with high walls and a deep courtyard.



|四水归堂| 水汇聚气,风水吉祥之地;面朝东方,紫气东来。

|Four Waters Return to the Hall| Water gathers Qi, which is an auspicious place in Feng Shui; facing the east, purple Qi comes from the east.


▽仪式感庭院景观 Ceremonial courtyard view


|抄手游廊| 凸显尊贵地位和对客人的重视。

|Chaoshou Veranda| Highlights the distinguished status and the importance to guests.


▽景观游廊 Landscape veranda


生活场景 Life scenes

|水庭院| 池水清澈见底,水中游弋着锦鲤带来生动景象。

|Water Courtyard| The water in the pool is crystal clear, and the koi carps swimming in the water bring a vivid scene.


▽自然景观下的生活场景演绎 Life scene interpretation under the natural landscape


|山庭院| 层磐梯云,飞虹流瀑,悬崖卧松, 一段秋。

|Mountain Courtyard| There are layers of ladders and clouds, flying rainbows and waterfalls, pines lying on the cliffs, a period of autumn.


▽在山石跌水的庭院中游走穿行 Swim through the courtyard where the rocks fall


情境七观法 Seven ways to appreciate


Human-scene interaction is an important manifestation of situation. The scenery has various forms, and people have seven views. The east courtyard landscape uses a combination of landscape elements such as height, density, virtuality and reality to fully realize the multi-visual and multi-dimensional beauty of the scenery.



|平| 从水平的角度观察事物,注重平面上的表面特征和水平关系。

|Horizontal| Observe things from a horizontal perspective, focusing on surface features and horizontal relationships on the plane.



|仰| 从下方向上观察事物,强调事物的高度、威严或权威性。

|Look up| Observe things from below and emphasize the height, majesty or authority of things.



|俯| 从上方向下观察事物,强调对事物的俯瞰或全面了解。

|Look down| Observe things from above, emphasizing the overlooking or comprehensive understanding of things.



|透| 透过事物的表面或外貌观察,去深入了解其内在或本质。

|Through| Observe through the surface or appearance of something to gain a deeper understanding of its inner nature or essence.



|内| 从内部的角度观察事物,关注其内部结构、运作机制或内在特征。

|Inside| Observe things from an internal perspective, paying attention to their internal structure, operating mechanism or internal characteristics.



|映| 事物的映射或反射,通过事物的映射或反射来观察或理解事物。

|Reflection| The mapping or reflection of things, observing or understanding things through the mapping or reflection of things.



|窥| 观察或探索事物的细节或隐秘部分,观察或探索事物的细节或隐秘部分。

|Peeping| Observe or explore the details or hidden parts of things, observe or explore the details or hidden parts of things.



04意境——共情入心 Imagery context-Empathy with heart


精神内涵 Spiritual connotation

宁静文雅 半隐安逸 Quiet and elegant semi-secluded comfort

Emotion context: sublimation of image, spirit and emotion, and the spiritual beauty that cannot be completely defined. It is the pursuit of Chinese gardening and aesthetics. The artistic conception is a transcendental characteristic. When the east courtyard was built, the intention was to live in semi-seclusion. The goal is to create a spiritual haven that is both peaceful and elegant on the outside, so that the owners can wash away the hustle and bustle of the city after returning home, read, watch paintings, see mountains and fish, and enjoy the pleasure of being semi-hidden in the mountains and rivers.



书墨洗心 Calligraphy and ink cleanse the heart



知鱼《庄子·秋水》Zhiyu “Zhuangzi Autumn Water”



见山 《五灯会元·惟信》 Jianshan “Wu Deng Hui Yuan·Weixin”



半山 《半山》周贺 Mid-Levels “Mid-Levels” Zhou He



结语 Conclusion


The construction of Jinsha East Campus is still going on, and the beauty is not over…


▽方案平面图 Overall Plan



景观设计: 道合设计+山水比德
景观面积: 34468㎡
设计时间: 2022.10
建成时间: 2023.07
推文策划撰写:道合设计 品牌中心

Project name: Jinsha East Courtyard First Development Area
Project location: East side of Fushang Avenue and south side of Xingguang Road, Shangqiu City Urban-rural Integration Demonstration Zone
Owner: Shangqiu Kingfa Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Landscape Design: Donehome Design + Shanshui Bide
Landscape construction unit: Sands Group Tianhe Garden
Landscape area: 34468㎡
Design time: 2022.10
Completion time: 2023.07
Photography: Prism Photography, Su Tangshi
Tweet planning and writing: Donehome Design Brand Center




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