Lily Lake Residence位于宾夕法尼亚州东北部山脊和山谷景观的地质褶皱之中,通过一系列刻意但有节制的景观干预来增强乡村景观。 在现有的干砌墙线性框架的基础上,该项目将新旧结合起来,并取得了有力的成果。 水和植物穿过林地地形的折痕,改善了场地的排水系统,重新定义了场地的生命。

Set within the geologic folds of the ridge and valley landscape of northeastern Pennsylvania, the Lily Lake Residence enhances the rural landscape with a series of deliberate yet restrained landscape interventions. Building upon the existing linear framework of dry-laid walls, the project integrates old and new with a potent result. Water and plantings weave through the creases of the woodlot terrain improving the site’s drainage and redefining the life of the site.





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