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WTD: Qingcheng Mountain, located just at the rough coordinates of 31°N in Sichuan province. The Chinese term refers to a mountain rural with greenery. Nestled among the lofty trees is our Qingxia Resort, taking advantage of the nature which provides a self-adjusted microclimate throughout the year. From a walking distance, passengers would approach the edge of limpid pond, where the illusory reflection mixes with the architecture and forests.


▼项目顶视 Top view



From a designer’s perspective, we try to evaluate what will set this piece of lively site off. It possesses the most peaceful narrow paths to quietness, the most dazzling mists on a cloudy day, the most melancholy and fresh water drops in rainy season. With such a special atmosphere, it is undoubtedly the most ideal place for the later origination of Taoist culture. Therefore, the site is already endowed with this particular cultural background and the perfect surrounding. What we should do it to let the history and elegance go far in a serene manner as well as allow the architecture and human spirits permeate through design.




Where our Qingxia resort situated used to be two rural residences. The dominant aim of this renewal project is not about the housings themselves, but the voids in between and around them. When the MADEMAKE Architect is undergoing architectural renovation, the visual elements are placed in a secondary position, hoping to go beyond the discussion on the “connection between architectural space and human physical behavior”, and instead focus on the environment, human heart, and architecture. The relationship between.




During monsoon periods, the water keeps dripping into the courtyard through tiles. They form a rain curtain at the eave and happen to beat mossy rocks. Not for fancy or boldness, the outdoor pool and courtyard reflect the simplicity of Zen motifs.




Road raw one,lifetime two and two raw three; Three raw all things. The changes of sunlight and rain, the moon’s eclipse, and all things in nature can be perceived through this small square well.





The jumping platform is connected to Banpo Wan, dividing the three-story villa into two upper and lower spaces. Above it is a single-storey house that bears the atmosphere, and below it is the two-story main space of Qingxia Mountain Residence, which turns the former negative land into a positive place for breath and easy travel.

In Qingxia Mountain Residence, both landscape and architecture provide a lot of space for meditation. The natural diving platform formed by the roof of the stairs, book gallery and square cellar gives you a panoramic view of the lush greenery, and listens to the wind and rain.





The circle meditation space is also one of a kind.

Bamboo is widely found all over Sichuan province due to the warm, humid climate which is well suited to its cultivation. It is frequently used in construction and handicrafts. Despite the fact that it is easy to manipulate, behind, it shows the affection to bamboo in Chinese culture. The representations and applications of bamboo help to reinforce the bright and positive perception towards the architecture. Hence, bamboo is associated with the pursuit of an unadorned lifestyle; and more of a symbol of purity and innocence in Taoism. With all these characteristics, bamboo becomes one of the most inevitable elements to enhance the traditional flavor in our buildings. We hope people inhales in all the freshness while exhales and leaves everything bothers them in real life here.





Each of the 16 guest rooms has a different mountain and forest view, from far away you can enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains, and up close you can overlook the greenery of the garden.

The single-family villas scattered in the woods are like houses grown in nature, walking along the stone steps to look for figures. The lights are scattered around the houses wrapped in bamboo forests, giving the impression of “there are people in the depths of the bamboo forest”.




The plants are clustered and growing upwards, but a small path covered with moss is left, and everything seems to have grown there. After undergoing the baptism of time and nature, it becomes more simple and tough. With awe of nature and life, walking on the stone road in this forest, like a poet.




With the breeze and Jiyue, the light and elegant mountain life, we try to use the landscape to interpret the Taoist thoughts of indifferent, tranquil and far-reaching. Sometimes eager to solve the secrets of life, trapped in all kinds of worldly fetters. In fact, the answer is nothing but the future.


▼室内 Interior


▼细节 Details





建筑设计团队:柴晟 梁闵冠 张鹏 康俊杰
景观设计团队:李卉 杨灿 谭斐月 刘恬恬 李婉婷 戴甘霖 宋照兵 张梁 李理 余中元 高源 王琼 廖春霆 胡小梅
摄影师:严天妤 刘克刚

Project Name: QINGXIASHANJU in Qingcheng Mountain
Project type: Homestay
Owner: Chengdu Qingxue Shanju Culture Communication Co., Ltd.
Project address: Group 20, Yanjing Community, Daguan Town, Dujiangyan City, Sichuan Province
Architectural Design: MADEMAKE Architect
Landscape Design: WISTO DESIGN
Interior Design: Chenggou Space Environment Design
Site area: 7259㎡
Architecture area: 1850㎡
Architectural Design Team: Chai Shen, Liang Minguan, Zhang Peng, Kang Junjie
Landscape Design Team: Li Hui, Yang Can, Tan Feiyue, Liu Tiantian, Li Wanting, Dai Ganlin, Song Zhaobing, Zhang Liang, Li Li, Yu Zhongyuan, Gao Yuan, Wang Qiong, Liao Chunting, Hu Xiaomei
Design time: 2018
Built in: 2019
Photo by: Yan Tianyu, Liu Kegang


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